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 Properties & Changes HW 10pts                        Due Date_________________ Pd ____

RESOURCES AVAILABLE (PowerPoint, HandOuts, Internet links, etc.)

1) When we make observations in chemistry class, we describe certain physical properties of
objects or chemicals. List 8 different kinds of physical properties:

       1.                                     2.

       3.                                     4.

       5.                                     6.

       7.                                     8.

2) List four chemical properties:

       1.                                     2.

       3.                                     4.

3) What is a physical change?

4) What is a chemical change?

5) What are the types of “evidence” to know a chemical change took place?

6) Summarize: what is the difference between a chemical change and a physical change?
7) To the left of each sentence, identify each of the following as a physical (put a P) or a
chemical change (C). Then, explain why each is a chemical or physical change underneath.

          a. You leave your bicycle out in the rain and it rusts.

          b. A sugar cube dissolves in water.

          c. Pure potassium is normally stored in oil. When the oil is removed, a flame is
             produced because the potassium can now react with oxygen in the air.

          d. Scientists break up water (called hydrolysis) up by separating it into O 2 and H2

          e. You are cleaning your bathroom and you accidentally mix bleach and ammonia,
             which produces a toxic gas, and makes you pass out.

          f. Trimming a plant because it has grown too high.

          g. Hydrogen peroxide is poured on some liver and the liver begins to break down.

          h. Write your own example here and identify it as a chemical or physical change,
             and explain:

8) Identify each statement as being true (T) or false (F) to the left of the sentence.

             a. A change in size or shape is a physical change.

             b. A chemical change means a new substance with new properties was formed

             c. An example of a chemical change is when water freezes.

             d. When magnesium is burned, white powder and smoke forms – therefore a
                physical AND chemical change happened.

             e. Write your own True or False question below and answer it yourself.

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