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lhealthy commotion memo

Name: lhealthy commotion memo

Author:        Yvonne Milley



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<center><b><font color="#000099"><font size=+2>Living Healthy Commotion
<b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1></font></font></b>
<p><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1>Memo To: Parents/Guardians of
St. Anne’s Academy Students</font></font></b><b><font color="#2529CB"><font
<p><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1>Memo From: Bill Greene, Physical
Education Teacher</font></font></b><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1></font></font></b>
<p><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1>Memo Date:&nbsp; September 27th,
2006</font></font></b><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1></font></font></b>
<p><b><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+1>Re: Info. Regarding “Living Healthy
Commotion Day” - Friday, September 29th</font></font></b><b><font color="#2529CB"><font
<p><img SRC="bar81.gif" height=9 width=720>
<p><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+2>This Friday, September 29th, has
been designated “Living Healthy Commotion” day for all interested schools
in the provinces. This is a joint project between the Department of Education
&amp; the Department of Health and Community Services to promote positive
health messages related to nutrition, active living, and a smoke-free environment.
We’ve registered our school as participants in this venture.</font></font><font color="#2529CB"><font
<p><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+2>Staff and students from Kindergarten
– Grade 9 have been busily preparing for what promises to be a fun-filled
and action-packed day. This cross-curricular venture will indeed create
a commotion that educates our children to adopt a life style in which they
eat healthy, get active, and live smoke-free. Nutritious snacks will be
served by our dedicated cafeteria staff, educational messages will be delivered
during P. A. announcements, and the students will be involved in a variety
of school based events celebrating achievements in wellness.</font></font><font color="#2529CB"><font
<p><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+2>The highlight of the day will be
our participation in the 2nd annual Terry Fox National School Walk during
the afternoon. It is our sincere hope that the entire event package of
activities will inspire all concerned to consistently make wise choices
that will ensure continued health.</font></font><font color="#2529CB"><font size=+2></font></font>
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