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									                                     SUMMER CAMP 2011

               Five Days of Gymnastics , Trampolining and Acrobatics

The Summer Gymnastics Camp is a great fun way to enjoy a range of
gymnastics disciplines. All levels will be accommodated from beginners to
more advanced.
The course is available to children aged 5 – 15 years old.
All gymnasts will take part in trampolining, gymnastics, air tumble track ,
double mini tramp and girls will also do rhythmic gymnastics and dance.

The course runs from 10am – 3 pm Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd August

Gymnasts will be able to attend full week or individual days
Course fees (non refundable)
£25 per day or £100 for the week.
All children must be registered members of Gymfinity Gymnastics and the British Gymnastics

How to attend.
The course has a limited number-to guarantee a place, ask for a course
application form, complete and return it with the appropriate fees as soon as

The camp will be staffed by qualified gymnastics coaches.
All attending children will need a packed lunch and plenty to drink!!
Complete and return the form below.

Childs name _________________________ Date of birth _____________

Gymfinity member: (please circle class your child comes to)

Yorston Lodge Friday 5.15                Sat 9am             Sat 10am             Saturday 11am                  Squad

Monday                   Tuesday                  Wednesday                Thursday              Friday

Week (Mon –Fri)

I enclose cash / cheque (should be made payable to Gymfinity Gymnastics) of the relevant

£100 per day or £25 per day x the number of days.


Email ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact on Course__________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Number____________________________________________________

Please give any medical concerns we should be aware of

Parent/Guardian Waiver and Release:
I fully understand that Egeton Youth Centre workers / Gymnastics staff members are not doctors or medical practitioners of
any kind. With the above in mind, I hereby release staff to render temporary first aid to my child in the event of any injury or
illness, and if deemed necessary by the staff to seek medical help and/or call an ambulance. You agree that you are aware
that your son/daughter will be engaging in physical exercise involving gymnastics and trampolining which could cause
injury to them. The risk of harm may be limited by all of the safety equipment and trained coaches, but never eliminated.
You agree that your son/daughter is voluntarily participating in these activities and is assuming all risks of injury that might
result. You hereby agree to waive any claims or rights that you might incur as a result of these activities. Gymnastics Staff
will make no evaluation or recommendation whether your son/daughter is physically fit for any physical activity. If your
son/daughter has any physical condition that may impair his/her ability to engage in the activities, it is your responsibility to
obtain a doctors statement describing any limitations to participate in this program.

Signed________________________(Parent / Guardian) Date___________________________

Photo Waiver:
I give Gymfinity Gymnastics . permission to use my and or my children’s photographs on print and or video for promotion /
marketing purposes only.

Signed___________________(Parent/ Guardian) Date________________________________

Postal forms should be returned to Ruth Chapman 221 Vulcan Mill, Malta Street, Manchester, M4 7BH

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