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Version date: 4/8-98

James Dyer <>
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Welcome to the Warhammer NPC project, a collection of infamous characters in the world of warhammer. As this is a ever
growing project, you shouldn't expect it to be complete. Bits and pieces are missing, but waits to be filled out. They are
rather suggestions for new creations. Any submissions should be send to Submissions
can be converted from WFB or made up. Sources for NPC's are WD articles, WFRP novels, and WFB (3rd edition and
before preferred).

Drachenfels characters: Because the novel - Drachenfels, is in two sections, set 25 years apart, the statistics for
Drachenfels are taken from the beginning of the novel, before he is 'defeated' in 2480 IC. Prince Oswald, Genevieve and
Anton (the adventurers) and Detlef Sierck (the playwright) are described as they appear 25 years later in 2504-5 (when most
of the novel Is set). Of course, if you don't worry about timelines, then this doesn't matter. You may also notice that,
according to Warhammer Campaign the Elector of Ostland is Hals von Tasseninck and his heir Is Prince Hergard, but here
Oswald von Konigswald Is described as Crown Prince of Ostland. You needn't worry about this if you use the characters
as walk-on NPCs In your campaign. As to the whys-and-wherefors of why the von Tassenincks are given control of
Ostland, you'll just have to read the novel...

Sorcerors: Some magic wielding NPC's include rules from the unofficial Realm of Sorcery.

Skills: Some skills and other information can't be found in the rulebook and may be taken from ROS, RODM, WD articles,
or other sources. It won't prove difficult to play without them.

A diminutive Goblin wizard, he has a brother, Cadabra, and they both fight in Gan Green's mob. (WD#97)

ABRAHIM; snake-man, Arabian
He led a party of adventurers into the World's Edge Mountains to plunder a subterranean crypt for a map. The party
consisted of Elizabet, Friedrich-Gustav, Myllara and Sven. (WFRPpp3-4)

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Agim was a keen orc marksman, famed for killing his sister while attempting to shoot an apple balanced on her head.

Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Talabheim; Imperial Elector.

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Sources: The dark beneath the world. (see timeline 2496)
Aldred is a tall, lean, grim-looking man of 35 years. He has long black hair and blue eyes. He wears a battered plate mail of
the highest quality and wields a two-handed greatsword from which he takes his name.

Aldred has been a soldier for the temple of Sigmar since his teens. He saw action in Kislev and has travelled the Old World
in the service of his god, hunting heretics and fighting a constant war against the Goblin folk.

He is a fanatic, impossibly brave and dedicated to his cause. He appreciates bravery and self-sacrifice although he has been
saddened by the loss of many of his comrades. He and his companion Johan Zauberlich have been diligent Witch-hunters
and have destroyed many Chaos covens.

His hunt for the Chaos Sorceror Illek of the burning skull took him from Altdorf to Praag in a ruined city on the edge of
the Chaos Wastes in Norsca. There he killed the mage in an epic hunt through the twisted rubble.

He has sworn to retrieve the Dwarven sword Karaghul, from the ancient city of Karag Eight Peaks. He claims Sigmar
appeared to him in a vision and told him that the sword would soon be drawn once more. He is prepared to see this
happens no matter what the cost to himself or to his friends...

M WS BS S T W   I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 70 68 5 5 14 60 3 50 60 55 59 54 52

Skills: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Read/Write, Ride - Horse, Secret Language - Battle Tounge, Secret Signs - Templar, Strike
Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun.

Trappings: Full Plate Armour, Sword, Sigmar Symbol, Shield, Warhorse, 2-handed sword, 100 GC

Alptraum, Ludmila von (2435): Grand Countess of Averland, based in Averheim; named heir is her eldest daughter,
Baroness Marlene; Imperial Elector.

ANTON VEIDT, 2454 - 2502
Sources: Drachenfels
 "it's over Rudi. we're over."

Anton Veldt is 48 years old, 5ft 8in, and a haggard and gaunt man with cold, black eyes. His scarred sunken cheeks are
invariably covered In greying stubble, and his fingers are stained yellow from the cigar that he smokes all the time. His
clothes, while clean, are old and have been patched and mended many times. His weapons, however, are lovingly tended
and. while they are also old, no expense has been spared on them.

Twenty five years ago Anton followed Oswald von Konigswald Into Drachenfels' castle. He still bears the sears of that
terrible experience and, even though Anton played his part in the downfall of Drachenfels, his fame was short-lived. The
pain lasted longer than the notoriety. Tales only have one hero - and Oswald was perfect for the part. Anton sold his life
story and never saw as much as a handful of gold, so he went back to hunting men rather than sorcerers.

Over the years, the cigars have cut his wind a little, but Anton Veidt has something better than brute strength: experience.
He's still a damn fine bounty hunter. He gets his man. All that said, too much Arabian tobacco has left its mark: Anton is
dying and he knows it. He cheated Death in Drachenfels' castle, and the pains In his chest are Death, waiting to collect
after 25 years.

And the play'.? So what? An actor pretending to be him can't change the past. Grand Prince Oswald will still get all the
glory, won't he?

Anton Veidt could be encountered in any part of The Empire: the adventurers might need the services of a bounty hunter;
they might be Anton's targets: or, as his health fails, Anton may even hire the adventurers to cover his back when going
after a particularly dangerous target.

M WS BS 8 T W          I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 45 60 4 3 8          40 2 35 30 30 55 30 25
Skills: Acute Hearing; Disarm; Dodge Blow; Excellent Vision; Follow Trail; Marksmanship; Prepare Poisons; Read/Write;
Ride Horse; Shadowing; Silent Move - Rural, Urban; Specialist Weapons - Crossbow Pistol, Fist Weapons, Longbow,
Throwing Weapons; Street Fighting; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Strike to Stun.

Possessions: Longsword; crossbow pistol* (R 16/32/ 50, ES 1, Rld 2); 6 vials of Adder Root; 3 throwing knives (R 4/8/20,
ES 5, 1 per round); 20' rope: a dozen large cigars from Araby; tinderbox and flint.

Anton's crossbow pistol is a special weapon. It has a three round magazine, and each shot can be fired without re-cocking.
Also, all three shots can be fired in a single round, although each shot must be diced for separately.

AR-ULRIC, High Priest of Ulric

M WS BS S T             W     I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
6 42 43 6 7             9    60 1 77 72 55 61 66 62

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Ceremony, Charm, Cult Doctrine - Ulric, Disarm, Immune to Poison, Invoke Prayer -
Petty and Ulric Lvl. 1-4, Manufacture Potions, Manufacture Scrolls, Magick Sense, Meditation, Public Speaking, Read/Write
- Classical and Old Worlder, Religious Authority, Resist Magick, Retreat, Scroll Lore, Specialist Weapon - Flail and two
handed, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, True sight.

Spells: You may select any spells for Ar-Ulric from those santioned by Ulric. Ar-Ulric has a basal Magick Potential of 49.

Trappings: Ceromonial suit of magickal plate armour +1, Magick two handed flail - +5 WS, Wolf skin cape, Robes, other
items as GM sees fit.

AVERIL, Wizard Apprentice
Source: Plague Daemon, WD125
“Harmis Detz, this entire nation is under a curse, and will fall to the forces of Chaos and the foul breath of plague unless we can save it.”

Averil is the youngest apprentice of Astyanax, an elementalist who lives beside a remote and forbidding tarn high at the
edge of Faramond's empire. Averil is of Tilean stock, with short black hair and black eyes. She is rather stocky and below
medium height, which, when combined with her rather plain, rounded face and mode of dress, give her a very masculine
appearance. She is uncertain of her real age, but appears to be no more than 16 or 17.

Averil was an unwanted child, and was abandoned in Aldium to be indentured as a serving-girl. When she was old enough
she was bought by a pharmacist as a slave, and was taught to mix potions and prepare herbs, though they were largely
ineffectual and worthless. When her master drank himself to death she was taken in by Astyanax, whom she knew through
her work, and became his second apprentice.

Perhaps as a result of her childhood, or perhaps because of her relative lack of beauty, Averil almost hates the fact that she
is a girl. She is constantly trying to prove herself, and will never back down gracefully even when she knows she is wrong:
she sees it as a feminine response. She is unwilling to open up to people and often appears to be on the defensive. She
especially despises shows of male bravado and machismo, and takes them as a personal attack because they serve to draw
attention to the fact that she is 'just a girl'.

Averil is likely to be encountered running errands for Astyanax, collecting herbs and such like. She will resent anyone trying
to protect her because she is a lone female, and will become angry if anyone doubts her abilities to look after herself. Her
expertise with herbs will probably be of most use to the party, but they will have to be careful not to patronise her if they
are to take advantage of what she knows.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 24 28 2 3 5 32 1 36 27 44 25 32 28

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick; Cast Spells - Petty Magick; Heal Wounds; Herb Lore; Manufacture Drugs; Prepare
Poisons; Read/Write; Scroll Lore

Possessions: very few - as you see fit

Spells: 6 Magic Points
Petty: Glowing Light

Source: (WD#97 pp15) citadel miniature
A Greater Demon, one of the six Baalrukh, this one is Balgorg Fire Breath, drinker of souls and breaker of stone. He can
breathe fire like a dragon, but unlike the other Baalrukh, may also cast Elemental Spells.

M WS BS S T            W   I   A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
6 81 83 7 7            59 100 10 89 89 89 89 89 16

Follows all other rules for Baalrukh's (WFRP rule book pg. 255)

A Dwarven hero under the command of Barnok Blatterzan. He fought at the Valley of Death. His name means 'hand of
iron strength', and he once boasted that he could crush a goblins head with one hand.

A High Elven Ranger, who was sent by Ghabhralla to spy upon the Dark Elves in Naggaroth. He arrived just prior to the
start of the Blood War, but was betrayed and consequently unable to alert the Duke about the impending invasion.

Dwarven commander who fought in The Valley of Death. His hold, Carak Oran lies on the same mountain pass as Carag
Eight Peaks. His standard is of a mighty black axe on a red

BERNARD PHILLIPE DE GARCON, Alias Sufdilp Gyhr, 2412 - ??

In his young student days Sufdilp was lured into Demonic experiement by his fellow student "Bog". Sufdilp was discovered
and managed to escape far into Bretonnia. In Bretonnia he got involved with a group of adventures, and after infiltrating a
Skaven lair, he got his hands on a rather large amount of warpstone. Amazed by the powers of warpstone he began to
experiment with it - one of his traveling companions who had threatened Sufdilp earlier, suddenly ended up mutated.
Sufdilp managed to gain great knowledge of the warpstone, and found many ways to use it. He had learned from his earlier
experiences at the university of Nuln, and this time he went to great extremities in order to keep his experiments a secret.

Sufdilp is the author of the rare book "A lifetime research on warpstone". This book hasn't yet been to any use to anyone,
as it seems the book was only written to be used by himself and thus lacks important information.

Sufdilp was not only a great wizard, he was also a capable man with his sword, which he often used instead of his magick.
In bretonnia he had served time with the Duc of Mousillon (before its fall) and received fencing training.

In Bretonnia Sufdilp found an apprentice who was ready to join him and his illegal experiments. Her name was Ann
Ummellahahe, a Half-elf left in the slum of Mousillon. She was a poor girl shunned from society, but had very intelligent
and capable of wielding magic. She is perhaps the only one capable to understand Sufdilp's book, but no-one know where
she is today, or if she at least is alive.

His old fellow student "Bog" was one of Sufdilp's great enemies. "Bog" had managed to find Sufdilp and was now prepared
to kill him, convinced that Sufdilp somehow was responsible for the discovery of there experiments.

M WS BS S T W I              A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 50 49 5 5 10 70            1 65 64 70 67 70 39

Skills: Charm, Acute Hearing, Etiquette, Read/Write, Spot Trap, Cast spell/ritual petty + lvl. 1-4, Magick Lores: Scroll -
Alchemical - Necromantic - Daemon - Rune, Cult Lore - Bright, Arcane Languages: Modern - Elf - Ancient Dwarf -
Ancient Daemon, Secret Language - Classical, Meditation, Resist Magic, Sense Magic, Elemental Tongue, Identify Magick
Artifact, Evaluate, Runecraft, Prepare Poison, Demon Lore, Enchant Lesser Artifact, Warpstone Lore.
Trappings: Ring of Adamantine (T=7), Potion of Strength, 2 Doses Elfbane, 2 Doses Manbane, 1 Dose Trollbane, 5 Doses
Blackroot, Magic enforced Lead box (for warpstone), 4 Warp pinches, 2 Warpstones, Dagger, Focus staff, Magic sword
(+20 WS, +2D, +20 Py), 2 Warp bombs (S 8, area: 10 yards)
BMP: 49

Grand Duke of Middenland, based in Carroburg; named heir is his younger brother, Baron Siegfried; Imperial Elector.

A Goblin hero, part of Gan Green's mob he rides into battle on a wolf. Often found fighting with the Howling
Slaughterers. Blackhead is one of the Spot Brothers, see
Ziptpicker Zorn.

BORIS TODBRINGER, Graf of Middenheim

M WS BS S T             W     I      A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 45 48 4 4             8    41      1 48 53 45 45 53 54

Alignment: Good

Skills: Charm, Etiquette, History, Public Speaking, Read/Write, Specialist weapon - Two handed, Strike Mighty Blow,
Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Cult Doctrine - Ulric.
 Trappings: As GM sees fit, Unlimited Credits and Money

BROMMEDIR, Elven Prince

Source: Beast in velvet
Was recently forced to quit his job at the Altdorf University, because of his opinions, which he transferred to the students

It was a clear, crisp morning in early spring when a mule-cart creaked up to the entrance of Karak-Varn. Two guards looked suspiciously at the
driver, a small hunched figure thickly wrapped in a variety of foul-smelling and flea- ridden blankets. It might be a Dwarf, but thery couldn't be
sure. 'Who are you, and what's your business?' challenged one of the guards. The drive of the cart crackled softly. 'Come and see your king, I have,'
it said, gathering the blankets around is as it shuffled down from the driving seat. 'Brought something for him.' The guards looked at one another,
a little nervously. 'What is it, then?' asked one. The other moved towards the back of the cart, and started to lift the tarpaulin that covered its

'DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT!' Surprised by the sudden power in the drivers voice, the guard dropped the tarpaulin as if it had
burnt him. 'It's had enough of a messing with, just getting here,' the driver grumbled. 'And if you go a-poking and a- prodding it about, it won't be
fit for Goblins. And now, if you don't mind, I've had enough of the oily rags and I'll talk to the mechanic.' Such a speech could only have come
from the lips of a Dwarf, so the cart was admitted to the Dwarfhold.
By the time the King arrived on the scene, a small crowd had gathered. A hush fell over the crowd as the stranger deftly whipped the tarpaulin off
the cart, revealing a large barrel. 'Now I'm not guaranteeing how well it's travelled,' he announced, to no-one in particular. He produced a grubby
metal tankard from among his mass of blankets, drew off a little of the barrel's contents, and peered at it critically. 'Hmmmm', he sniffed, 'Gone
cloudy.' He swigged noisily, then screwed up his face and spat. 'Worse than I though,' he continued, 'It could really do with settling for a month or
two. Still, it should give you the general idea.'
He held out the tankard to the King. After a moment's hesitation, the King accepted the tankard, and, wiping the rim fastidiously with his cuff,
took a swig. The effect was remarkable. His eyebrows shot up to the very rim of his crown, his eyes bulged and began to water as he was doubled
over by a fit of coughing. After a few seconds the coughing subsided, and was followed by a deep, resonant belch. It was almost a minute before he
was able to speak. 'I don't believe it!' he exclaimed, 'It can't be! It's ...... BUGMAN'S!'
There was uproar in the chamber. It was many years since the Battle of Bugman's Brewery. Joseph Bugman was just a memory, a name half
forgotten and wreathed in legend, like the name of Bugman's Best Bitter. 'That's right,' said the stranger. 'The Goblins left me for dead. It's taken
me all these years to work my way here - but hush now, I'm forgetting my manners.' He threw off his wrapping of blankets and stood revealed as
an old, grizzled and heavily scarred Dwarf.
Joseph Bugman miraculously survived the Battle of Bugman's Brewery, and turned up years later at the Dwarfhold of Karak-Varn. He was not
recognised at first, but when the King of the Dwarfhold tasted the beer that he brought with him, his identity was proved beyond doubt. Bugman's
Dwarf Rangers were re-formed at Karak-Varn, and his reputation and his brewing skills brought Dwarves from miles around flocking to his
banner. The expedition to reconquer and re-establish Bugman's Brewery assumed the proportions of a holy war.

