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									                             Sacred Heart Catholic School
                        2010-2011 Volunteer Commitment Form
                                        Must be turned in by August 23rd
  Volunteer’s Name: ______________ Student Name: _________________
  Phone Number: _________________
  (Please write name on page two as well)

  Volunteers are essential part to a successful school; we rely heavily upon your support to
  maintain our excellent educational environment. Each Sacred Heart Family is required
  to fulfill a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per family. You are responsible for
  tracking your own hours. If volunteer hours are not completed by April 1st, a $150 fee
  will be attached to your April Tuition. Please check all areas that interest you. Thank you
  for your commitment to our school and for your continued support.

Home Room Parent                              Basketball Team                      Catholic School Week
____Grade                                     ___Coach Girls (3rd and 4th)         Jan 31st-Feb 4th
                                              ___Coach Girls (5th)                 ___Monday-Support Staff
Back to School Bash                           ___Coach Boys (3rd and 4th)          ___Tuesday-Parents/Families
Saturday August 15th                          ___Coach Boys (5th)                     Thursday-Teachers Lunch
4:00-6:00 p.m.                                                                         ___Watch a Class
___Food                                       ___Asst. Coach Girls (3rd and 4th)       ___Food
___Entertainment                              ___Asst. Coach Girls (5th)               ___Decorations
___Games                                      ___Asst. Coach Boys (3rd and 4th)        ___Serving
___Serving                                    ___Asst. Coach Boys (5th)
___Set Up                                                                          Taste of Sacred Heart
___Take Down                                  Halloween Festival                   Saturday March 5th
                                              ____Coordinator                      ___Co-coordinator
Lunchroom Monitors                            ____Food                                (assists head coordinator)

(10:00-1:00p.m.)                              ____Games                            ___Decorations
____ Friday Pizza Helper                      ____Prizes                           ___Poster Distribution
                                              ____ Game Ticket Sales               ___Promotion
Scrip/$100 Ticket Sales                       ____Set Up                           ___Food Booths
____5:10 Saturday Mass                        ____Take Down                        ___Table Reservations
____7:45 Sunday Mass                                                               ___Ticket Sales
____11:00 Sunday Mass                         Breakfast with Santa                 ___Donations
                                              December 4th                         ___Auction Items
Box Tops for Education                        ____Coordinator                      ___El Reno Auction Items
____Box Top Croppers                          ____Games                            ___Classroom Projects
                                              ____Santa’s Workshop (Prizes)        ___Draw Down Tickets
Substitute Teachers                           ____Decorations                      ___Draw Down Booth Night
____Full Day (after 10 hours we               ____Food                             of Event (circle shift)
pay $40 per day)                              ____Ticket Sales                            Shift 1: 6:00-7:00
____Partial Day Coverage                      ____Promotion/Marketing                     Shift 2: 7:00-8:00
                                              ____Music/Entertainment                     Shift 3:8:00-9:00
Fundraising Committee                         ____Set Up                           ___Event Sign In:
____ Ideas and Helping with                   ____Take Down                               Shift 1: 6:00-7:00
     Fundraising Projects                                                                 Shift 2: 7:00-8:00
                                              Christmas Program                    ___Set Up
Grandparents Day                              December 7th                         ___Take Down
 September 8th                                ____Serving                          ___Auction Item Set Up
____ Food                                     ____Food                             ___Post Auction Calling
____Serving                                                                        ___Program
                                                                                   ___Bid Sheets
Name: _________________             Vacation Bible School
                                    June 13th-17th                      School Clean Up Days
                                    ___Station Leader                   ___Painting
Talent Show                         ___Crew Leader                      ___Cleaning
April 7th                                                               ___Minor Repairs
___Food                             Enrollment                          ___Windows
___Server                           ___Uniform Helper                   ___Help Where needed

Teacher Luncheon May 5th
___Watch a Class

I have expertise in the following area(s):

I can volunteer from home:
____Computer Work
____Make Phone Calls
____Cutting Projects
____Other-Explain: ______________________________________________

Volunteer Requirements

Every volunteer must have on file in the school office; the following completed and signed forms:
†Code of Conduct Policy (required once)

†Volunteer Application

†Safe Environment Training (We will show this at Parent Orientation)

†Authorization for Criminal Background Check (required every five years)

Our school is truly blessed with the giving and commitment of time and talents of all our volunteers.
Our students greatly benefit from all of your hard work. With every minute you volunteer, you help to
enhance the quality of your child’s education. By volunteering and getting involved in your child’s
school, you and your child will have a very positive experience here at Sacred Heart.

Thank you,
Shannon Statton

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