Title: Density of Water by 93l430Nn


									Title: Density of Water

The density of a substance is defined as the mass divided by the volume: d=m / v. Density is
a physical property of a substance that does not depend on the amount of material present.
In this experiment, you will find the density of water for eight different volumes.

Problem: Do different amounts of water have the same density?

Hypothesis/Initial Thoughts:

    Small plastic cup
    50 mL graduated cylinder
    Pipette
    Balance
    Distilled water

    1. Find the mass of the empty graduated cylinder (make sure it is dry). Record the
       mass in grams in table 1.
    2. Measure the assigned amount of distilled water in your graduated cylinder and
       record the volume in mL.
    3. Find the mass of the graduated cylinder + water.
    4. Find the difference between the empty cylinder and the cylinder with distilled water.
       Record the mass of the water in table 1.
    5. Compare the results with the other pair in your group to determine accuracy in your
    6. Record the results for each group in table 2.
    7. Using the data from table 2, graph the volume and mass


Table 1: Our water density

Volume of     Mass empty     Mass of           Mass of distilled water   Density of
distilled     graduated      cylinder with     (g) massw – masse         distilled water
water (mL)    cylinder (g)   distilled water                             (g/mL)
Table 2: Class results for water density

               10.0 mL   15.0 mL   20.0 mL   25.0 mL   30.0 mL   35.0 mL   40.0 mL   45.0 mL

  Mass (g)



      1. Look at your values for mass in table 2. Why aren’t the masses identical to the
         volume? Explain the differences.

      2. Using your graph, can you predict the mass of 90 mL of water?

      3. Density is a “characteristic property” of a substance. This means that the substance
         will have the same density no matter how big or small the sample is. Would you say
         that density is a characteristic property of water? Why or why not? Explain.

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