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					Fill’er Up Word Game
How to Play:
Each player selects a game board. The Game Pieces are then turned over and mixed up. The first player picks a Game Piece from the turned over cards. The player reads the consonant letters on the Game Piece and tries to put it with the word endings on his board to make a real word. If the player can make a word, they put a marker on that space and return the Game Piece to the turned over cards. They then write the word they have made in their Word Box. Play then goes to the next person. If the player cannot make a real word, they return the Game Piece to the turned over cards and the play goes to the next person.

To Win:
The first person to have markers on all of the spaces on his card will be the winner!

Game cards

__an __ed __im __en __og __at

__it __un __ot __in __et __up

__ob __ag __ell __am __op __ib

__ id __en __ox __ ip __et __ug

__ ab __ig __ot __ at __op __ap

__ ed __ad __ub __ ill __ed __ot

Game Pieces

b g l q v z

c h m r w

d j n s x

f k p t y

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Description: Practice reading words with this fun phonics game