Vilene Vlieseline Interior Decoration by liaoqinmei


									Vilene® / Vlieseline® Interior Decoration
Vilene® / Vlieseline® Brandname Interlinings –
genuine only with the Trademarks

      Pelmets and Home Decoration fast and easy with the
      Vilene® / Vlieseline® Interior Decoration Range

      ❑ The ideal interlining for every application
      ❑ Can be fused with a power steam iron,
        a fusing press or a domestic hand iron and damp cloth
      ❑ Very easy to sew
      ❑ Smooth, textile appearance
      ❑ Excellent shape retention
      ❑ Washable and dry cleanable
      ❑ Creative home decoration
Inconspicuous but indispensable:
Vilene® / Vlieseline® Interlinings
General Instructions for Use:                    Fusing Instructions:

Before starting applicating, iron the fabric     If you are operating with a power steam iron,
completely with steam, to anticipate any         slide the iron slowly over each part of the in-
shrinkage. The interlining should be fused       terlining 5 to 6 times, applying pressure and
after the fabric is completely dry.              sporadic steam spurts, so the heat is applied
                                                 to each area for about 15 seconds.
The following interlinings are recom-                          Iron setting: approx. 160° C
mended for pelmets:                                            ( – )
For softer pelmets                                             Important:
Vilene / Vlieseline S 320,                                     If you are using a teflon sole, the
for firm pelmets                                               temperature has to be increased
Vilene / Vlieseline S 520,                                     by approx. 30°C.
for stable pelmets                               After fusing, allow the parts to cool down ly-
Vilene / Vlieseline S 133                        ing flat for about 30 minutes, so that the bond
and for voluminous pelmets                       can stabilize.
Vilene / Vlieseline H 630.
                                                         When using a domestic hand iron,
The firm interlining is cut to shape
                                         2               we recommend the wool/cotton set-
first and always ironed on to the                        ting; use a damp cloth and press the
front of the pelmet. The rear                            iron firmly for about 15 seconds each
remains unfused. Exception:                              time, covering the entire area.
Vilene / Vlieseline S 133 is ironed on
from the fabric side.                            How to use S 520 and S 133
                                                 (Firm Interlinings)
In case of the soft interlinings,
S 320 and H 630, the front        3              1. Fuse the cut-to-shape interlining in accor-
and rear sides are fused.                        dance with the instructions. Place the front
The shape of the pelmet is                       and back parts in position, right sides facing,
drawn on the interlining,                        and sew at a distance of 1 to 2 mm from the
after the parts are sewn                         interlining. Important: do not close the side
together in accordance with                      seams.
the shape concerned.                             Trim the seam allowances to approx. 7 mm.
                                                 2. Turn the pelmet right side out and iron it
We recommend an                                  along the seam, pulling the front about 1 mm
ironing sample before                            backwards to the rear.
fusing, fabric surface                           3. Iron the side seams together, turning the
and bond should        4                         seam allowances in and anchoring with a
meet your expec-                                 strip of Bondaweb / Vliesofix.
tations.                                         4. Fix the top back edge of the fabric by iro-
                                                 ning on a strip of Bondaweb / Vliesofix, then fix
                                                 the turned-in edge of the front part to the back
                                                 by ironing on another strip of Bondaweb / Vliesofix.
                                                 Finally, attach Velcro tape to the top back edge.
                                                 We recommend backstitching the Velcro tape to
                                                 the top edge of the pelmet from the right side
                                                 close to the edge.
How to use S 320 and
H 630:

5. For the soft version, iron the inter-                                   When working with velvet or
lining or the volume fleece on the                                         chenille, a similar type of
fabric first.                              5                               fabric or a needle cloth should
Draw the required shape and sew                                            be placed underneath when
the back and front parts together,                                         ironing to protect the pile. With
before proceeding as described                                             these fabrics, the iron should
above.                                                                     glide so no imprint is formed.
6. Shaped or bias-cut parts are more                                       Ironing time must be increased
accurate when Vilene / Vlieseline                                          accordingly.
Seam tape or Bias tape is ironed
on beforehand. After these edges
can be processed.                                                        Cleaning the Pelmet
                                                                         Depending on the outer fabric,
Frotté, foil- or heat-sensitive fabrics                                  pelmets made with Vilene / Vliese-
changing colour by ironing can-                                          line interlinings are either cleaned
not be fused. For these fabrics,                                         or washed flat-laid.
we recommend the sew-in interli-                                         Pelmets with the soft Vilene / Vlie-
nings Vilene / Vlieseline S 80 /                                         seline interlinings can be cleaned
239 / 240 and S 105.                                                     or washed in a laundry sack in
Here, the fabric is turned right-                                        the delicate washing program,
side out in the desired shape, and                                                           depending on
the interlining is inserted loosely.                                                         the outer fabric.

