Using TASC in ICT at Key Stage One by HC121106051917


									Using TASC in Information and Communication Technology at Key Stage One

Curriculum area: Information and Communication Technology                                           Cross curricular/PSHE links:
Learning intention:                                                                                 Numeracy
To create instructions recorded in a common format for replication and amendment.                   Science
To follow instructions to test predictions.                                                         Physical Education

Gather/organise: What do I already know about                                                       Vocabulary:
this?                                                                                               control, programme, instructions, on,
                                                                                                    off, forward, back, turn, go, clear
Complete a mind map showing what the children                                                       memory, predict, sequence
know about controlling a programmable toy.

                                                                                                    by outcome

                                                                                                    adult and peer support

                                                                                                    pixie or programmable toy, planets,
                                                                                                    bean bags, white boards and pens,

                                                                                                    Key Assessment:
                                                                                                    I know how to make predictions.
                                                                                                    I know how to write instructions.
Identify: What is the task?
                                                                                                    I know the changes that I need to
In groups, create a vehicle or structure to carry an object. Predict and program instructions.
                                                                                                    make to my instructions.
Generate: How many ideas can I think of?
In groups, discuss ideas. Begin to collect materials and explore their properties.
                                                                                                    Focused observations:
                                          Decide: Which is the best idea?
                                          Which design is the best? Which materials should we
                                          use? How are we going to fix and join the materials?

                                          Implement: Let’s do it!
                                          Discuss, evaluate and modify design.
                                          Predict, record and refine instructions.

                                          Let’s Tell
                                          Each group to
                                          share their
                                          designs and
                                          remote control toy.

                                          Evaluate: How well did I do?
                                          Group evaluation. How well did the vehicle or structure
                                          meet the criteria? Did the programmable toy reach the
                                          destination? Were the predictions and instructions

Learn from experience: What have I learned?
How did we work together? What do I know about different materials? Did I choose the best
materials? What do I know about programming a remote control toy? How did I change or
improve my instructions?

Notes/Implications for future planning:

Schools Advisory Service
September 2005

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