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					                                                                              Ryan Mishler

         A major earthquake struck the East Coast on Tuesday August 24. It damaged the
Washington Monument and put a crack through it. Steve Jobs resigned from being CEO
of Apple. Also, the journalists being held captive by Moammar Gadhafi were released
from the hotel they were being held in. The flag found across from the world trade center
is being taken across each of the fifty states and people are sewing parts of their flags
onto it.

        A Squirrel in Ohio was taking flags from a police memorial. Later, a cop noticed
the squirrels nest made out of two flags and twigs. A school district in Pennsylvania
released the ban of skinny jeans. The school thought that the clothing was suggestive, but
realized clothing can be tight and not suggestive. Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple
CEO. Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple headquarters.

                                           CNN News2

        Wildfires are breaking out in Texas. There are dry conditions and it is very hot.
They are dropping water on the fires but it isn’t helping much. Things in Libya aren’t
getting better. There is still fighting and people are getting killed. The World Trade
Center’s artifacts are being put in a museum.

                                   Tween News 2
        A McDonalds in New York posted calories. A penguin got released and it was
really cute. A woman wins a competition by eating 183 chicken wings in 12 minutes.
That’s amazing!!!
                                                                                          Mishler 2
                                           CNN News3

       The Wildfires are still burning in Texas. But, in Maryland, there is flooding from
the Hurricane that hit the West Coast. 9/11 memorial is coming up. It is sad to see all of it
again. Obama has created a new job plan.

                                        Tween Tribune 3

        Studies show that Spongebob can be bad for kids. They say it can make kids have
a hard time concentrating. An orangutan was seen smoking cigarettes. There was a huge blue
whale spotted off the coast of New England.

                                        CNN News 4
        Floods have killed many people. They died.

                                      Tween Tribune 4

Lake County schools officials say that the cheerleader’s skirts are too short and
not appropriate for school dress code. They now have to have pants over their
shorts during school. Olive Garden and the Red Lobster and four other popular
restaurants are replacing sodas with milk. They are trying to cut back calorie
intake. There was a fireball that streaked across the sky. People from Vegas to
Phoenix saw the fireball.

                              CNN News 5
Facebook is making more changes. The stock Market is continuing to
Drop. The Market dropped by 400 points today. The economy is pretty bad.

                                      Tween Tribune 5

At the Phoenix Zoo, a back trail houses 31 black-footed ferrets. There used to not be any of the
species at all in that entire area. Twin red pandas were born at the National Zoo in Washington.
Josh Ripley stopped his race to pick up a younger runner who was run over by another runner.

                                           CNN News 6

Obama made a back to school speech for students at a High School. Juniors and seniors at High
school gave advice to stay focused. Start looking for a College your freshman year. Students from
Long Island cheated on the SATs. They paid someone to so the work for them. A treasure was
found undersea. A steamer was found by a high-tech robot. There is a lot of silver left on the boat.
The United States is trying to recover it.

                                  Tween Tribune 6
Millions of ants invade a camper in Texas. If you stand in the yard, the ants cover
your shoes. If an ant dies, it sends a chemical smell for the colony to attack. Frank
                                                                       Mishler 3
and Louie the cat was born with three eyes, two mouths, and two noses. The cat is
twelve years old and thriving.

                                  CNN News 7
        Steve Jobs died on Wednesday. This is very sad. Steve Jobs made a lot of
products in his years of CEO of Apple. He died of Pancreatic Cancer on October
fifth, twenty-eleven. Twelve baby pandas were born as well, on a happier note.

                                 Tween Tribune 7
Apple says that the list of orders for the IPhone 4S are breaking a record. It
topped 1 million pre orders. That is a lot more compared to the Iphone4. A
hardware store is providing protection against zombies. Yeah, zombies…

                                 CNN News 8
A two headed snake was found. They say it wont live very long because it has two
heads. Miners got stuck deep down in a mine with hardly any food or water.
They finally got found and helped.