of Bondaweb / Vliesofix                               as Tape
Bondaweb / Vliesofix is an adhesive film              Net curtains and decorative curtains
coated on a backing paper. Bondaweb / Vliesofix       • for prefusing of the side seam edges, so as to
can be used to bond fabrics together … without          avoid bias draft sewing
needle and thread.
Appliqués with Bondaweb / Vliesofix can be fused      Roller blind drawstrings, edgings and sa-
on pelmets, curtains, tiebacks, roller blinds, etc.   tin ribbons*
                                                      • Fuse tapes from the rear for further easier pro-
Bondaweb / Vliesofix is available in widths of          cessing (= prefusing).
90 and 45 cm, and in reels from a width of 6 mm
                                                      * We recommend, re-sewing the parts fused with
                                                        Bondaweb / Vliesofix
Vilene® /Vlieseline®

Vilene® / Vlieseline® CS 500
Vilene / Vlieseline CS 500 is a spunbond
available in different colours that can be
used for various creative applications, e.g.
in homes, for lampshades, curtains, for
tapes and loops, in theatres.

Depending on the applications, CS 500
can be sewn, inserted, or used as a fabric.

CS 500 is available in white, black and
intensive colours.

Vilene® / Vlieseline® CS 500 Crash
The spunbond CS 500 is also available in
a crash optic. It is ideal for a wide variety
of applications, like lampshades, for cur-
tains and home decoration.

CS 500 Crash is available in white and in
future in other colours as well.
Vilene® / Vlieseline® CS 800
Vlieseline CS 800 is a heavy, sewable spunbond that is highly
compact, extremely tear-resistant and exceptionally versatile for
use in interior decoration. It is absolutely stable, does not fray out
and is also ideal for children to paint on. Appliqués on
CS 800 with Bondaweb / Vliesofix are also possible.

Sliding / Panel Curtains
CS 800 is a heavier and denser version of our CS 500 material that can be used for sliding curtains/
panel systems as well as for partitions. Vilene / Vlieseline CS 800 can be individually dyed and designed
and dyed in many different colours.

Curtain Tape / Interlining (e.g. Pinch-Pleat)
When pleats are sewn into a window decoration, this is called pinch-pleat draperies. It is a sophisticated
finish for the upper edge of curtains that is characterized by the very precise arrangement of the pleats.
First a rigid band (CS 800) is sewn onto the upper edge of the window decoration. The fabric is folded
where the pleat is to be and sewn together with a special hook. This fixes
the head of the pleat firmly in place, i.e. contrary to other pleats which are
gathered by pulling a band and can slide out of place. The hook that is
sewn in can be used to attach the decoration to a rail. It is usually inserted
in a glider in the curtain track. The curtains can also be decorated on stylish
poles. Curtains attain an elegant and attratctive optic with pinch-pleats.

Upholstery Work / Upholstered Furniture
Vilene / Vlieseline CS 800, with its extremely high tear-resistance, can be used as a cover material for
upholstered furniture and mattresses to prevent the upholstery material from being worn and extending
their lifetimes.
CS 800 is available in white.

Vilene® / Vlieseline® Lamifix and
Lamifix matt
Vilene / Vlieseline Lamifix and Lamifix matt are new trans-
parent and washable ironing foils fusible with a hand iron.

Vilene / Vlieseline Lamifix and Lamifix matt are ideal for
additional processing to make place mats, in toilet bags, for
bags, fabric and bread bowls and for handicrafts, etc. to
protect the fabrics or materials involved from staining.
Lamifix and Lamifix matt can be wiped with a wet cloth
when needed; do not wash!
Vilene® Solufleece / Vlieseline® Soluvlies
– Water-Soluble Backing Material
for all Machine Embroideries and new creative Techniques
Solufleece / Soluvlies has very good stabi-             Freestanding laces can also be embroidered
lizing properties and can be washed out in              directly onto Solufleece / Soluvlies
cold and warm water without leaving any                 without any fabric.

