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									Composing Questions
Goals for Effective Survey Questions
   Focused

   Concise

   Clear
Source of Bias and Error
   Instrumentation
       The way the questions are written, asked, or
        set up

   Response Bias
       The way the respondent chooses to answer the
        question(s) asked
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Basic ‘core’ vocabulary should be used
   Avoid jargon, technical language, abbreviation

       Are you cognizant of the variables influencing your


       What variables influenced your decision?
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Stay in an “active” versus passive voice

   Avoid ‘leading’ questions
       Don’t you believe SUVs are good for off-road
        driving? vs.
       Do you believe SUVs are good vehicles for off-
        road driving?
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Avoid double barreled questions
       What do you think about the image and
        advertising for the Pontiac Aztek?

   Avoid ambiguity, be specific as necessary
       How would you categorize your public
        television usage?
            Sometimes, often, regular, irregular, infrequent
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Avoid making assumptions about the
    respondent’s state of mind

       Explain what you like about PBS…
       What, if anything, do you like about PBS?
Ways to Avoid Bias

    Loaded questions
        Increases the possibility for responses that
         makes self look more socially desirable

    Loaded questions can also generate
        Acquiescence
        Yea-/Nay saying
        Threat defense responses
        Hostility responses
        Extremity responses
Ways to Avoid Bias

   Loaded words (over-dramatized,
    inflammatory language)

       To what extent do you believe global warming
        affects the planet’s environment?


       To what extent do you believe climate change
        affects the planet’s environment?
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Burdensome Questions (overtaxing to the

       How often have you gone to a sporting event
        since the last Olympic Games?

       How often did you watch sports on ESPN last
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Avoid negatively phased questions
       Do you agree that it is not the job of the
        government to make decisions about social


       To what extent do you agree or disagree with
        the idea that the government should make
        decisions about social security?
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Order bias
       Responses influenced by the order of question

     Funnel questions - Asking brand specific
      questions before general questions
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Filter [or qualifying] questions
       Maximizes the chance of asking appropriate
        questions for the respondent in question

            Which Bank of America location has the best
             customer service?


            Are you familiar with Bank of America’s customer
Ways to Avoid Bias
   Alternatives should be exhaustive

   Options should avoid response bias

   Response alternatives should be
    appropriate [typical] for the behavior,
    attitude in question

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