Battlecry :The old Ranger battlecry, 'Mhinz Abeir', with the response 'Zyor Rond' was maintained by the new Rangers, but a
new battlecry was also used, consisting of the cry, 'Ayt Peinz' and the response 'Khaari'. Both cries seem to be in an arcane
Dwarven tongue, and their meaning is unknown.

Deeds : The story of Bugman's survival and his long journey to Karak-Varn is the subject of a number of epic poems and
drinking songs. The development of Bugman's Castle XXXXXXXXX, a special brew to celebrate the reforming of the
Rangers, is considered a great achievement, ranking alongside the Battle of Hangover Hill, when the Rangers destroyed a
large Goblin ambush force despite the fact that an impromptu drinking match had finished scant hours before the attack.

Uniforms : Heavy brewers' coats over chainmail armour, heavy cloaks, buckskin breeches and heavy boots. The uniform is
in various shades of buff, brown, green and blue. The shield design carries the Bugman family arms - a tankard on a blue

JOSEF BUGMAN (Convert from Dwarf Army Book)

'Owd' Tom Thyksson is Josefs best friend and bloodbrother. He lost a leg in the Battle of Zhufbar but can fight just as well
with the pegleg that he now wears.

M WS BS S T            W      I     A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 49 41 4 4            8     30     2 24 66 29 66 66 24

Trappings: Double-handed rune axe, crossbow, Mail shirt and shield.
Tom is armed with a double-handed rune axe bearing a Rune of Breaking.

Bugmans Rangers are the remnants of the dwarfs that used to work in Bugmans Brewery before it was destroyed by the

M WS BS S T            W      I     A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 41 33 3 3            7     20     1 24 66 29 66 66 24

Trappings: double-handed axe, crossbow, mail shirt and shield.

The Bretonnian king. Uncaring and aloof, he lives in his great palace at Oisillon, north-west of Giseroux.

Race: Human Age: 25 Years              Alignment: Neutral
Class: Ranger Birth: Delberz           Fate: 3
Career: Outrider Eyes: Blue            Hair: Yellow
Weight: 160 lbs. Height: 5'11''        Gender: Male

Used as an example of character generation and rules throughout the WFRP.

M WS BS S T                  W     I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 38' 48' 4' 3               8'' *49' 1 33 30 42' 35' 37 32

Skills: Ambidextrous, Lightning Reflexes *, Scale Sheer Surface, Animal care, Follow Trail, Orientation, Ride - Horse,
Silent Move Rural, Specialist Weapon - Lasso, Secret signs - Scout.

Note on Lightning Reflexes: note the error on WFRP pp64: Clem has to test against Initiative 29 to jump away from
astoneslab. The text states that Clem dosn't have any skills to help him there! There is also an error in the following
example! Those lousy bastards are cheating Clem!
Trappings: Horse (saddle, harness), Crossbow, 20 bolts, Mail shirt, Bag pack, 10 yards rope, Shield, Sword, Travel stained
cloth, 2 blankets, tinderbox, Cutlery, small cooking pot, flask of water, knife, 12 gc.

DARYUS-E QUABIR, Sultan of All Araby: (GW humour - dare you seek a beer?)
A religious fundamentalist who launched a series of wars against the infidels of the Old World -1500I.

Sources: Drachenfels, Red thirst (shortly - Child), Stage Blood

'Not just a play my dear Guglielmo! The play. The play that had it ever been produced, would have lived forever in the minds and gearts of those
mortals lucky enough to see it. The play that would have sealed my reputation as the premier genius of my day.'

Detlef Sierck Is 5ft 7in tall, with brown hair and eyes, and a plump appearance from years of fine living. He cuts a dashing
figure in his fine silks and feathered hat, and he has done more In his 29 years than other men achieve In a lifetime.
Detlef is, by his own admission, the beet actor-manager alive: he accepts no actor as his better or his equal, although he has
steered clear of certain roles where unflattering comparisons of his performances with those of other actors might be
possible. His body of written work, including the ill-fated True History of Sigmar Heldenhammer, Is a collection of
unremitting genius - no, really. 7bat one play - if it had ever been staged - would have been the final confirmation of his
talent. Detlef's failure to get the play produced Isn't really his fault. life always comes along and foils the best laid plans of
the great and talented.

That said, the theatre really is the perfect outlet for Detlef's abilities, even if he is a remarkably difficult man to work
alongside. He is cursed with being a perfectionist - nothing escapes his attention, but it is precisely this trait that leads him
Into trouble. Care and attention mean expense. and money is Detlef's biggest problem. When he is working on a project,
money doesn't enter Into his thoughts. The best, as Detlef knows himself to be, deserves the best - whatever the cost! His
productions have lead him deep Into debt and back out again. As with The True History of Sigmar, his financial backers
have often had a different attitude: Detlef has seen the inside of debtor's prison before now. He is, however, enough of an
optimist to assume that something will always turn up when he is has another temporary financial embarrassment.

Adventurers might meet Detlef between productions, or when he is writing a new play. Perhaps The Goblin Lair or
Adventures at Bay (the riches-to-rags story of the adventurers' exploits) is just the thing for a new comedy! He might also
be looking for new talent, scene-shifters, or bodyguards. His reputation is such that a number of creditors (or the husbands
of former lovers) might have unpleasant designs on his person!

M WS BS S T W I                  A Dex Ld          Int Cl WP Fel
4 40 40 3 3 8 35                 1 45 35            40 35 30 50

Skills: Acting; Charm; Comedian; Etiquette; Heraldry; History;
Linguistics; Luck; Mime; Mimic; Public Speaking; Read/Write - Old Worlder & Classical; Story Telling; Wit.

Possessions: Good clothing; dagger (1 +5, D - 1. P -20); vial of ink; quill; dozen sheets of paper and parchment; 10D6 Gc
or D10 pennies.

DIEN CH'ING, Tzeentch acolyte from Cathay
Sources: Red Thirst, The beast in velvet.

Dien Ch'ing is one of Yefimovich's old ally's. He is from Cathay and has obeyed Tsin Tsin and the fifteen Daemons
(Cathayan view on Tzeentch) since his birth many years ago.

Today Dien Ch'ing is acting as the appointed ambassador from Cathay, having tracked down and killed the real ambassador
in the Bad lands.

Dien Ch'ing is very careful and also very intelligent. He is a master in both the Cathayan martial arts and also in the eastern
mystical rituals of magic - he can even commune with Tsin Tsin and often enjoys the sweet diabolic music of the fifteen
daemons. He is sly and usually smiling when things go according to his plans, but his polite facade never slips!
{Spells needs to be added, but should be something special, Cathayan-like]
The beast plot in Beast in Velvet:
Dien Ch'ing isn't connected to the beast murders but see them as quite positive as they only furthers Yefimovich's plot and
thus Tsin Tsin's.
Dien Ch'ing's main plan however is to get a major war campaign against the Badlands Goblinoid tribes agreed on with
various top members of the aristocratic as leaders of the army. The only purpose is to see Karl Franz and other nobles
being butchered by The Tzeencthian Chaos hordes (after tiring fights with the goblinoids of course). He has been working
hard on Entienne the Bretonnian ambassador, to get his approval, and any player of importance (if any!) will probably be
confronted by him and asked to give their seal of approval.

After this he hopes to be called home to Cathay, from which he have been away for far to long. He is longing to see the fall
of the monkey-king and perhaps even get to server his head personally.

If things get hot - for instance when Yefimovich's plot has been spoiled, he will not hesitate to flee the city.

M WS BS S T W I                 A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 69 58 5 4 8 75                2 55 54 67 55 78 25

Skills: Martial arts (grade 4), Dodge blow, Meditation, Arcane language magick, Cult lore - Tsin tsin, Speak Reikspiel (well
with an accent like that in an Asian grill) + Cathyian + Kislevite, Dowsing.

Martial art skill:
1. No penalties to hit and damage. Damage as a hand weapon.
2. Able to Disarm opponents like normal Disarm skill, but without the use of a weapon.
3. Strike to stun
4. Able to parry without weapon.

Sources: Unicorn ivory

Sources: Drachenfels

'I am Drachenfels. I bid you welcome to my house. Come in health go safely and leave behind something of the happiness you bring...'

'I have them all, you know. All my old souls, kept like that. It prevents me from getting lonely here in my humble palace.'

Constant Drachenfels, the Great Enchanter, Is (in his current body) well over six feet tall and a physically Imposing man -
if, of course, he Is a true man! His face is hidden behind a mask, his hands covered by soft gloves and his body draped
with fine robes. No-one has seen his face and lived long enough - or remained sane enough - to tell of it.

The Enchanter is a creature of living legend. He has lived, so rumour has it, forever. Certainly, for as long as anyone can
remember - and for as long as histories have been written and folk tales told - there has been Constant Drachenfels in his
castle. He is a dark figure who stalks the corners of history, emerging into the light to commit some gratuitous, bohemian
atrocity, almost as a reminder to Men that he still exists and should be feared.

By any human standards, Drachenfels is evil given physical form. His actions have never been kind, just or noble, but they
have a certain honesty and purity. His plots have a certain directness about them: when he repented his sins, a less trusting
man than Emperor Carolus would have seen through his newfound goodness - Drachenfels repented only so that he could
strike down his unwary, pathetically trusting, enemies. And beyond such whimsies, he has killed, crippled and driven men
insane, plotted and destroyed nations and cities in a calculating fashion and in the heat of terrible rages.

Yet behind all his evil actions, Drachenfels has his own dark motives, which have little to do with 'evil'. He Is the ultimate
pragmatist: any act can be contemplated and carried out if it serves his survival. Constant Drachenfels has always been true
to his name: continued existence is his higher purpose, beyond any moral consideration. 'Good' and 'evil' are late additions
to humanity - he dates from a time before such niceties had meaning. And his age old experience has made him arrogant
and powerful. Only once has he been humbled, by Sigmar Heldenhammer. But even Sigmar could not break the power of
the Great Enchanter. Drachenfels was reduced for a thousand years, his body ruined beyond repair, but he was not
destroyed. Eventually. as he done before, he took another body.
Drachenfels can be used a 'legendary' NPC. Indeed, if he is presented in the right way, adventurers might assume that he is
only a legend - until they walk into his castle Only the most powerful, or clever. of adventurers have any chance of survive a
meeting with him. Poibly Drachenfels is again searching for a new body to sustain him for a few more centuries. One of
the adventurers Is an ideal candidate.

Alternatively, Drachenfels can be used as a bizare patron. He has no need to pay them, of course. The threat of what he
can do to recalcitrant servants should be to ensure obedience. But what acts of wickedness might the adventures be ordered
to perform? Or will they decide a clean death - if they are allowed to truly die - Is better than an existence of service to such
a monster?

M WS BS S T W              I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 80 50 7 9 30            80 4 80 45 85 80 100 19

Skills: arcane Language - Daemonic, Magick; Bribery; Cast Spells as listed below; Charm; Daemon Lore; Dodge Blow;
Etiquette; Heraldry; Herb Lore; History; Hypnotize; identify Magical Artifact; Identify Undead; Immunity to Disease;
Immunity to Poison; Lightning Reflexes; Lip Reading; Magical Awareness; Magical Sense; Manufacture - Drugs, Potions,
Scrolls; True Night Vision; Numismatics; Public Speaking; Prepare Poisons; Read/Write - all additional languages; Ride -
Horse; Rune Lore; Scroll Lore; Speak Additional Language* - Arabian, Arcane Dwarf and Elf, Cathayan, Classical, Dark
Tongue, Druidic, Khazalid, Norse, Nipponese, Old Slann, Queekish, all Old Worlder dialects: Strike Mighty Blow; Strike
to Injure; Strike to Stun; Surgery; Theology; Torture; Very Resilient; Very Strong; Wit.

* :Some of these 'arcane' tongues were not arcane when Drachenfels started speaking them. Incidentally, Druidic is the
closest language to his native tongue.

Possessions: robes; magical plate armour +3 (3 APs, all locations); magical gauntlet (counts as fist weapon - S +1, Dx2,
Protection rune, +10 to all MP tests); Iron face mask; castle; Minor magic items as required; other possessions as required.

Special rules: causes fear at will in all living creatures, If he removes his mask, does not need spell components to cast spells;
suffers from animal aversion (stage 2), cadaverous appearance (stage 3) and unpleasant odour (stage 3). magical disabilities:
suffers from Megalomania - subject to animosity against anyone who challenges his authority., use of the word 'Sigmar' In
his presence means that he must make a successful WP test at -20 to carry out any actions that round.

Spells: 200 Magic Points
Petty            Curse, Gift of Tongues.
Battle 1         Flight, Leg Breaking, Steal Mind.
Battle 2         Aura of Protection Break Weapon, Cause Hatred, Flame Curse, Lightning Bolt, Smash, Stampede, vortex
of Chaos.
Battle 3         Arrow Invulnerability, Cause Instability, Dispel Aura, Subvert Weapon, Vorpal Hurricane of Chaos.
Battle 4         Aura Of Invulnerability, Blast, Change Allegiance, Cure Severe Wound, Entangle, Reverse Spell, Wall of
Daemon I         Bind Daemon, Summon Steed.
Daemon 2         Stop Daemonic Instability, Zone of Daemonic Nullification.
Daemon 3         Dispel Daemon Horde, Summon Daemon Horde, Summon Great Power.
Daernon 4        Dispel Greater Daemon, Daemonic portal, Summon Greater Daemon, Summon Total Power.
Illusion I       Assume illusionary Appearance, Bewilder Foe, Cloak Activity.
Necro I          Summon Skeleton Champion, Zone of life.
Necro 2          Control undead, Hand of Dust, Stop Instability.
Necro 3          Annihilate Undead, Life in Death, Raise dead, Summon Skeleton Horde.
Necro 4          Curse of Undeath, Total Control, Wind of Death.

As you can see, Drachenfels Is a very powerful villain, and need not obey the same 'rules' as mortals (forexample: He has no
limit of number of spells known). This profile listing should be seen as guidelines to his powers - If you want him to use a
use a spell or Item that isn't here, he can! Drachenfels should be played as a true monster. a formidable creature who need
fear nothing from any puny mortal. Nothing, perhaps, except for the name of Sigmar Heldenhammer...

Dunerka-a-Veran: Dwarven Heroine of Carag Eight Peaks, fought at The Valley of Death. Her battle standard shows a
double headed axe embedded in a pile of Goblin heads.

EMMANUELLE VON LIEBWITZ, Countess of Nuln, 2485
Emmanuelle is born in 2485, age27

Emmanuelle is the beautiful Elector-countess from Nuln. She is quite renowned for her long list of lovers and her great
balls at the electorial state of Nuln.

Sources: Drachenfels

Erzbet Wegener followed Oswald von Konigswald into Drachenfels castle. As a result she has become incurable insane.
After the events in Drachenfels (2477) she is located in the Great Hospice - a Shallya mental hospital outside Altdorf. The
profile can easily be used before year 2477, if you just remove the disorders.

Career: Assassin, ex-Bounty hunter, ex-Entertainer

M WS BS S T W I                 A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 65 67 4 4 12 63               4 64 49 52 50 55 35

Skills: Acrobatics, Concealment- Rural/Urban, Dance, Follow trail, Marksmanship, Prepare poisons, Scale sheer surface,
Shadowing, Silent move- Rural/urban, Specialist weapon- Fist wpn. + Lasso + Throwing knife, Strike mighty blow.

Equipment: None

Insanity points: 4

Disorders: Amnesia, Dementia, Introversion, Phobia vs. strangers, Minor disorder- Nightmare.

Sources: Beast in Velvet, WD140

''I have repudiated my Dwarven name and taken that of my noble benefactor. My body may be that of a dwarf but my soul is Bretonnian to the
core. I am the best of both races, strength and style. ''

The ludicrous figure of the Comte de la Rougieffe, Bretonnian Ambassador, is an off-handed insult by the King of
Bretonnia to the Imperial Court but Emperor Karl-Franz hasn't seen the joke yet, and luckily no one has pointed it out to
him. Etienne is a powdered buffoon with a greatly inflated sense of his own importance, twirling his moustaches as he
prances around the Imperial Court. His sense of humor and style of entertainment are as pathetic as his grandiosity is
laughable. He dresses fairly outrageously (traditional for a Bretonnian noble at court) and adorns his nondescript
middle-aged Dwarven appearance and physiognomy with gold rings, absurd hats, and foppishness of all kinds.

