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									  BOB MARLEY

• Bob Marley wanted to    • He became popular at
  make Jamaica a            a time where Jamaica
  better place as a         was in political
  whole and for the         turmoil; the people
  people living there       looked to him for
• They felt that his        inspiration and hope
  music helped them,      • He just wanted to
  capturing all aspects     make Jamaica better
  of Jamaica in his         and took over as their
  songs                     representative
• Bob Marley’s song, “Get    •   “Get Up, Stand Up”

  Up, Stand Up” became       Preacher man don’t tell me heaven is
  an anthem for a lot of     under the earth/ I know you don’t know what life
                             is really worth/ Is not all that glitters in gold and/
  third world countries.     Half the story has never been told/ So now you
  They believed that the     see the light, aay/ Stand up for your right. Come
  song was telling them to   on/…Most people think great God will come from
                             the sky/ Take away ev’rything, and make
  get up and fight the       ev’rything feel high/ But if you don’t know what
  oppressors.                life is worth/ You would look for yours on earth/
                             And now you see the light/ You stand up for your
                             right, yeah!/… Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for
                             your right/ Get Up, Stand Up, don’t give up the
                             fight/ Get Up, Stand Up. Life is your right/ So we
                             can’t give up the fight/ Stand up for your right,
                             Lord, Lord/ Get Up, Stand Up. Keep on
                             struggling on/ Don’t give up the fight/…
• According to the         • According to Psalms
  Rastafarian faith,         104:14: “He causeth
  marijuana is regarded      the grass to grow for
  as “wisdom weed”.          the cattle, and herb
• Rastafarian leaders        for the service of
  urge that it be            man, that he may
  smoked as a religious      bring forth food out of
  rite                       the earth.”
• They claim that it was
  growing on the grave
  of King Solomon
FORBIDDEN THINGS            • No combing or cutting
• No amputations              of hair (Leviticus 21:5:
• No alcohol, tobacco,        “They shall not make
  all meat (especially        baldness upon their
  pork), shellfish, scale     head, neither shall
  less fish, snails,          they shave off the
  predatory and               corner of their beard,
  scavenger species of        nor make any cuttings
  marine life, and            in their flesh.”)
  seasonings like salt
• ERIC CLAPTON                    and talked with Bob, and
Eric Clapton is one of the        he was just a great guy.
   American musicians that        He was so warm. A
   knew Bob Marley.               beautiful man. He was
According to Eric Clapton, “I     serious about what he
   walked into this dressing      was doing, but was very
   room that I couldn’t see       gentle.”
   the other side of for the    Many people all over the
   smoke… I sat                   world admired and
                                  respected Bob Marley

       because of what he
         believed in and the
         way he promoted and
         stood by peace.
       • Bob Marley
         influenced other
         musicians like Johnny
         Nash, Bruce
         Springsteen, Sly and
         The Family Stone
         (number one black
         band in the United
         States), and Stevie
                 Bob Marley
• “Until the philosophy
  which holds one race
  superior and another
  inferior is finally and
  discredited and
  everywhere is war,
  me say war.”
• Bob Marley always       Zimbabwe to play an
  promoted peace          Independent
  above all else.         Ceremony- which was
• He threw a free         the greatest honour
  concert in Jamaica,     and it showed their
  was invited to the      importance
  United Nations in
  New York to receive   • Also, in Jamaica, they
  the Medal of Peace,     were given the Order
  was invited by the      of Merit which is the
  governor of             third
     highest honour for
     their contribution to
     Jamaican culture
   • Performed at a
     concert called, One
     Love Peace Concert,
     which was for the
     Prime Minister at the
While in London,           the doctors told him
England on tour, Bob       that the only way to stop
Marley was playing         the cancer is to have
football/ soccer, he       the toe amputated.
injured his toe. He went   (According to the
to the doctors who did     Rastafarian faith,
not do a good job on his   amputation is
Toe. Eventually, the toe   forbidden.) Bob Marley
became cancerous and       did nothing about his
toe. Later on while he      doctors as practicing
was walking he felt faint   “witchcraft.” Bob Marley
and went back to the        did not want to die in
doctors who told him        the United States.
that the cancer had         According to Bob
spread all over his body    Marley, “
and that he was going
to die. Bob Marley
Always referred to the

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