Solufleece / Soluvlies is ideal for machine
embroideries on very fine and transparent

                                          Solufleece / Soluvlies is also an ideal backing
                                          material for appliqués and inserted motifs on
                                          fine fabrics.

Solufleece / Soluvlies enables a wide range of home decorations: e.g. plaids, wall hangings
and collages in so called “thread technique” (Crazy wool).
Vilene® / Vlieseline® Interlinings and Sewing Aids
for Interior Decorating and Design
Article/Colour/Width   Application                                              Fabrics                      Processing/Care
S 80/239 30 cm         Sew-in pelmet interlining for fabrics with limited       Frottee, brocade
S 80     45 cm         fusibility or which cannnot be fused at all
S 80/240 90 cm

S 105         90 cm    Sew-in pelmet interlining for fabrics with limited       Frottee, brocade
                       fusibilty or which cannot be fused at all
S 320         30 cm    Soft pelmet interlining for tiebacks and facings on      For almost all fabrics       Power steam iron
              45 cm    roller blinds                                                                         160°C (without teflon shoe),
              90 cm                                                                                          wool/cotton, glide iron over each
                                                                                                             area 5-6 times. Heat must be ap-
                                                                                                             plied for about 15 sec. to each
S 520         30 cm    Firm pelmet interlining for wide pelmets and             For almost all fabrics       area
              45 cm    individual designs
              90 cm                                                                                          Fusing Press
                                                                                                             140°C, pressure 200-350 mbar
                                                                                                             Time: 12-15 sec.
                                                                                                             Domestic hand iron
                                                                                                             Wool/cotton, press on firmly    15 sec.
                                                                                                             step by step using a damp cloth
S 133         30 cm    Very firm heavy compressed interlining for wide          For almost all fabrics       Press on firmly step by step      –
              45 cm    pelmets and individual designs                                                        using a damp cloth, as an ex-
              90 cm                                                                                          ception iron on from the outer 15 sec.
                                                                                                             Flat-laid handwash
H 180/308              Especially soft fusible interlining for an easier further For soft, flowing fabrics   Fusing press
H 180/309              processing, e.g. for ties and facings made of delicate such as silk, viscose,         130°C, pressure 200-350 mbar,
              90 cm    fabrics                                                   microfibre etc.             Time: 8-10 sec.
                                                                                                             Domestic hand iron
                                                                                                             Iron on dry, glide iron over
                                                                                                             each area 5 – 6 times. Heat      –
                                                                                                             must be applied for about 8   8 sec.
                                                                                                             sec. to each area.
H 200         90 cm    Lightweight interlining with some more stability as      For lightweight fabrics  Processing as H 180,
                       H 180, e.g. for ties and facings etc.                    such as cotton and poly- but set iron to wool                8 sec.
H 310         90 cm    Soft iron-on interlining for tiebacks, also useable      For almost all fabrics,      Power steam iron / Fusing press
                       for facings on roller blinds                             e.g. cotton, synthetics      See H 630 / H 640
                                                                                and velvet
                                                                                                             Domestic hand iron
                                                                                                             Press on firmly step by step
                                                                                                             using a damp cloth              10 sec.

H 630         90 cm    Iron-on volume fleece for soft pelmets and volumi-       Lightweight to such as       Power steam iron
                       nous tiebacks as well as for topstitch work, patch-      cotton and synthetics        160°C (without teflon shoe),
                       work, quilting and warm clothing                                                      wool/cotton, glide iron over each
                                                                                                             area 5-6 times. Heat must be
                                                                                                             applied for about 15 sec. to
H 640         90 cm    Soft, thicker iron-on volume fleece for high-relief      Lightweight to medium-       each area
                       and voluminous ties and facings as well as for top-      weight fabrics such as       Fusing press
                       stitch work and quilting                                 cotton and synthetics        140°C, pressure 200-350 mbar,
                                                                                                             Time: 12-15 sec.
                                                                                                             Domestic hand iron                –
                                                                                                             Press on firmly step by step    10 sec.
                                                                                                             using a damp cloth
HH 650 150 cm Double-sided fusible high loft volume fleece, bonds               Lightweight to medium-       Press on firmly step by step        –
                       two fabrics together in one operation                    weight fabrics               using a damp cloth              15 sec.

280          90 cm     High loft volume fleece for plaited tiebacks, relief     For all fabrics
281         150 cm     effect facings and decorations, bedspreads, wall
                       hangings, cushions etc.