He has a great desire for tall human women with attributes of great proportions.

Motive: The dwarf ambassador boasts to all and sundry of his conquests among the lady nobles of the court, though the
current object of his inept attentions, Countess von Liebwitz, pointedly refuses to have anything to do with him. It's
certainly likely that, despite his claims, the oafish dwarf has had the same response many times previously. Perhaps
resentments have built up; the boaster is always the liar, and perhaps an embittered misogyny has cantered the dwarf's soul.
Then again, the wounds inflicted on the Beast's victims are said not to include the head, and are consistent with being
caused by a short person - such as a dwarf. What's more, few people have actually checked or investigated Etienne's
background and past very thoroughly.

Adventurers of high social standing can encounter the Bretonnian dwarf, or they might find him in some bawdyhouse or
place of ill repute in pursuit of the well-built females he favors. Then again, his soirees make good staged events for
adventurers hired to protect him as guards, who may then have to extricate him from some kind of trouble.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
3 46 27 3 4 8 32 1 27 62 38 54 57 40
Skills: Blather, Charm, Consume Alcoh'ol, Etiquette, Heraldry, Luck, Public Speaking, Read[Write, Ride, Speak Additional
Languages - Bretonnian, Old Worlder (Dwarf dialect), Wit.

Possessions: Bretonnian fine clothes, personal jewellery (gold rings, chains, etc), to a total value of 250 Gold Crowns.

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

FELIX JAEGER (Outlaw/Poet)
Sources: Geheimnisnacht, Skavens Claw, The dark beneath the world, Story from 'The Empire Army list', The Siege of Praag, The mutant

Felix Jaeger is a man who knows he's going to die. It's only a matter of time. His friendship with Gotrek Gurnisson makes
it inevitable. Felix has followed the Dwarf across every stretch of wilderness in the Old World, waiting for the inevitable. So
far so good...

Felix Jaeger is an amicable young man about six foot in height with blonde hair and a duelling scar on his cheek. He has a
perpetual, twichty, worried expression on his handsome face, as benefits one who is both a wanted outlaw and a n associate
of Gotrek Gurnisson.

Felix was once a articulate, well-educated student studying classic literature at Altdorf University. Then one day, he found
himself in a duel with the bullying Wolfgang Krassner. Felix despatched Krassner, although he certainly didn't intend to do
so, and was expelled.

Felix's father disinherited him and the young poet took to politics. As a leader of the now infamous Window Tax march,
Felix was at the head of the crowd when the peaceful demonstration degenerated into a riot and the Imperial Cavalry
intervened to quell the bloodbath.

Felix's life was save when he was pulled from under the hooves of the cavalry by a drunken trollslayer, who then cut them a
path to freedom.

After walking from an epic pub-brawl, Felix was horrified to discover that while drunk he had sworn to accompany the
Dwarf and record his death in an epic poem. It was only when sobriety returned that Felix realized that witnessing the Troll
Slayer's death might be the last thing he ever did. Since he was sought for the murder of Krassner, Felix had no choice but
to follow Gotrek, the Dwarf, when he left the city. Of course, Felix has regreted his oath on many occasions. Since then his
life has been exciting, to say the least... Although every once in a while, he gets quite nostalgic about being a student and
poet in Altdorf - or even a Wool merchant like his father and brother.

M WS BS S T           W I       A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 49 39 4 4           8 49      2 39 35 39 39 39 39

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Cartography, Concealment - Rural & Urban, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Drive Cart, Etiquette,
Excellent Vision, Follow Trail, Game Hunting, Heraldry, History, Lightning Reflexes, Numismatics, Public Speaking,
Read/Write - Old Worlder, Ride - Horse, Secret Language - Classical, Silent Move - Rural & Urban, Specialist Weapon -
Fencing & Fist, Spot Traps, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Swim, Wit.

Trappings: Sword, Left handed dagger (D-2, P-10), Chain Shirt (1 AP body only), Travel stained clothes, Writing materials,
lesser book (or two) from library, purse (47 gc, 23 SS, 7 P)

FRITZ VON HALDSTADT, Chief Magistrate of Nuln
Sources: Skaven's Claw

GM note: Haldstadt is obsessed with gathering information, especially the sleazy ones, about people, and has at the
moment a rather large archive.

His paranoid character makes him very dangerously and he has even gone so far as to make deals with what he supposedly
hated the most: Chaos, in the form of Skavens.

Goblin commander, allied to Vomitskrag Krusher at The Valley of Death. Owned a magic sword (unnamed, +2 S).
Rides in his chariot, and his standard depicts a chariot scythe decapitating a stuntie. See Zitpicker, Blackhead, Abra &

Sources: Red thirst, Drachenfels, Unicorn ivory, Stage Blood, Udolpho Mansion, Beast in Velvet

'No, I don't keep cut my lips on these teeth.Do you bite yourself, So why should I?'

Genevieve has the appearance of a pretty, 16 year old girl, with silken pale auburn hair and a child's clear eyes. She is quiet
and demure, with an easy, winning manner. However, this once-daughter of Bretonnia Is much more than she appears. On
closer Inspection an older, wiser person looks out of her eyes, and occasionally a distance in her manner betrays her true
nature: Genevieve received the Dark Kiss many centuries ago, and she is a Vampire. A 663 year old Vampire. A
leech-woman. A dead thing. Genevieve has heard all the insults flung at her kind many times before.

She Is, however, far from being a fearsome Vampire. Indeed, as much as any mortal, she finds the Truly Dead rather
disturbing. Genevieve lives In a state of Half Death, between the mortal world and the final darkness of Vampirekind.
She is ageless and invulnerable, timeless and enduring: "To me, 25 years was yesterday"' But she has no need to retire during
the day to a coffin filled with her native soil, or to stalk the night in search of easy prey.

True, she needs blood, but her blood-lust Is gentle and loving. She has taken many lovers, and from each of them she has
taken a measure of blood. She only sustenance she has ever taken has been freely , offered by her lover at the time. She has
never used wiles or force: all have given voluntarily. Neither, for that matter, has she killed a lover with her Kiss and made a
new Vampire, something which she occasionally regrets.

The adventurers might easily encounter Genevieve without realising her nature. To them, she may simply be a young girl in
need of protection from the accusations of witch hunters. Or she may be search of a new, strong lover to satisfy her
cravings for blood - although, believe It or not, this Isn't as dangerous as It sounds ...

You should note that Genevieve has some magickal abilities, although she rarely uses them (In the story Red Thirst she uses
a Fireball). Genevieve isn't following any magickal career, but you can always let her have some spell from the lower levels
of the different types of magick. A alternative to a spell list is presented below, but feel free to modify.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 35 30 4 5 11 45 2 50 45 50 40 50 45

Skills: Acrobatics; Charm; Dance; Etiquette: Evaluate; Heraldry, History., Identify Undead: Law; Musicianship; Public
Speaking; Read/Write - Old Worlder, Classical & Cathayan; Ride - Horse: Scroll Lore, Secret Language - Classical;
Seduction; Silent Move - Rural & Urban; Sing; Speak Additional language - Cathayan & Reikspiel; Story Telling; Street
Fighting; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Stun; Surgery; Wit.

Spells: Annoy (p18), Sleep (p), Magick Alarm (p), Fireball (B), Cure light injury (B), Diver Attention (I2), Banish
Haunt/Spectre (N3), Disrupt Animation (N4)

Special rules: Immune to non-magical weapons: takes normal damage from silver weapons; immune to poison of all types;
need not rest during the day or avoid direct sunlight; not held at bay by religious symbols or garlic (although she will not,
take blood from someone who has recently eaten garlic It doesn't taste very nice); other rules as normal Vampires (se
WFRP rule book).

Possessions: Expensive clothes; tinted glasses; other
Items as you see fit; effectively unlimited money.

GHABHRALLA, Duke of Rrinnhasha
Died at the Battle of Feis Mabdon. One of his last acts had been to send the High Elven Ranger, Banadl Anwesu on a
secret mission to Naggaroth to spy on the Druchii.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 77 57 5 4 10 70 3 45 45 50 60 45 32

Skills: Acrobatics, Ambidextrous, Dance, Distract, Dodge Blow, Excellent Vision, Marksmanship - Thrown, Specialist
weapon - Two handed, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Transfix, Warchant, Whirling death.

Source: Vengeance of the Lichemaster, (Citadel Journal Spring 86)

Gnawdoom is the Grey Seer who, equipped with a Seerstone, tracked down and retrieved the Skaven Black Arc together
with Throt the Unclean.
Ed. Lichemaster note: In the Return of the Lichemaster WFRP scenario, the Grey Seer who retrieves the Black Arc is
Rasskabak a level 2 seer. In the WFB version "The Vengeance of the Lichemaster" it is Gnawdoom a level 4 Grey Seer who
retrieves it. Of course the monks are also different among various other things. This was neccesairy changes to the WFRP
version to make it more playable. If you are really into getting things right consider the following:
 Substitute Rasskabak with Gnawdoom and Throt the unclean one when playing Return of the Lichemaster. Remember
     that since they are much stronger the scenario will be to tough for starting or early started characters if the Skavens
     should turn against them. The Skavens would also be very likely to turn against the players if they sense the players are
 Rule that Rasskabak never made it home to Skavenblight. Remember that The vengeance of the Lichemaster sttates
     that many different search patrols was dispatched.. Rasskabak is confronted by Gnawdoom and Throt. Gnawdoom
     goes to congratulate the lesser Rasskabak. He just manages to catch a glimpse of Throt smilling, showing his pointy
     teeth (A smiling Skaven isn't the same as a smiling Human!). At that point Gnawdoom stabs Rasskabak several times
     with a concealed dagger, perhaps a coward act by such a great Grey Seer, but also very wise since Rasskabak is in the
     possession of the dreaded Black Arc. After this, the Clan Scruten skavens who accompanied Rasskabak is easily
     butchered. gNawdoom takes all the credit for retrieving the Arc, and Rasskabak is considered lost on enemy grounds.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 33 25 4 4 21 80 1 43 66 66 43 66 12

Alignment: Chaotic
Relegion: The Horned Rat

Skills: Sixth sense, Cast-Seer lvl. 1-4, Skaven History, Meditation, Magical awareness, Astronomy, Manufacture potion,
Manufacture scrolls, Theology, Magical sense, Warp stone lore (X2), Prepare Poison, Identify magical artifact, Arcane
language-Magick + seer, Disguise, Divining, Dodge blow, Evaluate, Immunity to disease, Immunity to poison, Law
(Skaven's), Read/Write (Magick & Seer), Bribe.

Equipment: Magic saw edged Skaven blade (+1d) poisoned with manbane and 35% chance of infected wound, 10 Warp
pinches, 3 belt sacks (for equipment), 5 doses manbane, Warp tokens as GM sees fit.

Spells: Select any appropriate spells.

Sources: Geheimnisnacht, Skavens Claw, The dark beneath the world, Story from 'The Empire Army list', The Siege of Praag, The Mutant

Profession: Trollslayer, Ex. Engineer

Gotrek Gurnisson is a Troll Slayer: Proud, Belligerent, Loyal to his friends, and an implacable enemy. Death means nothing
to him. He seeks it out, welcoming the chance to die, providing he goes down fighting against impossible odds. Death is the
only thing left for him, an atonement for his secret crime. The only problem is, that Gotrek is just to tough, too lucky or
too plain mean to die.

In quieter moments, Gotrek is a sad character, given to fits of depression and prodigious drinking bouts. He hides a
surprisingly educated mind behind his harsh exterior - he has an excellent grasp of Dwarven history and a high regard for
skilled workmanship, no matter what the source. Every once in a while, he lets slip some fact that shows he knows much of
Dwarven engineering. But he is bitterly lonely. His only real friend is Felix Jaeger, a human poet. Family and clan are lost to
him - a terrible thing for any Dwarf. As a result he is closed-mouthed about the crime that brought him to his current state.

In noisier moments - and that means in the middle of a fight - Gotrek is one of the deadliest close-quarter fighter in the Old

Gotrek, like most Trollslayers, is nasty, brutish and short. His body is covered in tattoos and a great crest of orange hair
rises from his head. He is a fearsome sight. After the event described in Wolf riders, Gotrek will be missing an eye and has a
patch instead.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 89 9 8 8 16 49 4 59 89 59 89 89 19

Skills: Acute Hearing, Arcane language - Arcane Dwarf, Art, Astronomy, Carpentry, Cartographing, Concealment - Rural &
Urban, Consume Alcohol, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Drive Cart, Engineer, Evaluate, Follow Trail, Frenzied Attack, Game
Hunting, Gem Cutting, Haggle, History, Identify Magical artifact, Lightning Reflexes, Luck, Metallurgy, Mining,
Numismatics, Orientation, Read/Write - Khazalid & Old Worlder, Scale Sheer surface, Secret Language - Battle & Classical,
Secret Signs - Dwarf & Engineers' Guild, Silent move - Rural & Urban, Smithing, Add. Language - Old Worlder, Specialist
Weapon - Double Handed & Fist, Spot traps, Stone working, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Very
Resilent, Very Strong.

Trappings: Two Handed axe (I -10, D+2), Chain Shirt (1 AP body only), Worn travel stained clothing including winter/
bad weather gear, 20 gc, 12 ss, 3 pennies, Beer mug, Stone bottle of ale.

A lengendary hero who appears in the folklores of Norsca and the Wasteland. He slew a dragon that was laying waste to
the Forest of Shadows/Southern Coast of Norsca. Hagmar, son of a blacksmith, volunteered to go and slay the beast.
He filled a gutted carcass of a deer with stones and set it to roast. The dragon swallowed the carcass and the stones
shattered inside the furnace-hot belly of the dragon, killing it instantly. Hagmar looted the dragon's cave and became rich.
He forged several items of note, see The Dagger
of Hagmar, The Chainmail of Hagmar, the Talisman of Hagmar, and The Buckle of Hagmar.

HALS VON TASSENINCK, Later Grand Prince of Ostland

Profession: Watchman
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 57 52 5 4 10 57 2 49 42 46 39 47 48

Source: Plague Daemon, WD125

“All I know, is that I know too little. What skill and strength I have, I use - and where less honest power is concerned, I must trust to the luck
which the gods award me.”

Harmis Detz is 33 years old. For the past 15 years of his life he has served as a soldier in the army of Prince Faramond of
Khypris, a petty empire in the Border Princes. He is a seasoned and accomplished soldier, albeit becoming a little cynical,
and were it not for the whims of fate, he would be content to live out his days in Faramond’s service.

Harmis was born within the walls of Khypris itself, as was his younger brother Lavarock. As the sons of a servant in Prince
Faramond’s stables, both men were exposed to the soldier’s life at an early age. When they came of age, Harmis and
Lavarock elected to train as fighting men to serve the Prince in the field of glorious battle and to bear the claret and gold of
his livery with pride.

Within a year both men realised that a soldier’s life was not as glamorous as they expected, and they soon settled into their
duties as border guards, pursuing raiders that dared to intrude on the Prince’s land.
In appearance, Harmis is a Khyprian through and through, though his ancestors may be immigrants as he has the look of
the people of the Reik. He isn’t tall, but is powerfully built, with a heavy chest and shoulders and knotty muscles about his
thighs. His face is pockmarked from the ravages of a childhood disease, though he is not unhandsome. His hair is brown,
while his eyes are grey and intense. He has the look of a seasoned soldier who has seen death many times and is used to it.

To his fellow soldiers he is cold and uncommunicative. But Harmis knows, or rather has learnt, that an impulsive man is a
dead man. He has learnt to consider every decision he makes, and weigh up its consequences very carefully.

Harmis can be encountered at his post on the borders of Khypris. He is a loyal soldier, and is most likely to get involved
with the characters in an official capacity. Only under extreme circumstances will he disobey his orders and then only if he
thinks by doing so he will serve Faramond better.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 41 34 3 4 7 44 2 35 32 27 34 37 24

Skills: Ambidextrous; Animal Care - Horses; Concealment - Rural, Urban; Disarm; Dodge Blow; Immunity to Disease;
Lightning Reflexes; Luck; Ride - Horses; Secret Language - Battle Tongue; Sixth Sense; Specialist Weapon - Double
Handed Weapons, Parrying Weapons, Throwing Weapons; Street Fighting; Strike to Injure; Swim; Very Resilient; Wit.

