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					       To Parent/Carer

       During the course of your son/daughter’s enrolment at Swallow Hill Community College there may
       be times when the college wish to celebrate your child’s achievements by publishing images or
       copies of work in conjunction with articles on the school’s global website or in other public media.

       Due to the inherent dangers of publishing personally identifiable material on global communication
       systems, such as the internet, all schools are required to gain written consent from a student’s
       parent or carer. Personally identifiable information includes details such as:


       E-mail address

       Residential address

       Location (times of classes/school trips)

       As well as a student’s image (either photograph or video)

       In order to limit the risk of publishing the student’s details the college will endeavour to publish only
       the student’s first name when in conjunction with the students image or other identifiable

       Additionally as students (regardless of age) own the copy write to any work they produce the school
       requires consent from students in order to publish their work in any medium/format.

       Please can you complete the form on the second page to show your agreement or refusal to allow
       the school to publish information about your child? There is also a section to be completed by your
       son/daughter in order to show their agreement/refusal to allow the school to publish their work.

       Please return the completed form to student reception.

       If you have any questions regarding this agreement please contact the schools’ main office,
       additionally if you would like to change this agreement at a later date you should send a letter
       addressed to the Principal stating your change.

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