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Replace the underlined verb with the appropriate phrasal verb.

1) They phoned me at five and then they phoned me again at seven.
2) Your tires need to be filled with air.
3) You must return this book in fifteen days.
4) The film will come to an end by 11.
5) When will the unemployment figures be published?
6) When did the bomb explode?
7) What I really want now is to be at home and do nothing.
8) What has caused the accident?
9) We met by chance a couple of weeks ago.
10) When is “Men in black” shown?
11) Tom was raised by his grandparents after his parents passed away.
12) Those clothes are not fashionable any longer.
13) Why is the switch disconnected?
14) The war started at the beginning of last century.
15) The moped collided with a lorry and the driver passed away.
16) The fire was extinguished by midnight.
17) I can not perform miracles.
18) I need to phone the airport to make some enquiries about our flight to New York.
19) They demolished the Wall in Germany more than fifteen years ago.
20) The film has come to an end.
21) Mobile phones were not fashionable ten years ago.
22) Stop talking and continue with your work.
23) If any vacancy becomes available, I´ll let you know.
24) She hardly ever cancels any meetings.
25) Prices often rise but rarely fall.
26) Pork chops are offered in the refectory today.
27) My car stopped working in the middle of the road.
28) May I enter, please?
29) ´Stop arguing´, Sara interrupted us.
30) I wont be at home this evening.
31) How much money do you need to withdraw?
32) I need to return home before midnight.
33) I have had a tooth extracted.
34) I am not normally in bed after seven a.m.

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