Possessions: helmet (1 AP, head), leather jerkin (0/1 AP, body), wooden shield (1 AP, all locations), tabard with
Faramond’s livery; sword, two throwing knives (R 4/8/20, ES C, ROF 1/rnd); horse; other items as you see fit.

Graf of Stirland, based in Wurtbad; no named heir; Imperial Elector.


HEINRICH TODBRINGER, Future Graf of Middenheim and future Emperor

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 65 60 6 5 14 55 3 58 75 45 60 55 70

Fate: 3

Skills: Acute hearing, Ambidextrous, Charm, Consume Alcohol, Cryptography, Disarm, Dodge blow, Etiquette, Evaluate,
Excellent Vision, Heraldry, Immunity to disease, Luck, Night Vision, Orientation, Public Speaking, Read/Write - Eltharin
and Old Worlder, Ride - Horse, Secret Language - Battle, Sixth Sense, Speak Additional language - Eltharin, Specialist
weapon - Lance and two handed, Story telling, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Cult Doctrine - Ulric,
Very Strong, Wit.

Trappings: Full suit of magickal plate armour (3 AP overall), Magickal two handed sword - Skaven Slayer (I-10 WS+10
D+3 and inflicts 2D6 damage on Skavens), Amulet of Thrice Blessed Ccopper, Unicorn Horn, 3 Healing potions, 1 potion
of strength, Long bow of might (R 32/64/300, ES 5), 8 arrows of true flight, Ring of protection from Daemons, other
items as GM sees fit and of course unlimited cash and credit.

HEINRICH KEMMLER, Necromancer & demi-Liche
Sources: The WFB Lichemaster scenarios & WFRP scenario.

Kemmler was originally a student of magick in Nuln. Possessed of a solitary and secretive nature, Kemmler grew interested
in those arcane magickal arts which a man would perforce have to practice alone in any civilized place: necromancy,
magickal transmutation of the shape and substance of living things, and many other horrors. Over years and decades,
Kemmler grew in power, ass he sank in depravity until, that is, the secret laboratory in his lodgings was discovered by the

Kemmler fought his way clear of the militia detachment sent to arrest him. Many of them fled as their dead comrades arose
to attack them at Kemmler's behest. Kemmler fled the city before its more powerful wizards could lay hands on him, and
fled down the Reik, never more than hours ahead of the wizards and witch hunters sent out to kill him. As the alarm spread
along the Reik through the chain of semaphore towers linking Nuln and Altdorf, Kemmler found the net closing in. He
turned westwards, and fled into the grey mountains, heading for the Helmgart pass and Bretonnia.

In the mountains, Kemmler came upon the remote monastery of La Maisontaal. The monks there received him
courteously, and he though that, at last, he had found a safe haven for a little while. But he was wrong. Ren‚ de Muscadet,
the Master of La Maisontaal, was a wizard of some power himself, and the news had already reached him.

De Muscadet attack caught Kemmler off-guard. Most terribly for the necromaner, de Muscadet stuck him with a staff of
Ether Shrivening, a rare and powerful magic item which left the necromancer permanently drained off all power. Maddened
with rage, crippled physically and mentally, Kemmler escaped only with the aid of a Ring of Flight. He flew back into the
mountains, and de Muscadet thought he was finished; although Kemmler was still alive, his power was broken and he
would soon be brought to justice.

Search parties went into the mountains, but no trace of Kemmler could be found, alive or dead. After a few months the
search was called off; the necromancer must surely had died in the mountains, and his body eaten by wolves or other

The searchers where wrong. For forty years Kemmler was assumed to be dead, but in 2491 Muscadet, now near death, had
a vision. He saw his old enemy Kemmler, and knew htat he was on the verge of regaining his old power, and more besides.
Two days later he died, after having warned the monastery.

Kemmler, of course, did not died in the mountains, but wandered for years, sustained only by hatred and the thought of
vengeance. Stories sprang up of the Ghost of the Crags; a figure sometimes seen by herdmen tending their sheep on the
high feels, silhouetted against the sky as he stumbles through the high peaks. He lived by scavenging and stealing chickens
from the remote upland farms, until one stormy day he stumbled upon an ancient burial mound, high in the Frugelhorn
valley. There, a Daemon which once aided Adolphus Zwemmer made Heinrich Kemmler an offer he couldn't refuse. In
exchange for his service, the Daemon would restore his lost power, and give him means to avenge himself.

In the Skaven army list it is described how Kemmler wipe out La Maisontaal aided by Gnawdoom and his Skavens
(retrieving the stolen Arca Chaotis). The events, however, will be quite different if you play the Lichemaster scenario!

M WS BS S T W I               A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 41 25 4 4 23 60             1 43 89 89 71 71     -

Causes fear (not terror), Transfix, Immune to psychology. As a part of his deal with the Nurgle Daemon Kemmler may
only regain magick points by killing. For each kill, by him or his undeads, he gains the number of the killed creatures W
score in magick points (up to his BMP total).

Skills: Magical Lore - Scroll/ Alchemical/ Daemon/ Necromantic/ Rune, Identify Magickal artifacts, Cult Lore, Arcane
Languages - Dwarf/ Druidic/ Daemon/ Old Slann/ Modern/ Elf, Runecraft, Prepare Poison, Enchant lesser & Greater
artifact + Spirit artifact, Evaluate, Read/Write, Secret Languages - Classical, Meditation, Resist magic, Cast spell/Ritual -
Necromantic 1-4/ Battle 1-2/ Petty, Sense Magic, Elemental Tongue, Theology.

Trappings: Skull staff (Focus! Permanent extend control and stop instability, halves damage inflicted upon wearer by living
opponents), Magical Sword (Chaos weapon - S+1), Magickal robe of mist and smoke (can cast cloud of smoke and mist
cloud once each day at no MP cost), sufficient spell ingredients.

BMP: 62

Spells: Fireball (1), Raise Dead (4), Possesion (4), Create grt. Golem (4)., Gash spirit Major (3), Voidsend spirit com (2),
Dire Surgery (2), Create Zombie Rit. (2), Capture Spirit (2), Preserve Vitality (3), Summon El. Node (p), Skeleton m. hero
(4), Arrow invulnerab. (2), Hand of death (1), Skeleton Horde (3)
Heinrich's lieutenants

Krell, Lord of The Undead
Krell was once a living Chaos hero whose foul deeds and violent life shattered the world during the first incursion of
Chaos. He has been revived by Kemmler to server as his lieutenant.

Equipment: Chaos blade - Warp attack + Degeneration attack, Magic Armour

Mikeal Jacsen
Mikeal Jacsen is a great dark skeleton hero gifted with a flaming skull and terrible piercing shriek.

Ranlac the Black

HELMUT ELSAESSER, Watchman in Altdorf
Source: Beast in Velvet, WD140

"I was an 'inky'... that's what they call students who actually study. Inkies. It was supposed to be an insult, but we became rather proud of it."

Young and idealistic, Helmut Elsaesser appalled his Professors of Law at the University of Altdorf when he decided to
spend some time actually doing something about law and crime, by joining the Dock Watch. 'Me youth from the Reikwald
Forest hasn't spent enough time with the Watch under the dictatorial hectoring of the cynical Captain Dickon to have lost
his idealism yet.

Helmut is a slightly shy youth barely 20 years old, somewhat baby-faced and with curly brown hair, mothered by his
landlady at his lodgings and uncertain with girls. But he is honest, devoted to justice, stubborn, intelligent and won't back
down when he knows he is in the right. He will not be cowed by superiors when he knows they are wrong or corrupt, even
though he is often hesitant and unsure of himself.

Helmut is a rare kind of Watchman and he rapidly makes friends with Filthy Harald when he is brought into the case of the
Beast murders. They are birds of a feather in some ways although Helmut has little of the physical strength of Harald, he is
smart and observant, and of all the characters hunting for the Beast it is the young Elsaesser who first finds the slayer.

Helmut could be encountered by adventurers either as freshfaced young student of law or in his first days of work on the
Watch. Any adventure, which involves intrigue, corruption or crime, would be ideal for using Helmut as an NPC.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 37 36 4 4 7 44 2 33 31 48 45 29 46

The beast plot: Since Helmut is rather deeply involved in uncovering the beast murders, he should be an ideal NPC
companion for the adventures. He is also an important clue later in the history so do what you can to make the players meet
this watchman and student of law. Players studying hard at the university could meet this rather sympathetic man there, or
when the players hear and enquire about the beast murders they should meet Helmut.

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Chemistry, History Military, Law, Metallurgy, Read/Write, Secret Language Classical..

Possessions: Uniform and badge, knife, 1D6 Gold Crowns

HERLA, KING. King of Plenydd in Albion
Sources: Storm Warriors

JEAN MALCHANE, Phantom thief of Yremy and Senior Clerk of Magistrate Malchanxe

JOH LAMPRECHT, Outlaw Chief ("ex. Outlaw"). And his gang
Sources: No gold in the Grey Mountain.

Personality: Intelligent, Known for his courage
Ambitions: Become a renown hero, to be told stories and songs about.
Background: Jon became outlawed as young. A young noble son went drunk and run his old father through. Joh revenged
his father and killed the noble son.
Today there exist songs about the incident and how Joh was forced into becoming an outlaw, by the tyrant nobility.
Personally Joh know that this would have happened sooner or later anyway. His latest deeds, however, isn't as heroic as
before. His life as an outlaw have marked him and made him a man without mercy for the rich merchants and the nobility.

M WS BS S T W            I      A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 55 40 3 4 7           56*     2 35 39 37 44 34 32

Skills: Lighting Reflexes, Read/Write, Concealment Rural, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Scale Sheer Surface, Secret Language
Thief, Set Trap, Silent Move Rural, Spot Trap, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike To Stun, Ride-Horse, Follow Trail.

Trappings: Scimitar, Leather Jerkin

Freder, Thug (Protagonist)

Appearance: Very big, but slow. Freder's face carries a na‹ve expression (e.g. open mouth, dull eyes).
Personality: Naive, and very stupid. Stutters so much that people often looses concentration on what he tries to say.

Ambitions: Find a good friend, catch butterflies, eat, bash the ones who prevents him from the above ambitions.

M WS BS S T W     I              A Dex        Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 31 24 6' 5 9'' 22              2' 24        23 22 42' 22 27

Skills: Very Strong, Very Resilent, Disarm, Ride - Horse, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun.

Freder Doesn't has the Dodge Blow skill, and doesn't need to learn it in his career. His simply to slow to benefit from
Dodge Blow skill.

Trappings: Mail shirt (1 AP body), Shield, Sword.
Exit: Footpad

Rotwang, Outlaw ex. Mercenary ex. Pitfighter.
Appearance: Small but stout and agile. Heavy brows and a face with sharp lines and wolfish appearance.

Ambitions: Become rich, Do pain to other people.

Personality: Silent type. Isolated and uses a lot of time to think, alone. Rotwang is an absolute cold blooded type and a
master with his two small but very sharp knives (Rottwangs favourite torture instrument, the two small knives become like
scalpels in his hands). Rottwang has a Wolf spirit, meaning that he is actually a werewolf. He hasn't, however,
shaped-changed yet.

Background: Rottwang has been a pitfighter since his early childhood, and grown up with the need to fight for his life. He
can't remember his parents. Rottwang identified himself with the wolf in his days as a pitfighter, and his link to this animal
are much stronger than he know.

M WS BS S T W            I    A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 58 35 4 4 7           50    2 42 36 43 49 31 23

Skills: Torture, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Specialist Weapon: Fist/ Flail/ Parrying/Two Handed, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike To
Injure, Secret Language Battle Tongue, Strike To Stun, Ride-Horse, Animal Care-Wolf, Concealment Rural, Silent Move

Trappings: Two small sharp Knifes (like normal knives, but when used by Rottwang they get +1 to damage).

Yano Groeteschle, Outlaw

M WS BS S T W            I    A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 37 45 3 3 6           44    1 32 33 31 32 31 33
Skills: Consealment Rural, Disarm, Dogde Blow, Secret Language Thief, Set Traps, Silent Move Rural, Spot Traps, Strike
Mighty Blow, Strike To Stun, Ride-Horse, Marksmanship.

Note: no one lives forever (apart from a few!), and Joh and his gang is no exception. In 2472 the gangs destiny would have
that they captured a coach carrying the apparent young Lady Melissa (See profile) whom they hold for ransom. During the
following night everyone dies in the abandoned Castle Drachenfels, where they stayed for the night, with the exception of
the Vampire Lady Melissa.

Sources: Ignorant Armies, Beast in Velvet

"Do you want me to do it?"
"No. I named her i'll finish her..."

Johann von Mecklenherg is a strikingly good-looking 23 year old, standing just under 5ft llin tail, with a mane of thick,
blond hair and strong, square features. Invariably dressed in furs and hunter's garb, you wouldn't think to look at him that
he's a very important nobleman. You might suspect he is more than a simple woodsman, given his penchant for
richly-patterned clothes, but youd never guess he's the son of an Elector: or rather, he was ...

As the eldest son of the Baron of Sudenland, Johann would have been Baron upon his father's death and have become one
of the most important men in the Empire. But ten years 290, any expectations he may have had were cruelly dashed when a
horde of bandits descended upon his father's land. His father and the servants were slaughtered and the family castle burnt
to the ground. But of all that happened that fateful day, it was his brother's kidnap that proved to be a turning point.

Johann abandoned his inheritance and, with his mentor Vukotich, set out to find the bandits that had seized his brother.

Under the tutorship of Vukotich, johann has discarded the isolated attitude that many of the Empire's nobles have, and has
become much more realistic in his outlook. Although as a young man he could never bring himself to kill while on a hunt,
believing the creatures of the forest to be too fine to slay purely for sport, years in the wilderness have hardened him. Now
he has no qualms about killing - indeed, he looks forward to taking his revenge upon his brother's captors.

It is this thirst for revenge that drives johann; the overwhelming desire to revenge his brother and kill Cicatrice, leader of
the bandits, has taken over his life. He has no desire to become Elector and does not wish to return to Sudenland.

The PCs are most likely to encounter johann living rough in the forests of the Empire almost certainly with Vukotich in
Johann will be friendly enough, al1though slightly distant as if there is something on his mind. If the PCs offer to help in
his quest he will he willing enough to let them tag along. If they have definite Information on Cleatrice's whereabouts,
however, johann will become quite insistent that they tell him ...

M WS BS 8 T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 55 40 3 3 12 50 3 40 65 55 50 40 55

Skills: Animal Care - hawks, horses; Animal Training hawks, horses; Charm; Concealment - Rural; Cook; Dance; Dodge
Blow; Drive Cart; Etiquette; Evaluate; Follow Trail; Game Hunting; Haggle; Heraldry; Herb Lore; History; Identify Plant;
Law; Luck; Orientation; Public Speaking; Read/Write - Classical md Old Worlder; Ride - horse; Secret Language - Classical;
Set Trap; Silent Move - Rural; Sixth Sense; Speak Additional Languages - Breton, Slavic, a little Tilean; Specialist Weapons -
Crossbow; Fencing Sword, Longbow, Parrying Weapons, Throwing Weapons; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Strike
to Stun; Theology; Wit; Wrestling.

Possessions: expensive clothing and furs (1 AP, all locations except head); sword; two knives (I + 10, D -2, P -20); other
items as you see fit.

Jobann parried a blow and felt its force ringing throughout bis entire body. His opponent was a foot taller and heavily
armoured, but its reactions were slower and its helmet was distorted by a bead that seemed to have expanded inside it. .It
was a mutant of some sort, a buman being under the influence of the warpstone, turning into the physical image of
whatever dark desires or fears it bad harboured.
Sources: The dark beneath the world

Profession: Wizard and ex. Initiate of Sigmar

Johan is a man of medium height who dresses in the flamboyant manner of a wizard of the Amathyst college. He speaks
with the pedantic, cultured accent of a savant of the university of Nuln.
Johan was once a initiate of the temple of Sigmar. He studied at the monastery of our father of the hammer outside Nuln.
He was the only survivor when the place was burned to the ground by a marauding group of beastmen led by the Chaos
Warrior Thalman Lionheart. Johan had been gathering wood outside at the time and hid until the raiders departed. The
experience sent him into shock and he wandered the woods maddened by hunger.

