ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIPS

To honor outstanding students in English and to remember excellent teachers of
English, the English Department at GCC has established a variety of scholarships
of $250 each.

All applicants must be enrolled in a GCC English course during the 2011-2012
academic year. Students wishing to apply for these awards must ask their English
teacher for a recommendation on an English Department Scholarship form and
must supply their teacher with two samples of their finest writing. Applications
are available from the department secretary in 05-151 or on the English
Department web page:

All decisions on awards will be made by the GCC English Department Scholarship
Committee and will be final. Writing samples submitted will be returned to the
student via the student's English instructor. Scholarship winners will be notified by
mail. Winners will be required to successfully complete the spring semester in
order to receive their check.

1.    The Bowyer Memorial Award
      In honor of Dr. Dolores Bowyer, an outstanding English teacher at both
      GCC and Phoenix College over a period of ten years, faculty members and
      friends set up the Dolores Bowyer Memorial Scholarship Fund. This
      scholarship is given to a GCC student whose writing has been chosen for its
      high level of proficiency.

2.    Kitts Memorial Scholarship
      This award has been established in memory of Flo Kitts, who taught in the
      English Department at GCC and at Phoenix College and was chairperson of
      English at Glendale from 1967-1972. The Kitts Award is presented to an
      outstanding literature student.

3.    English Department Memorial Scholarship
      This award is presented to a superior English or Secondary Education major,
      with a Specialization in English, who has accumulated at least 12 semester
      hours in English at GCC with at least a 3.5 GPA in English classes.
4.    English Department Creative Writing Scholarship

      These awards (there are two of them this year) are presented to deserving
GCC writers who are enrolled in a creative writing class during the 2011-2012
school year.

Deadline for application: 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.
Submit completed application and writing samples to Dawn Meyer, 05-151.

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