295         150 cm     Very high loft volume fleece for bedspreads, wall        For all fabrics
                       hangings, cushions etc.
Vilene® / Vlieseline® Interlinings and Sewing Aids
for Interior Decorating and Design
Article/Colour/Width     Application                                            Fabrics                     Processing/Care
G 700            90 cm Fusible woven interlining for tiebacks and facings       For almost all fabrics      Use steam iron; glide iron
                       on roller blinds                                                                     slowly over each area 6 times     12 sec.
                                                                                                            applying steam and pressure

G 785            90 cm Soft, lightweight and bi-elastic woven for ties and      Delicate, flowing fabrics   Iron on dry; first slightly fuse   –
                       facings etc.                                             such as silk, viscose,      the cut interlining in some      8 sec.
                                                                                acetate and cupro; also     places to prevent distortion,
                                                                                suitable for elastic and    then iron on step by step
                                                                                transparent fabrics

Bondaweb® 45 cm Both side adhesive ; ideal to bond two fabrics to-              Almost all fabrics, felt,   Domestic hand iron
Vliesofix® 90 cm gether                                                         raffia, cardboard, wood,
                                                                                and also leather at low
                                                                                                            1st step: Set iron to wool, iron on
                                                                                                            dry, glide iron slowly for 3-4 sec.
Wonder Under®                                                                   temperatures                let it cool down.
                                                                                                            2nd step: Press on firmly step
Bondaweb®                As before; cut in tapes in 6, 10, und 25 mm*           See before                  by step using a damp cloth           –
Vliesofix®               *other widths on request                                                                                              10 sec.
Wonder Under®
T6, T10, T25
Bias Tape                Bias-cut tape fort the securing of bias-cut or round   For all fabrics             Domestic hand iron
                         edges                                                                              Iron on dry, press down firmly
                12 mm                                                                                       and slowly approx. 8 sec. each 8 sec.
Seam Tape             Iron-on tape for shape retention on bias cut              For all fabrics
                      parts;for curvatures cut in the tape on one side at
                10 mm intervals of 1-2 cm and iron-on according to the
Solufleece      Cold water soluble embroidery backer for all ma-                For almost all fabrics      Wash out in cold water -
Soluvlies 90 cm chine embroideries, new creative craft works                                                do not tear off !
                                                                                                            Iron without steam!
Soluweb®                 1. Water soluble embroidery stabilizer                 1. Looped fabrics, e.g.     1. Tear off / also cold or
                 38 cm                                                             towelling                   warm water soluble
                         2. Temporariliy fusible sewing aid (wash out)          2. All ironable fabrics     2. Iron with steam or use a
                                                                                                               damp cloth                           –
                                                                                                               Water soluble                      5 sec.
314 Stitch-n-          Suitable as backing for embroideries and appli-          For all fabrics             Tear off
Tear                   qués; for transferring and making topstitch work
                 90 cm and patchwork
Lamifix          45 cm Transparent, glossy, fusible, wet cleanable foil;        For almost all fabrics      Iron on dry on the glossy side
                       for place mats, fabric bowls, toilet bags, bags as                                   First fuse smoothly, then press on
                       well as for textile craftworks                                                       firmly step by step for 5 sec.     –
                                                                                                            Do not wash !

Lamifix matt           Transparent, matt, fusible, wet cleanable foil; for                                  Iron on dry on the printed
                       place mats, fabric bowls, toilet bags, bags as well                                  side, cover with a dry cloth, first
                 45 cm as for textile craftworks                                                            fuse smoothly, then press on
                                                                                                            firmly step by step for 8 sec           –
                                                                                                            Do not wash !

CS 500           80 cm A coloured spunbond for different kinds of creative
white / colours +      applications, e.g. for creative patchwork, in living
special finishings     quarters, for interior design, curtains, lamp shades,
                       in theatres, as gift wrappings, for floristry,
                       tapes / ties etc.

CS 500 Crash           CS 500 in crash optic for different kinds of creative                                Do not iron !
white/colours    70 cm applications, e.g in living quarters, curtains, etc.
                140 cm

CS 800           80 cm A strong spunbond for curtains, home design and
                107 cm other creative works

  Before you start processing the interlining, we recommend making an ironing sample to check the
  handle and the bond. After ironing, lay the fused parts flat and allow to cool for 20 to 30 minutes.
  You will find more detailed processing instructions for our products on the blue edge print and in the special information

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