A young Templar named Aldred Fellblade was despatched by the temple authorities to investigate what happened. He
discovered Johan and nursed him back to health. Johan decided to abandon his life of contemplation and became Aldred's

Johan studied under professor Heilman at the university of Nuln, where he and Aldred discovered and destroyed the
Crimson Rose, a Chaos cult dedicated to Tzeentch that had infiltrated the campus.

Anyway, as the story goes, Aldred and Johan was killed by Thulgul the Chaos Troll, deep beneath the dwarven ruins in the
year 2496 IC.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 35 38 3 4 7 38 1 34 30 58 32 34 32

Skills: Read/Write, Scroll Lore, Secret Language - Classical, Theology - Sigmar, Cast spells - Petty/ Amethyst (Battle) lvl.
1-2, Modern Arcane Language, Cult Lore, Rune Lore, Meditation, Resist Magic, Sense Magic, Elemental Tongue, Arcane
Elf, Alchemical Lore, Ancient Arcane language - Arcane Dwarf, Identify magick artifact, Evaluate, Necromantic Lore.

Trappings: Spell book, suitable spell components, D6 random magick artifacts, 50 gc.

Spells: Sleep, Detect Magick, Discorporate Flesh, Cause Animosity, Command (ros), Steal Mind, Mental Duel (RD),
AethyrWard (ros), Shatter Flesh (ros), Cause Panic
The following spells aren't battle magick and are included if you use the amathyst college as a specialized college instead of
the normal Battle magic rules.: Banish Lesser Daemon (ros-D), Supress Instability (ros-D).

Based on the short story The Dark Beneath The World by Bill King, taken from the Warhammer anthology Red Thirst. Character
description from an Advanced Heroquest scenario of the same title by Andy Warwick and Bill King published in WD125. WFRP statistics
inferred from this description by James Dyer.

Jules is a swarthy, muscular Bretonnian who looks younger than his thirty years. He is of a bright, cheerful disposition and
naturally cocky. He dresses in the typical garb of a trapper: animal furs and beaver hat. He is left-handed.

Jules comes originally from a lower-class family in Quenelles. But he felt trapped by the dingy slums of the city and left as
soon as he could. The fact that he had outraged a local crimelord by slaughtering the slavers who had killed his sister may
have had something to do with it. Now he prefers the beauty of the great outdoors to the teeming cities of men.

He has travelled extensively through Bretonnia, the Empire and the Border Princes hunting and adding to his store of
wilderness lore. He served for a time as the Master of Hounds to the Lord of the Friest of Akendorf and made several
expeditions against the Goblins of the World’s Edge Mountains. Eventually he found the discipline of service too restrictive
and headed north into the Empire.

There he met Aldred Fellblade who was recruiting for his trip to Carag Eight Peaks. The gold the Templar offered
overcame Jules’ natural reluctance to visit such a dangerous place and he agreed to accompany the small party of treasure
seekers. Since then he has had cause to regret his decision. Still, he tries to maintain a front of good-humour in the face of
adversity, and to his credit he mostly succeeds in this noble aim.

Careers: Labourer, Trapper, Hunter, Scout
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 51 55 4 4 11 54 2 44 40 41 46 44 39

Skills: Animal Care; Animal Training - Hunting Hounds; Carpentry; Concealment - Rural; Consume Alcohol; Follow Trail;
Game Hunting; Orientation; Ride - Horse; Row; Secret Language - Ranger,; Secret Signs - Scout’s, Woodsman’s; Scale
Sheer Surface; Set Trap; Silent Move - Rural; Spot Trap

Possessions: Bow, 18 arrows, animal furs and beaverskin cap, leather jerkin (0/1 AP - body and arms), sword, knife,
leather satchel.

KALEB DAARK, Chaos Champion (2477):
There is a name whispered quietly and with fear even by the most depraved, the most evil, the least sane of worshippers of
Chaos. That name is Malal the renegade god of Chaos. Any man who dare look within the unholy black pages of "the great
book of despair", that foul tome held sacred by worshippers of Chaos, would find the following words.

".. And he that went before now came last, and that which was white and black and all direction was thrown against itself.
Grown mightily indignant at the words of the gods, Malal did turn his heart against them and flee into the chambers of
space… And no man looked to Malal then, save those that serve which they hate, who smile upon their misfortune, and
who bear no love save for the damned. At such times as a warriors heart turn to Malal all gods of Chaos grow fearful and
the laughter of the outcast god fills the tomb of space…"

In eons past Malal was cast out from the bosom of Chaos by the other gods, or else abandoned them of his own volition,
no one is sure which. In any case Malal's relationship to the other Gods of Chaos is a strange one. All Gods of Chaos
pursue purposes that a wholly their own, yet only Malal occupies a position so resolutely parasitic upon his own
unfathomable creed. To be a follower of Malal is to be a chaotic warrior bend upon shedding the blood of other chaotc
creatures. As such, Malal is both feared and hated by the other Gods. Malal's worshippers, too, are loathed by other
chaotics; They are outcasts beloved by neither the firends nor the enemies of Chaos, dependant upon the least whim of
their patron deity. Few men worship such a god; fewer still live long in his service. The bonds that tie master and servant
even drain upon the soulof the warrior, and it is a rare man that can loosen those bonds once forged.

Kaleb Daark is the greatest among such warriors, the doomed ones as they are called amongst men. Whereas the souls of
lesser servants shrivel long before they can gain real power, those whose service remains true may gain immeasurable
benefit. Kaleb Daark enjoys the deriving vigour from some dark aspect of his personality, some event hidden deep with his
past and subconscious. None would dare to enquire of the man himself. Of his origin and his infitation into the cult of
Malal, no one can do more than guess. Of his might of arms, undoubted courage and potent unholy weaponry, however all
know at least the most horrific details.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 81 83 5 4 19 89 4 43 89 89 89 89 10

Equipment: Dreadaxe, Chaos armour

Dreadaxe: Dreadaxe is a daemon weapon granted to Kaleb Daark by Malal (see RoC - Daemon weapons). The weapon is
living, bearing the soul of some fould Daemon. It assembles an axe, where the axe head is a bird/reptilian like cranium. As
the weapon strikes home, its jaws closes around the victim, usually ripping body parts completely off the victim, while at the
same time, draining from the very soul.
If wounds are caused from a blow from Dreadaxe, the victim should make a WP test. If this test is failed, the victim is
automatically killed, and his soul completely drained by the weapon.
 Demonic aura. Obvious to any magician who touches it
 Causes magickal damage
 Dispels Aura on contact
 Any wounds caused by the weapon requires the victim to succeed a WP test, or be killed.
    A Slain targets strength is completely drained by the weapon. One third is given to Malal, one third is absorbed by the
     blade, adding to a running total of stolen strength for the blade, which is retained until dusk or until the blade becomes
     sated. Each point of stolen strength in the blade confers a +1 modifier to damage. The last third is given to the bearer,
     and is added to the bearers strength until dawn. Increasing above 10 strength has no effect. Once the bearer reaches
     three times his normal strength score he collapses for 24 hours

Mutant warsteed/Daemonic steed

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
10 49 0 5 4 16 60 3 - 89 89 89 89    3

Karl-Franz I, Emperor (2477):
Emperor (2502) & Grand Prince of the Reikland, named heir
is Prince Wolfgang Holswig-Abenauer, his sister's eldest son; Imperial Elector.

KASLAIN, Arch lector:
Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar, based in Nuln; Imperial Elector.

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Poet and revolutionist

KONRAD, 2478
Sources: Konrad, Shadowbreed, Warblade

An underling of Vomitskrag Krusher. He got his prefix when, drunk on spitberry juice, he decided that serrated ears
would improve his looks. His partner, Skimgol, obliged him. (WD#97)

Grand Duke of Talabecland, based in Castle Schloss just outside the town of Herzig; no named heir; Imperial Elector. The
Krieglitz' descended from Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz.

Duchess of Talabheim, based in Talabheim; no named heir; Imperial Elector. The Krieglitz Untermensch' descended from
Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz and Grand Duchess Ottilia Untermensch.

KURT HELBORG, Reiksmarshall

KURT THE WOLF (and retinue), Chaos Champion
Sources: The Laughter of Dark Gods

'Here we become masters of our own destiny. I have dreamed of making my way to the uttermost North, to the black Gate. I will stand before
great Khorne and he will grant me power.'

Banished as an outlaw when his treacherous kinsman betrayed him, Kurt the Wolf turned to the only source of power he
had at hand; in his search for revenge, Kurt asked Khorne for aid.

Now, with his band of misfits and followers, he roams the Wastes searching for the Gates; his only aim is to meet Khorne
face to face and claim a share of the power which is warping his body and mind. Clad in black tumour that has bonded to
his skin and barely hides the terrible changes wrought upon his body, Kurt is an imposing figure.

Kurt's companions are many and varied. Oleg Zaharoff once counted himself as Kurt's friend and equal, but has suffered
terribly at the hands of Khorne, degenerating into an animal that feeds on the dead.
Another of his warband, Prince Dieter, a thin laconic character, is Kurt's bain. Always at hand with a snide comment,
Dieter can provoke Kurt into acts of gross violence and destruction, only to then remind he if he were more 'human' he
would not commit such atrocities.

Kurt the Wolf

M WS BS S           T W         I     A Dex Ld      Int     Cl     WP Fel
4 60 55 8           7 13       50     4 35 50        30     20      5   -

Skills: Animal Care - horses; Arcane Language - Daemonic; Consume Alcohol; Daemon Lore; Disarm; Dodge Blow; Drive
Cart; Frenzied Attack; Game Hunting; Lightning Reflexes; Luck; Marksmanship; Night Vision; Orientation; Read/Write -
Old Worlder; Rune Lore; Secret Language Battle; Specialist Weapons - 2-Handed Weapons, Parrying Weapons, Firearms,
Fist Weapons; Street Fighter; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Strike to Stun; Very Resilent; Very Strong; Wrestling.

Rewards: Aggression; Bestial Face - Ape; Frenzy; Horns; Manic Fighter; Rearranged Face.

Possessions: Sword (Cutting and Smashing Runes); Axe; Arcane tech weapon (fires a beam of boiling light, R 6/32/320, ES
7, 1 shot per round); Chaos Armour (bonded to flesh, 2 AP, all locations); other possessions as you see fit.


8 Beastmen

M WS BS S           T W I            A Dex Ld      Int     Cl    WP Fel
4 41 25 4           6 11 30          1 30 29        24     29    24 10

Skills: Disarm; Dodge Blow; Frenzied Attack; Strike mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Strike to Stun.

Rewards: Blood Rage.

Possessions: Sword; Shield (1 AP, all locations); Mail Shirt
(1 AP body); other possessions as you see fit.

6 Chaos Dwarfs

M WS     BS     S       T     W I      A     Dex   Ld     Int Cl      WP Fel
3 41     25     4       5     7 20     2      24   66      29 66      66 24

Skills: Disarm; Dodge Blow; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike
to Injure; Strike to Stun.

Rewards: Crab-like Claws; Multiple Arms; Poisonous Bite.

Posscssions:2-Handed Axe or Hammer; Crossbow (R 32/641300, ES 4, Rld 1); Armour (1 AP, all locations except head);
other possessions as you see fit.

Prince Dieter the Unchanging

M   WS     BS       8       T W I          A Dex   LD     Int    Cl    WP   Fel
4   45     35       4       3 10 70        3 35    25      35    30    25    20

Skills: Disarm; Dodge Blow; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Strike to Stun.

Rewards: Agility; Albino; Extremely Thin; Mark of Khorne; Resilient.

Possessions: Sword; Chaos Armour (1 AP, all locations); other possessions as you see fit.

Oleg Zabaroff
As for the rest, they are simply the flotsam and jetsam that flock to the banner of anyone who can offer power.

The PCs are most likely to encounter Kurt and his warband on the outskirts of the Chaos Wastes, from where he makes
occasional forays into Kislevite villages for supplies. The PCs could be stopping in one such village on their way elsewhere
and have to protect its populace from Kurt.

M WS       BS     8    T     W I        A Dex        Ld     Int      Cl WP        Fel
4 38       35     4    3     6 40       3 25         30      30      30 30         25

Skills: Dodge Blow; Frenzied Attack; Wrestling.

Rewards: Blood Rage; Fangs; Horns; Plague Bearer - Bone
Ague; Tail.

Possessions: None to speak of.

LEOS VON LIEBWITZ, Noble duelist
Sources: Beast in Velvet

"Ambassador, convey to my honored opponent my apologies. This is no longer a personal matter. It gives me great regret to kill him, but it is a
matter of the honor of a lady. And of my family"

Leos von Liebwitz is reputedly the finest fencer in the Empire, a noble ready to challenge an opponent at the slightest hint
of any insult to his beloved sister Emmanuelle von Liebwitz. Seating plans at dinner have sometimes to be rearranged so
that Leos doesn't end up sitting next to a noblewoman widowed as a result of one of his many duels, all of which he has

Leos is a cold fish, with watery blue eyes and cropped gold hair of the von Liebwitz family, seemingly around 20 years of
age, but his very fair and soft skin gives him an appearance of indeterminate age.

He is undemonstrative, humorless and rather unemotional. But there are sinister rumors about Leos, including suggestions
that he console himself with the cast-off former lovers of his countess sister! He certainly has little interest in the
noblewomen who have made plain their attraction to him.

Adventures might meet Leos in Altdorf or Nuln, where his family lives most of the time. Leos isn't a great socializer, but
attends social functions as a matter of duty. He's infairly indifferent to most people and isn't easy to engage in conversation.
An outstanding rapier wielding adventure might be able to interest Leos in some practice bouts, providing he is ready to be

M WS BS S T W I                  A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 68 52 4 5 9 69                 2 47 52 63 47 38 37

Skills: Blather, Charm, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Etiquette, Heraldry, Lightning Reflexes, Luck, Read/Write, Ride - Horse,
Sixth Sense, Specialist Weapon - Fencing Sword (Triple level skill: add +20 to Ws), Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure,
Strike to Stun.

Trappings: Fine Clothing, Fencing Sword (I+20, D-1), Dagger (I+10, d-2, p-20), Minor personal valuables (Gold signet
ring, etc.) to the value of 60 gc, 20 gc in silk purse.

Sources: Konrad trilogy
A Wizard experimenting with warpstone

LUDMILA VON ALPTRAUM, Grand Countess of Averland

LUDWIG SCHWARZHELM, Imperial champion

Empire hero.
Makes an appeal for unity against the Chaos threat
(2302); leads a Kislevite/Imperial alliance against Chaos forces; elected
Emperor (2304); reunited the Empire;

MANFRED VON DIEHL, Baron and Playwright
Sources: Wolfriders

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

MELISSA D'ACGUES, Lady (Vampire)
Sources: No gold in the Grey Mountains

M WS BS S T W I                   A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 61 59 5 5 20 73                 4 59 59 59 55 55 59


Name of a Dark Elf leader. (Citadel produced a set of dark elf figures under this name - WD#108pp35)

During the spring of his last year, Kraal the Hearteater gathered about him all the young men and women of his immediate family. Spells were
cast, bloody sacrifices were made and, at last, the young Dark Elves were initiated into the family cult. At the completion of the ceremony Kraal
banished all of his kin, expelled them from the forest and forbade them to return until each had slain a human warrior. Such was the way of the
Dark Elves of Kraal's family
Mengil, son of old Kraal, had never before strayed from the dark leafy confines of his forest home. He soon acclimatised to his new social role,
however, and discovered that he liked the marauding life so much that he decided against returning to his fathers people. Instead he set out on a
career of banditry and mayhem.
His first victim was a huge Norse Champion, whose skin Mengil fashioned into a cloak, establishing both the mode of dress of his followers and
his full name - Mengil Manhide. The company of Dark Elves was further strengthed when Mengil joined forces with the Dark Elf renagade Ean
Hawkbane whose distinctive feature was the large trained owl which accompanied him in combat.

Battlecry : None - they prefer sneaking up quietly in the middle of the night.
Deeds : When the Chaos Incursions were at their height Mengil and his followers crossed the temporary land bridge
between the New and Old World. In the Old World they satiated their vast appitites for destruction and blood, slaying
indescriminately and greatly adding to the disorder of those times.
Uniforms : Black tunic and breeches with light leather boots, elegantly shaped. Over the tunic the Dark Elves wear a coat of
mail armour, belted around the waist. Over the shoulder each warrior wears the mark of the company - a man-hide.


M WS BS S T             W I         A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 65 62 4 4            12 89        4 86 89 76 76 53 13

Trappings: Mengil is armed with a sword and a repeating crossbow. He wears a mail shirt and carries a shield.


