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          San Diego Unified School District                                             FAX (858) 549-9541

       MIRA MESA HIGH SCHOOL 10510 Reagan Road • San Diego, CA • 92126
       A California Distinguished School
                                                                                         Science Department
COURSE SYLLABUS GUIDE                                                              2009-20010

                                       PHYSICS 1, 2

Instructors: Mr. Mandock, Mr. Boccio

Course Description: Physics is a two-semester course. Students will have two instructors, Mr.Boccio for
theory and Mr. Mandock for the laboratory and problem solving. Students study: measurement,
Kinematics, Forces, momentum, energy, waves and vibrations, heat, electricity and magnetism, light and
optics. Students will perform laboratory activities weekly. All California Physics Standards will be
covered. `

Texts: Conceptual Physics: Paul Hewitt

Keys to Success: Successful students come to class everyday, participate with their groups and are
prepared with all materials (including pencil/pen and notebook) and with tasks ready when they walk into
the classroom.

Class Policies – Expectations – Consequences: All policies published in the MMHS Student/Parent
Handout are followed. The most important are highlighted here.

Attendance/Tardiness/Truancy: Students who arrive more arrive than 29 min. late are marked absent and
may be considered truant. See the student handbook for attendance guidelines

Honesty: Students are expected to be honest and trustworthy in all their endeavors. Students must abide by
the MMHS Internet acceptable use agreement. Plagiarism or cheating in any form is not acceptable.
Plagiarism or cheating will result in a grade of zero for the assignment.

Classroom Policies: MMHS students are respectful and aware of themselves, all other persons, the
classroom, and all the materials in the classroom.
  1. No food, candy or drinks are permitted in our lab/classroom.
  2. Students must exhibit respectful behavior to everyone.
  3. Students must have a pass to leave or enter the classroom
  4. A notebook book must be opened and ready to take notes at all times.

Laboratory Policies: To insure student safety and to maintain a clean and orderly environment that
promotes learning MMHS students are respectful and aware. MMHS students follow directions and use
equipment appropriately.

Assignments: Each lab exercise assigned will have some questions and problems. If they are not
completed in the time allotted, they will have to be completed outside of class. No make-ups for labs unless
we use that equipment for a similar lab during that grading period. All lab exercises are due no later than
the date posted on the board. The instructor will be grading students individually while the labs are in
progress. All homework assigned from the text (resources) will be assigned the day we begin the next
chapter and will be checked periodically prior to the test covering that material. Instructor permission will
be required (prior to due date) for any extension of work. No late homework will be accepted. If absent
when homework or labs are due, then you have as many days as you are absent to hand in work. Students
are responsible for reviewing new materials after a test and will be expected to have some knowledge of
that material prior to the new material being covered.. Homework consists of class work, problems and all
assignments other than a lab, or test. No make-ups on labs due to time constraints.
Grading System
Academic: Grades are based on points earned. Letter grades are assigned as follows:
       A         100-90% of total points                      Tests and class work: 75%
       B         89-80% of total points                        Labs: 25%
       C        79-70% of total points
       D        69-60% of total points
       F        59% and below of total points
          Grades are a reflection of effort, attitude, and participation.
          Students missing 20 days or more per semester may result in a failing grade
        Every student is expected to follow the MMHS citizenship policy. Citizenship grades are
           issued every 6 weeks which start at the beginning of every grading period. The maximum
           possible citizenship grade will be determined by attendance. All unexcused absences must be
           cleared within 72 hours. All cheating is not tolerated and will be addressed accordingly by
           administration. The following 4 criteria will be used to determine whether or not the
           citizenship grade will be further reduced: participation in learning, follows classroom/lab
           policies, displays on-task behaviors and is respectful to others.
        Keys to success: Successful students come to class everyday, participate wholeheartedly with
           their team, and are prepared with all materials and tasks ready when they walk into the room.

Teacher contact points: Mr. Mandock,
room 214 Tutoring Monday thru Friday 6:50-
(858) 566-2262 X 4214. Voice mail is on during instructional day. Calls from parents will be returned assoon
as possible. Please email me anytime; I will try to reply the same day.
Mr. Boccio room 215
Tutoring Monday thru Friday 2:30 until 3:00
(858)-566-2262 X 4215
Web Site:
                                                                                    (858) 566-2262

        San Diego Unified School District                                       FAX (858) 549-9541

      MIRA MESA HIGH SCHOOL 10510 Reagan Road • San Diego, CA • 92126
      A California Distinguished School
                                                                                 Science Department

Student Accountability Contract/                                  Academic Year 2009-20010
Parent Contract and Support                                            September 2009


Student Accountability Contract
I have read the syllabus for Physics (on paper or internet). I will do my best to fulfill the
requirements of the course and the expectations of my teachers.


Student Name:___________________________________Class Period: _____

Email Address:_________________________________________________________

Parent Contract of Support
I have read the syllabus for Physics (on paper or internet) and have discussed the course
requirements and class expectations with my student. I pledge to support my student to
fulfill these requirements and expectations.
Signed: _____________________________________________________Date:

Parent/Guardian Name:

Home Phone: ( ___ ) ___________________
Work Phone: (____) ___________________

Cell Phone:     (____) _____________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________

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