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Global One: Elements of Wealth
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Why did so many people lose 2/3 of their wealth
when the economy took a down-turn in 2008 and
others were not effected at all by the recession (or
depression, depending on your view)? The answer is
simple, the wealthy have access to information that
most people don’t have access to.

Imagine having access to the same information that
the top 1% of the most wealthy in the world have.
Imagine not only to be able to save money on your
daily purchases, but also to be able to ‘know’ where
to invest the profits on the money that you save.

Global One calls Elements of Wealth their “Core Product”.

The development of the Element s of Wealt h has one over arching purpose. Livio Nespoli explains
that “the key is NOT knowing what’s happening in the economy, whether it’s up or down! The key
is knowing what TYPE of economy you’re in and knowing HOW to make money in that type of

With the Elements of Wealth, Global One members will walk away with the knowledge of knowing
what economy they’re in, what cycle of the economy they’re currently in and how to benefit from
that cycle. This automated software technology gives a Global One member access to the
knowledge of the wealthy and the insiders who know exactly how to invest, where to look, how
the economy works and where to put their money in order to preserve it over the long term.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Global One calls Elements of Wealth their “Core Product” because it’s integral to their membership
levels. There are 5 monthly memberships that you can subscribe to.

Global One: Elements of Wealth Newsletter
Global One: Elements of Wealth and the IGoBidWin Penny
Auction Site
Tin Members: $10 Mont hly

The Tin Edition provides an entry level subscription that will start the ball rolling for the person who
doesn’t have a lot of money to invest. The Tin Edition gives a member access to the monthly
newsletter authored by Livio Nespoli. Members learn the basics of how to preserve their income by
paying themselves first. The basic subjects covered are things like how to save, budget and
coupon. The Tin Edition gives you 10 bid tokens to redeem at IGOBidWin auction and automatic
qualification to earn additional income through the Spinfinity pool.

Copper Members: $25 Mont hly

The Copper Edition gives you Tin membership benefits but 25 bid tokens to redeem at IGOBidWin
auction and automatic qualification to earn additional income through the Spinfinity pool.

Silver Members: $50 Mont hly

The Silver Edition gives you Copper membership benefits but 60 bid tokens to redeem and a higher
percentage of Spinfinity commissions. You are also entitled to earn a 25% matching bonus on
commissions by anyone that you personally refer to the affiliate program. With the Silver Edition
you have access to an even greater level of wealth preserving information with the addition of a
powerful suite of investment software tools exclusive to the higher membership levels. Silver
members have access to one of the software tools.

Gold Members: $75 Mont hly

The Gold Edition gives you 120 bid tokens and all Silver membership benefits – 75% of Spinfinity
commissions and a 25% matching bonus on your personally referred affiliates on level one AND on
level two. Gold has two tools.

Plat inum Members: $100 Mont hly

The Platinum Edition gives you 180 bid tokens with all gold membership benefits and 100% on all
Spinfinity commissions plus a 25% matching bonus on commissions by your level one, two and
three affiliates! Platinum has the full suite of software tools.

There are even further (massive) benefits available to those Platinum members who build teams of
platinum members and you can become a emerald, ruby or diamond.

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Be blessed!

Juli Becker

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e co no my. I am g o ing t o g e t p aid e ve ry 3 d ays, e ve n if I d o n’t sig n anyo ne up . Wanna jo in me ?

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