M WS BS S T            W I        A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 49 43 4 4            7 70       2 76 43 66 66 43 17

Trappings: Ean is armed with a sword and a repeating crossbow. He wears a mail shirt and carries a shield. He is
accompanied by his trained owl.
Special: In hand-to-hand combat Eans owl give him an extra WS 33 Str 2 attack. This represents the owl attacking its foes
with its beak and claws. If Ean is slain the bird will fly away.


M WS BS S T            W I        A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 41 34 3 3            7 60       1 66 43 66 66 43 43

Trappings: The Dark Elves are armed with swords and repeating crossbows. They wear mail shirt and carry shields.

Sources: Beast in velvet, WD140

''Looking through his eyes, she saw her own face again, but rippling like the surface of a disturbed pond. Hasselstein's desires were superimposed
upon his memories. Rosanna saw her eyes change color, from green to blue, and her features shifting. The face distorted, and became several other
faces. One of them, she was sure, belonged to Margarethe Ruttmann, the Beast's last victim. And others, just beyond her recognition, seemed
strangely familiar. ''

Mikael Hasselstein, at the time of Beasts in Velvet, is the Emperor's Confessor, a very powerful man in the Cult of Sigmar.
He is even considered to be a likely successor to the Grand Theogonist, Yorri. He does, after all, come from a noble family,
and will admit to having dropped the 'von' from his family name when he entered the cult of Sigmar.

Tall, of medium build, his curly golden hair is beginning to develop dashes of salt-and-pepper grey in middle age. Mikael is
very, very cool, measured and restrained. His self-control is extraordinary - he virtually never betrays any emotion directly.
However, below the facade of dispassion lurk genuinely powerful emotions. And Rosanna the scryer soon finds some
distinctly camal imagery in Mikael's mind.

Mikael is a powerful, political priest and won't be encountered by adventurers unless they have some significant social
standing. Adventurer clerics of Sigmar might meet him in the Temple, of course.

Motive: Who knows what the turmoils in Hasselstein's mind reflect? The confused and distorted images Rosanna detects,
combined with the inner emotional force and outer restraint of the cleric, might make him a very dangerous individual.
Perhaps he has found a way to release the inner emotional conflicts he undoubtedly feels?

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 38 42 4 4 9 47 1 36 47 46 45 58 35

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Cast Spells - as listed below, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Heraldry, Identify Undead,
Magical Sense, Meditate, Public Speaking, Read/Write, Scroll Lore, Secret Language - Classical, Theology.

Possessions: robes, quarter staff (D -1), magical Energy Jewel with 9 magic points, other possessions as determined by GM.

Spells: 20 magic points

Battle Magic 1: Aura of Resistance, Detect Magic, Hammerhand, Immunity from Poison, Steal Mind, Wind Blast.

Battle Magic 2: Aura of Protection, Cause Hatred, Hold Flight, Smash, Steal Magical Power, Zone of Sanctuary.

Sources: GW floorplans WFRP booklet

MORDAX (Great dragon)
Sources: Whitedwarf #91, SRiK

In a deep dark cave, somewhere in the heart of The Worlds Edge Mountains, something stirred - something huge. It
lifted its head, groaned, and let it fall to the cavern floor again.
"Just another few years", it promised itself, falling back into a doze. As it slumbered, it dreamed. It saw the world as it
used to be, seven thousand years ago, felt the noiseless explosion, which threw the second moon into the sky. It
dreamed of the armies of gibbering, twisted things, which poured across the land.

The Dragon stirred uneasily as the dream shifted. It saw a strange figure step forward, heard again the wordless chant,
and shuddered as the searing bolt struck it. Then it jerked awake.

"That dream again" it rumbled to itself. The Dragon pulled itself to its feet's. Gaping wounds opening along the length
of its great body - they should have been fatal, but the Dragon would not find death so easily. It roared as its head
brushed the wall, jarring its broken tooth and aggravating its abcess - the size of a mans head - which lay beneath it. For
hours it raged. Then its eye lit on the great Dragon skull, which lay just outside.

"Yes" it rumbled, "I must pull myself together. Things to do". It remembered the hatching of Kegox, its first offspring,
and grunted.

"Hmm... He has his father's face, " it mused, "twice. And the others are worse. But I'll sort it out. I'll kill every
misbegotten spawn of Chaos I've fathered. Chaos isn't going to defeat Dragon-kin while i'm alive, and thanks to Chaos,
I'm going to live for a very long time."

The ancient Dragon lumbered to the cave-mouth, stretching its tattered wings and hobbled down the mountainside to
resume the self-appointed task of slaying its children.

This great and very old dragon became the victim of a foul Chaos spell in his early days. As a result of this spell,
Mordax cannot die, and all his offspring's was born Chaos tainted. Mordax is now seaching for his Chaos tainted,
numerous, children in order to kill them. One of his children is described in 'Something Rotten in Kislev' as the Dragon
Creetox the Midget Dragon.

Mordax could be encountered in the adventure 'Something Rotten in Kislev', if the adventure's are willing (Do they
have a choice if he insist?!?) to help Durgul the sorceror with some of his missions (alternatively the venture into
the Chaos wastes). On this mission they can get the assistance of Creetox (a very good idea, since its going to get
tough. But...), but at this moment Mordax is closing in on poor little Creetox. Does the adventure help Creetox?
They can't kill Mordax, but they can win time by forcing him away several time. Maybe this mission involves a
material needed for the cure against Chaos
mutation, and maybe if Creetox can be cured, Mordax will let the poor Dragon live (and the PCs will have a real and
big Dragon!).

Another opportunity might be that the PCs make a bargain with Mordax and give him Creetox (who will be instantly
destroyed by the powerful Dragon. May his poor soul rest in peace). This opens another opportunity to the PCs:
Mordax is so powerfull an ally that they, with a lot of help from Mordax, may be able to kill Durgul and the members
of the Ancient allies of Zuvassin and Necoho, and thereby freeing them of the Oath-Curse. This victory shouldn't be
won easily.
Sure Mordax has a fair chance of killing Durgul, but it is going to take a lot of time (Mordax may flee a couple of times
too!), and meanwhile the PCs have to take care of all the other members. The fight should win them a Fate Point
(it is however very, very, tough, and they are likely to loose all their fate points in the process!).

M WS BS S T W I              A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
6 81 0 10 9 * 50             6   - 89 43 29 89 24

Mordax fly as a lander, causes terror in living creatures under 6 feet tall, and fear in larger creatures. Attacks with 4
stomps, 1 bite, and 1 tail lash. The scaly skins provides 2 AP on all locations. May breath fire instead of
normal attack (WFRP p.236). If you wish Mordax may cast any Battle, Elemental, and Illusionist Magick
spells (but he prefers not to, because magick is drawn from the source of Chaos). Because of his size, Mordax may
attack three man-sized creatures at a time.

*: As described earlier Mordax cannot die. He is, however, not immune to pain (and his pains are numerous!), and
every time he takes a hit which deals him more than 11 wounds (talk about lucky hit, thats 22 damage!), he must
successfully test against against CL or flee combat (trampling anyone in the way - 4 stomp attacks). Each round
thereafter it is allowed another test to recover.
You should be careful with old Mordax, he is a killer and may well kill you adventures in a couple of rounds.

MORDINI, ENNINO - and The Nightmare Legion
Sources: Citadel Journal Spring-87, Citadel miniatures, Regiments of renown

The autumn rain hammered down on the armoured column as it wound its way northwards through a narrow defile in the
Apuccini Mountains. They were nearing their goal now, and the troops were fighting off the weariness of six days forced
march. At the head of the column, the unit's lieutenant pushed his helmet up and mopped the water from his face. 'I'll be
glad when this job's over,' he commented.'You're not alone there, Renzo,' replied his chief,' Once we've finished here I
think we'll go to Araby. I've heard ther's a new prophet sprung up there.'

Renzo nodded. 'Just what we need,' he said, 'Lots of sunshine and nice, simple little holy war. You know where you are with
that sort of job - better than all this political messing about. What a business, eh? All because of an apple, a piece of string
and three initiate priestesses.' 'And the use which the Duke of Organza's son and heir was putting said items,' his leader
reminded him, 'And the fact that one of the initiate priestesses was none other than the youngest daughter of our noble
patron. Anyway, its all money.'
They turned a sharp bend in the gulley to find their way blocked by a solid wall of pikemen. Suddenly, archers appeared on
either side of the sheer gulley sides, and a carefully-prepared landslide blocked the way behind them. 'Form up!' bellowed
their leader, 'Hollow square- MOVE!' It was obvious that they had walked into a trap, and one from which they had little
chance of walking away. Professionals to the last, the mercanaries readied their weapons and prepared to sell their lives

'Mordini!' came a shout from the opposing ranks. The mercenary captain squinted through the rain. 'Sardo?' he shouted
back. 'I thought we were on the same side! Have you sold Lumbrusco out?' 'Not quite,' came the reply. 'Duke Fabriano sold
you out. The whole war with Organza is a set-up-your death was one of the alliance conditons. You're too effective for your
own good. Mordini-he began to worry about what would happen if you turned against him.' Renzo spat loudly. 'Politics!' he
grunted, 'What did I tell you?' 'Mordini?' Sardo continued, 'I don't need to tell you that this is not of my choosing.'
'Understood!' Mordini answered, 'Just don't expect it to be easy. And if you do kill me, tell Duke Fabriano this- he hasn't
heard the last of Mordini, someday, somehow, accounts will be settled for this day !'

Ennio Mordini was one of the most powerful mercenary captains ever to serve among the Tilean City States. For most of
his career, he and his men served Duke Fabriano of Lumbrusco, expanding that state's fortunes considerably. Their success
began to worry their patron, especially since it was not unknown for Tilean mercenary units to seize control of the states
which they were supposed to be serving. When the neighbouring state of Organza offered a lucrative allaince on condition
that Mordini's troops were disposed of, Fabriano siezed the opportunity and sent them into an ambush which none

Mordini swore just before he died that he would be avenged on his treacherous employer. Barely five years later, an army of
undead skeletons poured out of the Appucci Mountains, under the tattered banner of Mordini. Fuelled by their hatred, the
dead soliders cut the armies of Lumbrusco to ribbons, and razed the city to the ground. It is said that Duke Fabriano spent
seven days and seven nights dying. Now the Doomed Legion has turned against Organza and the other City States,
destroying everything in their path as they avenge themselves upon the double-dealing princes who connived at their

Battlecry : Lacking important things like lungs and vocal cords, the legion has no battlecry.

Deeds : While they were alive, Mordini's mercenaries won a number of great victories against the enemies of Duke Fabriano
of Lumbrusco. They are most remembered, however for the assult and destruction of Lumbruso. It is rumoured that
Mordini has now re-fortified the city, and established a dead court there. It appears, though, that no-one living has been
close enough to find out.

Uniforms : The legion's colours are green and gold. Although they no longer wear anything that could be recognized as a
uniform, the colours are sometimes visible on the tattered rags of clothing that occasionally survive. The shield design is a
skull with a red surround on a dark green field. Shield rims are gold.

M WS BS S T W I                   A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 49 43 4 4 17 50                 3 38 29 29 29 29     -
M WS BS S T W I                   A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 33 25 4 3 5 30                  1 18 18 18 18 18     -

M WS BS S T W I                   A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 25 17 3 3 5 20                  1 18 18 18 18 18     -

Sources: White Dwarf 110, old Warhammer Battle hero.
New WFB players should note that GW suddenly changed good old Morglum to a Black Orc. In this description Morglum
isn't able to transform himself like that, and should be considered a normal Orc (sometimes GW sucks!).

"If it ain't green, belt it till it stops movin'. Then belt it again, jus' ter be sure."
"The only good Humie'z a dead Humie. The only thing better'n a dead Humie'z a dyin' Humie who tells yer where ter find 'is mates."
"If we wozn't meanter be Orcses, we wouldn't be green,
If we wozn't menter kill, we wouldn't be strong,
If we wozn't menter rip, we wouldn't 'ave weppuns,
If we wozn't menter burn, we wouldn't 'ave fire,
If we wozn't menter kill Humiez an' Stunties, they wouldn't be where we can find 'em."

Morglum Necksnapper is a mercenary turned bandit. he achieved his present position by the time-honoured traditions of
treachery and ferocity, and by defeating the previous leader, Roglobb Gutripper, in single combat. That he issued the
challenge mere minutes after a Stunty stuck Roglobb in the stomach with a battle-axe only enhanced his reputation for

In his youth, Morglum regularly fought against the Stunties, and the Dwarfs' superior unit cohesion and drill played a
significant part in successive Orcish defeats. He has tried to impose the Stunties discipline on his band - though, as that
kind of organised activity is alien to Orcish psychology, with only limited success. But he must be doing something right;
the band has been highly successful - and, as he hasn't yet been sliced open by a Stunty, no one has seriously challenged his

M WS BS S T W   I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 65 55 5 5 16 50 3 50 70 55 65 50 20

Description: Morglum is short and powerfully built. He sports an impressive array of facial scars (from his mercenary
days), wears a black breastplate and pot helmet, and carries a very evil-looking battle-axe. He shows off with a string of
dried Stuntie ears worn as a necklace.

Skills: Acute Hearing; Dodge Blow; Lightning Reflexes; Orientation; Ride; Specialist Weapon: Two Handed Weapons;
Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Very Strong.

Possessions: Breastplate (2AP, body), helmet (1AP, head), magic battle-axe (+2 damage: acquired it from an almost dead
Chaos Stunty)

Mornan Tybalt is a very important person at the Emperor's palace, and is also a very unpopular character in the public. He
is the responsible for the so-called ''thumb taxes'' which taxates a persons thumb, and had led to people doing the most
macabre things.

He is also responsible for the Emperors treasury, which he seldom donates from. In spite of his generally unpopularity, he
is very popular with the economic professions such as the Altdorf bank, perhaps because they get favored each time a new
tax is introduced.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 32 25 3 4 8 38 1 42 49 70 52 48 38
Skills: Etiquette, Evaluate, Haggle, History, Law, Numismatics, Secret language - Classical, Secret signs -lawyer's, Super

NASREEN, ALKADI. Caliph of Arjijil

“The world itself has betrayed their trust, for Chaos is come and they know not how or why it is that their fate must be written in suffering and
blood. We are alone, and can look for help to no one but ourselves.”

Nicodemus is the eldest of Astyanax’s two apprentices. Like Averil, he is of Tilean stock and shares the same dark hair,
though his eyes are brown. Also like the girl, his clothes are simple in both cut and style; were it not for his manner he
could easily be mistaken for a serving man. He is handsome, as are some that bear Tilean blood, and could easily have been
a fighting man if he had chosen to follow that path.

Nicodemus is a sensible man, and less prone to flights of anger than Averil - he is often at the receiving end of her thinly
veiled attacks against the male sex, and has begun to give in quickly rather than argue it out with her.

Deep down, Nicodemus feels he may have made the wrong choice. He had heard many tales about the power of magic and
the respect that wizards receive and decided that was the path he must follow.

He now finds himself stuck in a remote tower with a slip of a girl who seems to resent him and an old, if powerful, wizard
who insists the path to great power is long and dangerous. This isn’t the life that Nicodemus thought he was choosing, and
he eagerly awaits the chance to take charge of something, though he doubts whether he will be up to the challenge.

Nicodemus, like Averil, is likely to be encountered while carrying out his duties for Astyanax. He is more accommodating
than Averil and will be more likely to assist the party.

However, he is never one for hasty decisions and, even though he is not overjoyed with his present conditions, he has
become accustomed to his way of life. It will take a strong argument and the promise of obvious benefits to make him
change his mind.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 27 38 3 2 6 45 1 44 28 45 29 41 34

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Elemental Magick; Cast Spells - Petty Magick, Battle Magic level 1, Elemental Battle
Magic level 1; Dousing; Herb Lore; Identify Plants; Magic Sense; Marksmanship; Metallurgy; Read/Write; Rune Lore;
Secret Language - Classical; Scroll Lore.