                                Tween Tribune 8
       Two Zebras had escaped from a zoo and returned. The baby zebra broke
through the electrical fencing and the mother followed him. They were clearly not
hurt by the fence. It was the baby’s first day at the zoo. The baby walked back 40
minutes later, and the mother was led back to the zoo and the zoo reopened.
Spike TV’s annual scream awards featured famous villains such as Darth Vader
and heroes such as Harry Potter.

                                  CNN News 9
       Today on CNN News, they talked about how Gadhafi, the ruler of Libya,
was killed. There were celebrations in Libya about it. Also, they talked about how
teen drivers have the most car crashes. Also a baby bear wandered into a grocery
store and they took it to a zoo.

                                  Tween Tribune
        Are bible studies worth it? Ga says no. They cost too much. Kentucky
transportation officials are offering a bridge to any taker who will preserve it. This would be cool
to own your own bridge. I would make people pay to cross it maybe. (:

      There is a bigger debt crisis in Europe now. Women in Yemen are revolting
and burning their veils.

                                  Tween Tribune
      A half blind girl is running in cross country. She has nothing wrong with
her health, except that she is blind.
                                                                          Mishler 4
                                    CNN News

        There is a big debt crisis in Europe now. Also, Asia has a space program
and they are going to launch something new. Veteran’s Day is also coming up. It
is a holiday on that day because it was the day that World War One ended. It is a
day to remember anyone that has ever served in the military. And a high school
student in a wheelchair got to play in the last play of the football game.

                                    Tween Tribune
        The white house says that extra terrestrial beings don’t exist. The White
house has a website where you can put something up and they have to respond to
it if enough people petition it. A man rescued a flamingo and put it in his bathtub.
He was a nice man.

                                  CNN News
       China makes fireworks. They invented them. There is a man who was born
with no arms and no legs. He wrestled and played football. He was an
inspiration to many people.

                                 Tween Tribune
       A cat climbed up on a cactus to escape a predator. A hiker saw him and
soon there were cameras and reporters out there filming it. Soon, it climbed
down and ran away. The cat probably had some sore paws afterward. The blanket
featured in the comic strip “Peanuts” is in the National Toy Museum. It is there
along with the dollhouse and Hot Wheels. A tire was removed from the head of a

       Afghanistan conditions are getting better. There are northern lights above
the northern half of the world. There are polar bears being endangered now
because the ice caps are melting. The NBA might be cancelled again due to
another lockout.

                                  Tween Tribune
       A Central California high school was shut down after five rattlesnakes were
spotted in the school. The high school was closed sown for two days. The
rattlesnakes are venomous and their bites lethal.
                                                                         Mishler 5
An endangered baby gorilla was born in a Chicago zoo. Officials say that the baby
girl gorilla was born on Thursday. She was the first Western lowland Gorilla born
since 2005.

                                    CNN News
        Santa Ana winds are hot, dry, and very strong. It was very windy here. A
high school is having a cheerleading squad for mentally challenged kids. Also, a
fire alarm went off at CNN for a long time. It interrupted the news cast for 23

                                  Tween Tribune
        A High School student won $100,000. She researched a tiny particle she
calls the Swiss army knife of cancer. She is very smart and deserves the prize. A
couple from Petaluma bought a house in Utah that was made to look like the
house in Up. It is a very popular movie and a nice looking house.

                                     CNN News
       Today on CNN news they explained how military troops from Iraq are
coming home. Some of the troops are staying in the nearby country as well. Also,
people were rioting the vote that happened in Russia. Also, today a long time
ago, World War two started. The debt crisis in Europe is affecting other countries.
A teacher is giving students extra credit if they go a week with no technology.

                               Tween Tribune
Today is the last day of tween tribune. A lady gave 13 million dollars to her cat. She was
a ninety-four year old widow. A cat was born with twenty-six toes. Cats normally have
eighteen toes. This was very strange. He has two extra toes on each paw.

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