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									Post No. X2540A                          Cleansing Operative Level 2                             Cleansing Operative Level 1

                                         To follow a daily work plan that needs to be            To follow a daily work plan that needs to be completed
                                         completed the gangs are allocated to an area and        the gangs are allocated to an area and undertake
                                         undertake routine cleaning and street maintenance       routine cleaning and street maintenance which would
                                         which would include collecting waste, sweeping and      include collecting waste, sweeping and removing of
Brief Description                        removing of animals killed on roads etc. when acting    animals killed on roads etc.
for this career grade level              up in to Team leader role would be responsible for an
                                         enforcement role and issue fixed penalty notices for
                                         anti social behaviour. littering, dog fouling and fly
                                         As lower level plus mentor newly appointed staff as     Little or no supervisory responsibility other than
                                         and when required.                                      assisting the level 2 operative or team leaders with
Supervision &                            Temp supervision of cleansing operative level 1         their responsibilities .
People Management                        including advising on safe work practises.
                                         Use of equipment and resources.                         Provide support to the team leaders
(include dispersal details if            The operative does not always work alongside a team
applicable)                              leader and works independently.

                                         As lower level : plus assist team leader when work is   Undertakes general street cleaning duties and assists
                                         being undertaken on the cleaning of dual                when necessary eg removing heavy items from the
Creativity & Innovation                  carriageways also instruct other members of staff on    public highway
                                         the appropriate process.
Include if applicable the differences    provides advice to members of the public as required
in ‘Controls & Limits’

                                         As lower level plus:-                                   Purpose of contact is generally to gain information to
                                         Acts as point of contact to members of the public and   be able to learn and undertake tasks from team
Contacts & Relationships                 provides feedback and advice and has good customer      leaders.
                                         skills.                                                 Other members of cleansing staff, agency staff,
Include if applicable:                   Liaise with housing officers (daily) and carryout       members of the public, and tenants of council
Areas of Complexity and / or             planned route a [per service level agreement.           properties – directs to someone who can give advice.
Contentiousness                          When acting as team leader they may be required to      The post holder could be subject to verbal and
                                         attend court to give evidence re the fixed penalty      physical abuse whilst carrying out their duties eg if
Implications of contact                  notice.                                                 challenged about illegal dumping being a major issue
                                                                                                 and a criminal act.

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Post No. X2540A                          Cleansing Operative Level 2                                Cleansing Operative Level 1

                                         As lower level :-                                          Ability to understand and interpret instructions and
                                         Make decisions during the working day regarding            health and safety requirements.
                                         prioritisation of own tasks and those of other             Make decisions regarding what to do with discarded
Decision making                          cleansing staff.                                           needles/syringes etc found on route.
                                         Decisions made could impact on service provision eg
Include if applicable:                   area not cleaned to standard in order to meet national
Recommendations made                     performance indicator NI 195.
                                         Advise customers on appropriate disposal of waste
Consequences of decisions made           that may be contaminated.

                                         As lower level plus applied sweeper unit (average          Ability to use power tools as required and be
                                         value £35,000 per item).                                   responsible for the safe maintenance of the equipment
Resources used or managed                Responsible for ensuring daily maintenance of any          on a daily basis.
                                         health and safety issues reporting damage and              Which would include a transit caged vehicle (crew
Include if applicable:                   repairs to items.                                          cab).
Cash or cheques handled                                                                             Completion of manual records for eg fuel use; vehicle
Plant/equipment                                                                                     log books; time sheets.
Data Systems

                                         As lower level plus: Taking action and use own             Minimal interruptions but would include any machine
                                         initiative to deal with interruptions eg: report machine   breakdowns .
Work Demands                             breakdowns,                                                Responding to public enquires (daily)
                                         Respond to requests from line manager.(daily) which        Deal with requests from housing managers and line
Planning of work                         would involve cleaning spillages, clearing                 manager
*Interruptions, deadlines, *conflicts    debris/glass following a RTA which would require
of resource                              immediate attention.
                                         This work could vary in the amount of time but the
                                         operative would then resume planned work.
*Include typical frequency               Carryout a visual check of the areas and organise
                                         rectification of any failed areas
                                                                                                    Lengthy periods of physical effort/manual work,
                                         As lower level                                             sometimes involving heavy equipment and materials,
Physical effort                                                                                     in all weather conditions.
Include IT use (percentage per day)

                                                                                                    Have to work outside in all weather conditions for
                                         As lower level                                             entire shift.
Normal workplace & any                                                                              Including heavy snowfall
disagreeable conditions

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Post No. X2540A                Cleansing Operative Level 2                               Cleansing Operative Level 1

                               As lower level plus;                                      Ensuring own compliance with safe working practices.
                               Ensures not only own compliance with safe working                  Manual handling
                               practices but also the compliance of the team.                     Slippery/muddy ground conditions
                               Ensure management know about any on site issues                    Hazards from traffic
Exposure to risk               To carryout enforcement duties in team leaders                     Glass and sharps
                               absence.                                                           Stress
                                                                                                  Sun exposure
                                                                                                  Lone working
                                                                                                  Dog waste removal
                                                                                                  Physical and verbal attack
                               As lower level plus:                                      Ability to understand basic instructions and health and
                               One years experience as a level 1 operative in order to   safety requirements.
                               gain a good standard of practical knowledge and           Literacy and Numeracy skills to interpret H&S and
                               service delivery. Be able to work to laid down            work instructions, complete time sheets knowledge of
                               standards and procedures.                                 road names, routes, and layout of area (in order to
                               Communication skills sufficient to advise members of      follow designated routes.
Knowledge and Skills           the public.                                               etc.
                               To have NVQ level 2 in (Waste Management, in              Ability to care for self and others.
                               cleaning and support services)                            Experience of undertaking manual and physical work
                               Literacy and Numeracy skills to interpret COSHH           Dexterity sufficient to undertake all the physical tasks
                               instructions etc                                          related to the post.
                               Motivational skills

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