Possessions: very few - as you see fit

Spells: 17 Magic Points
Petty: Gift of Tongues, Open
Battle 1: Wind Blast
Elemental 1: Magic Light

Dwarven Hero, previously called Oran; he spent some time with a clan of Norse Dwarves and adopted their ways, taking
the name Olrik. His commander is Dunerka-a-Veran. He Lives at Carag Eight Peaks and fought in The Valley of Death.
(WD#97). Olrik's Mighty Mashers: a unit of Troll-Slayers out of Carag Eight Peaks, they are led by Olrik Alensa. (WD#97)

OSWALD VON KÖNIGSWALD, former Crown prince of Ostland (depending on your campaign)
'It is said that whenever a von Konigswald draws near death, the shades of his ancestors return to bear him away with them.
When the grand father for whom I am named lay comatose with the brain fever, the noseless spectre of Schlicter von
Konigswald was seen waiting implacably by his bedside...'

Crown Prince Oswald is just under 6 feet tall. He is 43 years old (although he looks around ten years younger). with short
blond hair and piercing brown eyes. He is always well-dressed in the fine silks and expensive jewellery. He is a strikingly
handsome figure of a man and is a favourite with many young (and older) ladies of the Ostland and Imperial Courts. This,
however, is not the true cause of his fame.

Crown Prince Oswald von Konigswald of Ostland is the man who defeated Drachenfels (it is said!), the Great Enchanter.
He is the man who walked into the Enchanter's castle with a small band of followers and destroyed the monster on his own

Oswald is a Hero. Some unkind souls have even described him as a 'Professional Hero', with no other talents to his name,
but this does him a disservice. He has many accomplishments. Nevertheless, ballads have been written about his heroic
exploit; minstrels have elaborated upon his life for a few coins; cheap broadsheets have dramatised his adventures for those
with a spare penny to spend. Detlef Sierck's epic drama, Drachenfels, Is only one more account of Oswald's heroism.

Oswald has his own reasons for wanting the play staged. His father, the Elector, is senile and dying. He cannot last much
longer. When he dies, Oswald will take up the Electorship in name as well as fact. A public, dramatic reminder of Oswald's
past glories will serve him well when he returns to Court as Elector of Ostland. However his ambitions is much more
sinister as detailed in "Drachenfels".

The adventurers could meet Oswald in many situations: when he out hunting; inspecting his (father's) lands; 'slumming it
while incognito for a night on the tiles or whatever. No matter what the circumstances, Oswald will be disappointed if the
adventurers do not recognise him as the Hero of the Drachenfels' tales ...

M WS BS S T W I                 A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 70 40 4 4 14 60               3 40 80 50 70 50 70

Skills: Animal Care - hawks etc. only; Animal Training - hawks etc. only; Blather: Charm; Consume Alchohol; Disarm;
Dodge Blow; History; Etiquette; Evaluate; Gamble; Game Hunting; Heraldry; History; Influence; Intimidate; Law; Luck;
Musicianship; Public Speaking; Read/Write - Classical & Old Worlder; Ride - Horse; Secret Language - Classical; Seduction;
Sing; Speak Additional Language - Bretonnian; Specialist Weapons - Crossbow, Fencing Sword, Lance and Parrying
Weapons; Stewardship; Story Telling; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Injure; Theology; Wit; Wrestling.

Possessions: expensive clothes, sword, dagger (I +10, D -2, P -20); other items as you see fit: unlimited credit and money.

ORFEO, "Minstrel", ex-troubadour
Sources: Zaragoz, Plague Daemon prologue/epilogue, Storm Warriors prologue/epilogue

Orfeo was abandoned as a child (for reasons yet unknown, see stormwarriors prolog) and found by Woodelves who raised
him. Although treated as an outcast, Orfeo learnt much of the ways of the Woodelves. Orfeois practical a Minstrel but
insist not to be called that, since he thinks he doesn't deserve such a title (he has personally seen the real Minstrels
Orfeo could be encountered while the adventures are traveling from a place to another placer. Orfeo ask to join the players
on their journey since he is traveling in the same direction. At night when the players make camp, you can have Orfeo tell
one or two of his tales. Instead of actually telling, you can have the players play the involved characters. In this way you can
introduce side-off scenarios you couldn't play with the players actual characters. As a little reward you should award the
players minor EPs for playing these stories (the characters learn from the history or something like that!).
How long Orfeo journeys with the adventures is entirely up to you. He is a helpful and friendly person and if the players are
involved in a lot of exciting action and intrigues, he will be more than interested to follow. He is always on the lookout for
exciting tales to tell.

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 48 38 4 3 8 50 1 57 42 45 38 39 49

Skills: Musicianship - String & Wind instruments, Sing, Etiquette, Public
Speaking, Story Telling, Dance, Ride - Horse, Dodge Blow, Luck, Specialist
wpn. - Fencing
Trappings: Fencing Sword, Fine colorful clothes, Lute, Flute, 16 gc.

OTHO WAERNICKE, Lodge master of the league
Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Sources: Beast in Velvet, WD140

"I am not a cleric, just a scryer. I was born with a gift, but that doesn't make me any more spiritual than the next woman."

Rosanna is a pretty, slender young woman just into her twenties, her thin face dominated by a shock of red hair. She was
rescued from the prospect of life as a seamstress - and the possible threat of being denounced as a witch - by a cleric of
Sigmar who recognized her gift and had her sent to the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf. There she is technically an Initiate but
she is not pressurized to join the priesthood. And nor does she intend to do so. She has no strong religious belief or faith of
any kind.

What Rosanna does have is the gift - or curse - of psychometry, the ability to 'read' emotions and glean some facts from
material objects. She can also sense people's thoughts and emotions if she is close to or touching them.

Rosanna is sent by the Temple to the sites of the murders to see if she can detect anything about the murderer. What she
discovers frightens and confuses her, and as she gets closer to the truth Rosanna becomes progressively more uncertain,
confused and distressed. She realizes that the Beast is a very complex creature and that in many ways mirrors the dark side
of the people she meets during her investigations. Harald's strength helps to give her support and balance and she becomes
friendly with Johann von Mecklenberg as she helps him search for his younger brother Wolf.

Rosanna is an excellent character to present to adventurers involved in any kind of intrigue adventure. The Temple of
Sigmar has a small number of scryer's brought in on matters of considerable import, and if the adventurers get mixed up in
one such Rosanna could easily be involved, helping them with information or working for the Temple independently.

After the events of Beasts in Velvet, she takes service with Johann von Mecklenberg, so she is most likely to be encountered
with him (or working with Harald). She is fairly cautious about people - being able to read their minds makes her
apprehensive and careful - and she will need to feel considerable trust and comfort with anyone before offering help and

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 27 30 3 4 7 45 1 42 29 39 42 45 43

Skills: Drive Cart, Psychometry (see below), Read/Write, Secret Language - Classical, Tailor, lbeology.

Possessions: Plain brown cloak and robe, amulet of Sigmar.

Special Rules: Rosanna's Psychometry skill is an innate talent, not a skill that can be learned or acquired. The ability to extract
information psychically from people and objects should be used by the GM more or less as a plot device Rosanna will only
know how much the GM wants her to know. However, she's rarely going to be absolutely right and will almost never detect
precise detail. She responds empathically to the feelings involved, rather than to nittygritty detail or precise facts.

There are also complications - for example, an object found on a body might have psychic traces from a previous owner
which can confuse her. If there is doubt over whether Rosanna knows something through her talents, make a WP test for
her at a +20 bonus to detect something from an object, or a WP test for the person she is attempting to scry. If this is
passed, Rosanna fails to scry successfully, picking up some irrelevant or surface thought or image in the mind's eye.
Adventurers should not have this skill allowed to them, however!

The beast plot: Rosanna can be a helping hand for the players during the beast plot. However, they shouldn't be helped too
much, and a different approach could be to make Rosanna more like an agent of the church, breathing in the player's neck,
and prying in their private lives.

''All right Who's first? The monkey or the organ grinder? ''

Sam Warble is an unusual Halfling: while most of his race is viewed by society as cooks and servants, Sam has carved
himself a niche among the low-life of Marienburg as a respected private detective. While others of his kind find it difficult
to rise above the level of menial work, Sam manages to make a reasonable living from his skills as an investigator.

In appearance, Sam is almost a typical Halfling: he stands just over 3' 6" in height and has a stocky build, but, unusually for
a Halfling, Sam sports sideburns. He dresses in earth tones, and his clothes are utilitarian and simple in cut. Like all
Halflings he goes barefoot. His voice is surprisingly deep for his size, and he speaks with a slight drawl.

Sam has a remarkably thorough knowledge of the peoples and places of Marienburg, with particular emphasis on the slums
and docklands where he spends most of his time. In fact, he is more at home here than he was with his Halfling relatives in
his youth, a period of his life which he didn't particularly enjoy and which he has made great attempts to forget.

Indeed, when he left the family home he left behind his original name, Buttermere. While the main reason he did this was
because he hated the name, it also served to show everyone that a new chapter in his life was about to begin, to Sam it was
simply the first step in gaining acceptance in Human society. To make this transition into the wider world easier, he chose
to make his home in the city of Marienburg - a cosmopolitan city known for its atypical acceptance of other races.

Sam is a cool customer, and has a manner that is slightly unnerving when you first meet him. He doesn't beat around the
bush, and says what he means in as few words as possible - he could even be described as brusque, although this would be
slightly unfair, as there is no malice intended, and his tendency to snap at people is not intentional.

While Sam can never hide the fact he is a Halfling, he doesn't let that stop him demanding respect from anyone he meets.
He will not tolerate any jokes at his expense, and will expect people to treat him as he treats them. In all but personal size,
Sam considers himself to be the equal of any Human.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for his closest friends to forget he is a Halfling - they simply treat him as they would anyone
else. The only time that Sam's race is brought home to them is when he meets with them in his local, Esmeralda's Apron, a
small Halfling establishment on the edge of the Elven quarter. It's simply that the tables and the roof are lower, and hence
uncomfortable for Humans.

Sam has a slightly distrusting nature - which comes largely from his job - and has a knack for knowing when there is
something he isn't being told. In his line of work this ability is obviously a huge help, and is the primary reason for his
success. Of course, Sam also knows his own limitations and very rarely draws instant conclusions; his natural caution means
he will play along until he is sure that he knows all the facts.

Having lived in Marienburg for a few years, Sam has now built up quite a large web of contacts. He has links with both the
watch and the Thieves' Guild, and has a large number of informants and friends that he can call upon for help. If you need
a guide to the city, or at least the less prosperous quarters, then Sam is your man.

Sam is best used as an acquaintance of the PCs, who they can call on when they need his particular skills. His charges are
reasonable - considering the quality of his work - around thirty crowns a day plus expenses. Alternatively, he could get in
contact with the party himself, to provide assistance for a particularly difficult job.

M WS BS         S T      W I        A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
4 35 40         3 4      5 50       1 40 25 30 30 45 35

Skills: Acute Hearing; Blather; Bribery; Concealment Rural, Urban; Cook; Disarm; Disguise; Dodge Blow; Drive Cart;
Evaluate; Flee; Fleet Footed; Follow Trail; Haggle; Law; Luck; Night Vision; Palm Object; Pick Lock; Pick Pocket;
Read[Write - Old Worlder; Set Trap; Shadowing; Silent Move Rural, Urban; Sixth Sense; Specialist Weapon - Parrying
Weapons, Sling, Fist Weapons; Spot Traps; Street Fighter; Very Resilient; Wit.

Possessions: dagger; leather jerkin (0/1 AP, body); other items as you see fit

Orc Hero, fought under Vomitskrag Krusher in The Valley of Death. Skimgol is a total sadist and weilds a mighty double
handed weapon. (WD#97)
SKROLK, Plague lord of Clan pestilens
Sources: Citadel model, Warhammer Battle hero

Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature

Source: Beast in Velvet
Ex. Mercenary for Vastariens Vanquishers abused and tortured by his nobility superiors.

TASSENINCK, HALS VON (2450): Grand Prince of Ostland, based in Wolfenburg;
named heir is his only son, Prince Hergard; Imperial Elector.

On the lookout for a group of adventurers (2512) to an expedition to the Grey Mountains. Dies a moth later in the Grey

THANQUOL (and Boneripper)
Sources: Skavens Claw, Warhammer Battle Hero, Story from Skaven Army list

Thanquol is a cunning and exceptionally dangerous Grey Seer with a perculiar gift for avoiding death and inspiring fear in
his fellow Skaven. In traditional Skaven fashion he clawed his way up the order of the Grey Seers over the bodies of his
opponents, entering the order as a novice and eventually consuming his mentor. His rapid rise from the bowels of the
under-city beneath Skavenblight to the heights of power has been noticed by the Council of the Thirteen and it seems he
has some patrons, as well as some enemies, amongst the Lords of Decay.

Thanquol has been despatched all over the Old World on council buisiness, even travelling as far as the South Lands,
Lustria and the holdings of Clan Eshin in the almost legendary Far Cathay. Thanquol has been specially trained in the
history and languages of humans and considers them his personal preserve, conducting his own private experiment on
human slaves in his warren in Skavenblight.

Few creatures has aroused Thanquols quick anger and lived to tell the tale. In 2499 Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger
exposed his plot to spark a civil war in the Empire, and it was only mere luck and the sacrifice of his first Boneripper
Rat-ogre that saved him from Gotreks axe. Mow Thanquol continually plots the demise of the pair in ever more excessive
and agonishing ways, but so far the heroes have evaded every elaborate trap and ambush he has laid for them.

Career: Grey Seer lvl. 4
Fate:4    (Dont know if he should have, but he is one of The Horned Rats favored)
Alignment: Chaotic
Social: +5 (Skaven's)
Relegion: The Horned Rat

M WS BS S T W I                 A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 57 52 4 4 14 70               2 54 68 68 55 75 10

Skills: Luck, Sixth sense, Cast-Seer lvl. 1-4, Human + Skaven History, Meditation, Magical awareness, Astronomy,
Manufacture potion, Manufacture scrolls, Theology, Magical sense, Warp stone lore (X2), Prepare Poison, Identify magical
artifact, Arcane language-Magick + seer, Disguise, Divining, Dodge blow, Evaluate, Immunity to disease, Immunity to
poison, Law (Skaven's), Read/Write (Magick & Seer), Scroll lore, Specialist weapon - Skaven blades & Poisoned wind
globes, Bribe.

Equipment: Magic saw edged Skaven blade(+1d) poisoned with manbane and 35% chance of infected wound, 5 Wind
globes, 10 Warp pinches, 3 belt sacks (for equipment), 10 doses manbane, Box with Warpstone snuff, 30 Warp tokens, 300
Warp tokens (back home in Skavenblight).

Boneripper, Thanquols Ratogre
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
6 60      0 6 5 17 60           3    18 18       14 18 29         10

Sources: Old Citadel miniature, WFB Hero, Vengeance of the Lichemaster (Citadel journal Spring 86)

Throt the Unclean is one of Clan Moulders strongest packmasters and currently resides in Hell Pit, far to the north. His rise
through the ranks of Clan Moulder has been carefully watched by the agents of Lord Verminkin, though whether he
intends to destroy or reward him ramains to be seen. Throt is a fearsome fighter renowned for his fantastic strength. As
well as his steel-hard muscles Throt has been blessed with the mutation of a third arm since his birthing and has learned to
wield a sword and a man-catcher together with deadly skill. Throt lost an eye in his last fight with a rival packmaster and has
had it replaced with a glowing warpstone charm, making him look weirder than ever.

Throt was also involved in the mission of retrieving the dreaded Black Arc, together with Gnawdoom the Grey Seer. (Ed.
Note: I Don't think he was involved in the WFRP Lichemasterscenario, but he first appeared in one of the WFB versions:
The vengeance of the Lichemaster, where the Skavens got involved. Being somewhat a fan of the old WFB scenarios I
suggest involving him in the WFRP scenario!)

Okay here is the catch: We have two converted profiles for Throt! One from the old Vengeance of the Lichemaster, and
one from the WFB 4th edition Skaven army book. For now both are included, but feel free to comment on this.

Original profile
M WS BS S T W I                 A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 65 52 4 4 17 70               3 34 43 43 29 66 12

New WFB 4th edition profile
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 49 25 5 4 11 60 4 34 43 43 29 66 12

Trappings: Warpstone charm in eye socket (Allows a daily reroll of any undesired roll), Man-catcher, Sword. Sleeved cahin
mail, Mail coif.

Source: Various WD cartoons

Grand Baroness of Sudenland, based in Pfeildorf; named heir is he adopted son of distant relative, Baron Olaf Sektliebe;
Imperial Elector.

