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					Letter of Reference for the Student Affiliate Program
Application Deadline (please check one):               November 1, 2012             April 5, 2013           June 3, 2013

The applicant noted in the box below is applying to participate in the East-West Center’s Student Affiliate Program and has asked that
you provide a letter of reference. We appreciate your time and effort in supplying this additional background information. This letter of
reference will be considered as part of the application for the competitive Student Affiliate Program. The East-West Center Student Affiliate
Program provides graduate students at the University of Hawai‘i the opportunity to participate in the Center’s educational and cultural
programs and leadership development activities, and to live in the Center’s international graduate residence hall.

The East-West Center strengthens understanding and relations between the peoples of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through
cooperative study, training, and research. The East-West Center is not a degree granting institution, but works in partnership with the
University of Hawai‘i to enrich the graduate student experience.

Please respond to the questions on the next page or include a separate letter addressing the questions. If you wish, you may send an
advance copy of your reference by email; however, please also mail your original reference form/letter with signature to:

East-West Center Student Affiliate Program, Attention: Award Services, East-West Center, Burns Hall, Room 2066, 1601 East-West
Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96848-1601.

For inquiries, please contact Thank you for your assistance.

Name and title of Person Writing Recommendation (please type or print):


Email:                                                                      Telephone No:

                                             Reference Writer:

                                                     Please affix your business card here.

Name of Applicant (please type or print):

Applicant's special area of academic and research interest:

TO THE APPLICANT: Confidentiality of Participant Records

Under East-West Center policy, this letter may be viewed by you unless you waive your right to see it or the person writing this letter wishes
it to be held in confidence (#7). In the event you do not waive your right to see this letter but the referee indicates in item #7 that he/she
wishes the letter to be held in confidence, the referee's preference will take precedence.

                     I waive my right to see this letter of reference.

                     I do not waive my right to see this letter of reference.

                  Signature of Applicant                                                             Date

                                            See the next page for reference questions.
Please respond to the questions below, or include a separate letter addressing the following questions.

1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. How well and in what capacity do you know the applicant?

3. Please comment on the applicant’s cross-cultural knowledge and experience, and if possible, with specific examples which may provide
   indications of the applicant’s cross-cultural sensitivity.

4. Please comment on how the applicant’s participation in the Student Affiliate Program may contribute to the East-West Center and the
   Center’s community of scholars.

5. Please comment on the applicant’s interest in and commitment to the Asia Pacific region.

6. Do you recommend the applicant for this East-West Center program?

            Recommend highly                               Do not recommend

            Recommend                                      Insufficient basis for making recommendation

            Recommend with reservations

7. Please check one:

      I have no objection to disclosing this letter of reference to the applicant if he/she requests.

      I do not want this letter of reference to be disclosed to the applicant.

Signature                                                                                           Date

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