TOTEN UNGENHAUER, Graf Volkers Champion
Source: Beast in Velvet

Toten Ungenhauer is Graf Volker's judical champion
Toten is an unnatural big altered from Norsca. The effect of warpstone is difficult to hide, but Graf Volker have managed
that so far. Toten was originally the chief enforcer of the Marienburg Fish gang, but was expelled when the risk of being
uncovered as a mutant became too high.

M WS BS S T W I A*                     Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 32 22 7 6 14 15 1/2                   25 55 18 35 30 14

Skills: Frenzy, Specialist weapon two handed, Strike mighty blow.

Attributes: Horns (*These are cut regularly, and Toten doesn't benefit from the extra attack), Strength, stupidity (Toten is
subject to stupidity).

TRYSTAN HARPER, King Herla's bard
Sources: Storm Warriors

UDO FEILER, Marksman
Sources: WFRP pp289, Citadel miniature
ULTHER, Prince. And his Imperial Dwarfs: "The Dragon Company"
Sources: WD #95, Regiments of renown

King Ulfar Stonehammer of Karak-Ungor lay dying. Relatives and retainers were gathered round his bed with its four
dragon-topped posts, chewing their beards in grief.
“Where is my son?” croaked the king, “Let him come to me.”
A servant slipped out of the royal bedchamber and hurried to the Prince’s apartments. After a few minutes, Prince Ulther
son of Ulfar entered the chamber, whistling cheerfully.
“Hello, father,” he said, “Still here, then?”
“Well, that’s nice,” gasped the king, “What about a bit of grief?”
The Prince scratched his beard. “Of course I’ll miss you and all that,” he said, “But then, I am going to be king when you’ve
hung up your hammer. Will mixed feelings do?”
The king raised his dimming eyes to the ceiling .“Come closer,” he wheezed, “There are some things I must tell you before
I die.”
The Prince approached the four-poster hopefully, as did the court scribe, quill in hand. “My son,” croaked the king, “I leave
you the rulership of Karak-Ungor” - there was an uncomfortable shuffling among the king’s retainers at this point - “And I
leave you my war-axe, with the dragon-etched blade...”
“Not the hammer?” interrupted the Prince, a little peevishly.
“Watch it or you won’t get the axe.”
“That’s better. And along with the axe, I leave you a duty. Years ago, I swore that I would never rest until the blight of
Chaos was cut out from our race, and the Chaos Dwarfs were no more. I pass that oath on to you. I also pass on to you my
oath to exterminate the Goblins and their foul kin. You shall form a warband from the very cream of our race, and take it
out to destroy these two enemies. You shall not rest until you have completed your task, nor shall you return to
Karak-Ungor, which will be ruled in your absence by my Chancellor, Gorm the Wise...”
The king was interrupted at this point by a collective sigh from hes retainers, some of whom openly started shaking hands.
They were quelled by a stern glance fom the king, who carried on with his death-speech as the scribe wrote furiously. “Take
for your standard a dragon-carved post from your father’s deathbed...”
“Not now!” spluttered the king, from beneath the fallen canopy of his bed, “Oh, what’s the use?” And with that, he died.

Battlecry : “A dragon! A Dragon!”
Deeds : King Ulther son of Ulfar of Karak-Ungor settled quickly into the responsibilities of command, despite the doubts
expressed openly by some of his father’s retainers. The Dragon Company’s most notable exploit was the raising of the siege
of Karak-Gromni, when half the attacking Goblins turned to flight on hearing the Company’s battle-cry. Historians are
divided over whether this was due to the Dragon Company’s fearsome reputation, or whether they thought a real dragon
was coming.
Uniforms : Troopers have a dragon design on their belt-buckles, picked out in gold. Surcoats are red. The shield design is a
stylised dragon in green and gold, on a red background.
SPECIAL RULES : The Dragon Company, including Ulther and Borri are subject to frenzy when fighting Chaos Dwarfs.


M WS BS S T          W      I    A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 57 49 4 5         11     40    3 34 89 49 76 76 34

Trappings: Sleeved mail coat, Shield, Runic Axe with runes of Cleaving (+1 Str) and Breaking (Destroys Magic Weapons),
Two flint Pistols.

BORRI FORKBEARD (Ulther's champion)

M WS BS S T         W     I     A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 49 41 4 4         8    30     2 24 66 29 66 66 24

Trappings: Mail shirt, Shield, Two-handed axe - hammer and a pistol.

M WS BS S T            W      I     A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
3 49 33 4 4            7     30     1 24 66 29 66 66 24

Trappings: The regiment is equipped with mail shirt, Shields, Axes and Pistols.

UNTERMENSCH, OTTILIA: Grand Duchess of Talabecland; declared herself Empress without election (1360); outlawed
Sigmar's Cult in Talabecland (TEWpp10).

Source: Beast in Velvet
''Revolutionary angle''

Orc leader, commanded an Orc/Gobbo
force in The Valley of Death. Boar-rider. See Skimgol and Gan Green.

YEVGENY YEFIMOVICH, High Priest of Tzeentch/ demagogue
Sources: Beast in Velvet, Red Thirst, WD140

''Are you afraid of me, you lackeys and minions? I drink the blood of princes, break the back of barons and crush the bones of counts! ''

A Kislevite rabble-rouser, Yevgeny Yefimovich is an iconoclastic demagogue. With his brilliant and manipulative oratory,
he rouses strong passions in the crowds who throng about him, preaching death to the nobility and rulership by the
ordinary people of the Empire.

Yevgeny is a bizarre character - his appearance changes as he appears in different places. 'Rat befits someone proclaimed as
a High Priest of Tzeentch. His natural appearance, if he has such a thing, is of transparent skin, and within his body there
bums a continuously flickering and mutating inner fire. His faces are made from the skins of victims usually dispatched by
his acolyte and companion Respighi. His age is unknown but the odds are that he doesn't change much over the decades.
Yevgeny's history in probably Kislev stretches back many centuries.

In Beasts in Velvet, Yevgeny gives no sign of his standing as a High Priest of Tzeentch, even if he is referred to as such. It
may be that the whim of his patron Chaos Power has taken the use of magic from him for duration, for it would surely be
useful in aiding and abetting the Fog Riots, which his oratory stirs up. Yevgeny is also quite a complex man. While his
agitating is useful because it could help create a power vacuum which his Lord Tzeentch could exploit it is also clear that he
has a genuine loathing of the exploitations, brutishness and uncaring nature of so much of the aristocracy of the Empire.

Adventurers should hope that they don't meet Yevgeny, but he might be encountered almost anywhere, doing almost
anything to further the ends of Tzeentch - social subversion, agitation, anything which throws social life and organization
into confusion.

Beast Motive: The Beast murders are ideal for Yevgeny. He can claim that the Beast is probably a noble, 'one of them', as
opposed to the nature of the victims, who are all 'one of us'. Then again, he can claim that the failure of the authorities to
apprehend the killer is because they don't care about lowly folk. Both claims strike a chord with the ordinary folk of the
capital and foment unrest. Indeed, if the Beast murders weren't occurring it would almost be necessary to commit them
himself - or is that exactly what's happening?

Profile notes: The profile below does not include any magical talents for Yevgeny, since he never appears to use any.
However, as a High Priest of Tzeentch he would have magical talents if it ever became relevant.

M WS BS S T W                 I     A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 57 46 5 7 14               61     2 43 61 68 37 64 72

Skills: Arcane Languages (as many as the GM determines), Blather, Etiquette, Luck, Meditate, Public speaking, Read/Write,
Scroll Lore, Secret Language - Classical, Language - Kislevite + Breton + Norse + Reikspiel, Theology.

Trappings: Plain cloak, Leather Jack (0/1 AP body + arms), hand weapon or quarter staff (-1 D), other possessions as
determined by GM.
Attributes: Blood substitution - Molten metal, Extra joints - Arms and legs, Illusion of Normality, may look like a statue of
transparent glass filled with fire and with black marble eyes

Like Dien Ch'ing, Respighi is also a true lackey of Yefimovich. He doesn't just worship Tzeentch - He loves him! Respighi
is quite opposite to Dien Ch'ing, clearly affected by his contact with Chaos. He was ugly enough before hand, his father
being a Troll Slayer, who went to bed with a Human whore. He has the Warpstone in his blood, and today he resembles a
little nasty Chaos Dwarf with a tail. He is Yefimovich's personal servant or family - A kind of Quasimodo.

M WS BS S T           W      I     A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
3 41 25 3 4           7     38     1 28 45 25 66 55 10

YOURRI XV, Grand Theogonist of Sigmar

YSTARETH, the plague daemon
Source: Plague Daemon
“Know Harmis, that every nation on earth is but appearance and illusion… What can it matter to the masters of Chaos, if a world such as yours
were here, or gone, or never here at all!”

Ystareth was once a human being, who had entered voluntarily into the service of Nurgle, the Lord of Decay, to become a
champion of plague and pestilence. The motive behind this obscene act was revenge - Prince Faramond had been indirectly
responsible for Ystareth’s brother’s death, and in a fit of anger the estranged sibling had made a pact with the Powers of
Chaos for the power to exact terrible and bloody revenge.

Warped by bitter and angry feelings more than any affects of worship, what was once a human form became twisted and
disease-ridden. The newly initiated champion’s body became bloated in the image of Nurgle himself, and the stench of
decay and fetid odour of death smothered the last remnants of normality.

Ystareth is the true name - given by Nurgle himself - of this Champion of Chaos, who by sheer force of will has risen to the
heady ranks of Daemon almost immediately, rather than suffer the ritual gathering of a warband in an attempt to gain
favour with the Chaos Power of pestilence and plague.

Ystareth has conceived a plan of such proportions, a plan that will bring the decaying realm of Nurgle to the Border Princes
in all its putrefying glory, that everything Ystareth needs to exact revenge on the claret-and-gold livery of Faramond has
been provided.

Ystareth appears exactly as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle. However, Ystareth has none of the Greater Daemon’s abilities
other than those given here. Although eventually destined to become a Greater Daemon, Ystareth still has some way to go
to reach such a level of power.

The obvious way to use Ystareth is as an enemy for the characters. If you plan to do so, then reading the novel is the first
step - it explains the way that the Daemon plans to carry out its attack on Faramond’s realm, and how it can move among
the unsuspecting populace clothed in the magic of illusion. Ystareth is not always so recognizable…

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
5 70 65 6 6 25 70 6 70 70 70 70 70 01

Ystareth has 2 APs on all locations. Ystareth can make 4 claw, 1 bite or gore, and 1 stamp attack - successful bite and claw
attacks cause infected wounds.

Every time a non-magical weapon hits Ystareth its damage modifier value is reduced by -1 as the weapon rots away.

Any living creature in combat with Ystareth runs the risk of catching Nurgle’s Rot.

Spells: Ystareth has a spell pool of 5 randomly determined spells - the first spell of each level will be a Spell of Nurgle. For
ease of play, Ystareth starts with the following spells:
Level 1: Stench of Nurgle
Level 2: Miasma of Pestilence, Wither Vegetation
Level 3: Stream of Corruption, Create Bog

In addition, Ystareth can assume an illusionary appearance at will. It may be maintained under all circumstances except
spellcasting, and will mask both Ystareth’s appearance and stench. A character must make a successful Intelligence test at
-25 to realise something is wrong and see through Ystareth’s disguise.

VUKOTICH, Mercenary
Sources: Ignorant armies

"This is the Battlefield of Cbaos, Jobann.. This is what Cicatrice has been heading for all along. It's nearly over."
The flares died, and nothing moved in the clearing. Johann gripped the hilt Of his sword, while Vukoticb brought up his,crossbow.

To meet Vukotich in the dark would be a frightening experience. He is nearly 6ft 2in tall, of stocky build, and has a deep,
gruff voice. He dresses In thick furs and wools, and bears the scars of many battles. To Cicatrice's men he is known as
'The Iron Man'.

Most of Vukotich's background is shrouded In mystery; the only person who truly knows his past is Vukotich himself, and
he's not telling. Suffice to say Vukotich is a Kislevite and a hardened mercenary who has fought many campaigns and has
travelled far and wide.

As to his recent history, after being captured during a skirmish on the border between Sudenland and wissenland by
Johann's father, Vukotich swore allegiance to the house Yon Mecklenberg and became a tutor to the Baron's sons.

Vokotich is a quiet man. He bears hardship without complaint, and would rather die than be a burden to his fellow man.
He is generally. distrustful of new situations and people, and it takes a great deal of hard work to break down his guard and
gain some inkling of what the real man is like.

Above all, Vukotich is a realist, and has no illusions about his place in society; he's been a man paid to kill and he did so -
now it Is his duty to protect johann and will do that to the best of his abilities.

Vukotich is most likely to be encountered with Johann, wandering the forests of the Empire and heading northwards. Of
the pair, the PCs will most likely have dealings with johann, though Vukotich will jump in if he feels their prescence is
threatening. While he is slow to anger, Vukotich is like a bear when he gets mad, and unless the PCs can gain his trust -
and the only way to do that is by gaining Johann's trust - they are likely to come off quite badly ..

M WS BS         S    T W I            A    Dex      Ld      Int      Cl     WP     Fel
4 65 55         4    5 14 60          3     45      45       40      55     60      45

Skills: Animal Care - horses; Animal Training - horses; Consume Alcohol; Disarm; Dodge Blow; Drive Cart; Gamble; Ride -
horse; Secret Language - Battle Tongue; Street Fighter; Strike Mighty Blow; Strike to Stun; Wrestling.

Possessions: cold weather clothing (1 AP, all locations except head); sword; 2-handed sword (1 -10, D + 2); knife (1 + 10,
D -2, P -20); crossbow (R 321641300, ES 4, Rld 1); other possessions as you see fit.

Sources: Beast in velvet, (Ignorant armies), WD140
Wolf, later profile after the chaos wastes. Age: 29 years

''In his dream, Wolf was running through the forests. He was not quite an anbwl, and resisted the urge to fall on all fours and propel hbwe6r with
his hands as well as his feet. He was clothed and armored, like a man, but he was also a wolf... ''

It is concern for his younger brother, which draws Johann von Mecklenberg into the hunt for the Beast, and Wolf's
dreadful history (recounted in Jack Yeovil's Ignorant Armies in the anthology of the same name) makes this 29-year-old an
obvious suspect. Wolf was once a member of the retinue of the Chaos Champion Cicatrice and only the self-sacrifice of the
mercenary Vukotich saved him from a fate worse than death.
Now a student at Altdorf University, albeit not too regular in attending his lectures, Wolf still has terrible dreams about his
bestial days as an Altered. He takes refuge in chewing Weirdroot, which helps lessen his anxiety, but its hallucinogenic
properties certainly don't do his mental balance any favors. Handsome, clean-shaven, blond, Wolf looks very like a much
younger version of Johann (Wolf looks barely out of his teens).

Adventurers won't encounter Wolf too readily in Altdorf (and before 2501. he's still an Altered). He's seclusive and avoids
student clubs and societies. With his girlfriend Trudi, he might be found drinking quietly and slipping a little Weirdroot into
his mouth in a darkened corner of some tavern. Then again, he might be found prowling about alone at night.

Motive: It's not that Wolf might want to be the Beast, just that he might be unable to control himself. Does his residual
bestiality only surface in his dreams, or has his drug abuse liberated a barely controlled inner daemon?

Profile notes: Wolf's profile, notably his very low Cl, is affected by his previous exposure to Chaos and warpstone during
his time with Cicatrice's Chaos retinue.

Wolf, later profile after the chaos wastes
age: 29 years

M WS BS S T          W I      A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 45 37 4 5          9 39     1 35 31 40 15 22 31

Skills: Consume alcohol, Etiquette, Heraldry, Immunity to Disease & Poison, Orientation, Read/Write, Ride - Horse, Secret
Language - Classical, Silent move - Rural & Urban, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Very Resilent.

Trappings: Good quality clothing, Dagger (+10 I, -2 D, -20 P), Pouch with 2d6 gc, 3d6 ss, 1d6 sticks of weirdroot (same as
stardust (See Warhammer city) except that insanity points are not gained. Rather Cl are lost at 1 per 10 doses, when Cl
reaches 0 the character becomes incurable insane, roll insanity.)

Special Rules: Rules for drug use can be found in Warhammer City. Weirdroot can be given the same profile as Stardust,
except that insanity points are not gained. Rather, Cl points are lost at the rate of 1 per 10 doses of Weirdroot consumed;
when Cl becomes zero, the character becomes incurably insane (as usual, roll an insanity randomly - see the WFRP

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