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                  Hervey Bay Region Qld Australia

Chairman – Peter Goonan               Newsletter Editor – Dave Barrowcliffe
Tel 07 4124 5543                                                Tel 07 4123 2297

                              AUGUST 2011

Vic Young passed away on Monday 23rd August 2011 after a long illness.
The funeral was held on Saturday 27th August 2011 at Fraser Coast
Creatorium Nickenbah.

The monthly general meeting and the Annual General meeting were both held
on Sunday 14 August 2011 at Lakes Room, Hervey Bay RSL. It was a decorous
affair and all of the office bearers were re-elected unopposed for a further 12
months. It was good to see Cliff Redley and Lita over from the Philipines again.
After the meeting we all adjourned to the Bistro for lunch. At the lunch we all
celebrated Ruth Hoeter’s and Joy Newman’s birthdays with a large birthday

Frank Hoeter’s funeral was held on Wednesday 10 August 2011 at Hervey Bay
Crematorium. At the funeral Gordon Close gave a eulogy on behalf of the IPA,
Hervey Bay Region which is reproduced below.
             Eulogy for Frank Hoeter (as read by Gordon Close)

On behalf of the International Police Association, Hervey Bay Sub Branch, I
would like to pay a tribute to Frank George HOETER, who not only was a
driving force in establishing our Branch but was also a good friend over the
Frank and a small group were the foundation members of our I.P.A. Branch
which was formed on the 16th May 1977. The I.P.A. represents members of any
World Wide Police Service and we have much pleasure in welcoming any
visiting members and their families when visiting our region.
Frank has been an active committee member, having served as our Secretary for
many years and it is only in the latter years he has given up this position.
During Frank’s tenure as Secretary many I.P.A. functions were organised and
he encouraged many members to visit Hervey Bay. Not only were these
functions organised at a Regional level, they also included National level and
New Zealand.
Frank was always an advocate for punctuality and expected others attending
meetings to do the same. No doubt his punctuality became a way of life due to
his services in the various Police and Army Forces.
For his services to the International Police Association, Frank was made an
Honourable Life member. Not only was Frank a member of the I.P.A. he was
also involved in other local organisations in Hervey Bay and was a member and
District Governor of Rotary.
Briefly Frank firstly joined the Australian Army 53rd Wireless Section 30th
Battalion Scottish Regiment and after 4 years joined the N.S.W. Police Service
where he served from 1946 – 1948. He was then seconded to the Australian
Federal Police, Canberra as an interpreter of the German language.
In 1949 Frank joined the Royal Papuan, New Guinea Police Service and retired
from that organisation as a Divisional Superintendant in 1975, when New
Guinea gained independence from Australia.
Frank and his family then moved to Hervey Bay where he worked at the Hervey
Bay Police Station as a Civilian Clerk for 8 years. Frank maintained his Army
Connection with the 30th Battalion Scottish Regiment and served under the U.N.
jurisdiction on the Pakistan – Indian Border for 1 year from 1963 – 1964. He
retired as a major from this Regiment.
My wife and I have known Frank and Ruth and their family for 25 years since I
joined the I.P.A. Personally we have had many holidays together. The most
memorable being our trip to New Zealand with another couple, Graham & Joy
Newman, when we toured both islands for 6 weeks. We also have spent good
holidays with Frank & Ruth at Seaforth and Sarina Beach.
Frank loved to tell jokes. I can’t recall him telling the same one twice. More
than this Frank loved his games of cards. Even in his last days his eyes would
light up at the mention of a game. Many of us will miss those games.
In the passing of Frank we have lost a wonderful I.P.A. member and friend who
cannot be replaced.
Frank loved his family dearly and was very proud of his grandsons, who no
doubt will take pride in his teachings and have fond memories of his life and
being a good Australian citizen.
To Ruth, Zandreen and Steven, and two grandsons Jackson and Zane we
express our deepest sympathy. We pray at this time that the Good Lord will
show compassion on his loving family and comfort them in their time of need.
May Frank Rest in Peace as we say farewell to a good friend.

                            Obituary of Vic Young
Vic Young joined the New Zealand Police in June 1956 after completing an
engineering apprenticeship and travelling overseas. Vic spent 15 years in the
New Zealand Police, stationed in Auckland. During his service he was involved
in the security of various Heads of State including:- The Queen, The Queen
Mother, and the King and Queen of Thailand. He was also commended for his
bravery when he sustained personal injury whilst arresting two persons for
attempting to break into a bank.

After leaving the police Vic spent 12 years as an investigator for The New
Zealand Herald. He then spent 16 years working part time for the Auckland
Racing Club in the inside Totalizator Security. Amongst his many duties he was
responsible for the supervision and security of large amounts of cash.

In his later years Vic and his wife Pat migrated to Australia and resided in
Hervey Bay where he joined the IPA.

The next meeting will be held at Ian and Tora Tarlington’s home at Gayndah. It
will be a weekend affair starting on Friday 9 September 2011 and will continue
until the liquid refreshments run out. The more you bring the longer the
fellowship will continue. Tora has told me that even though the days have been
mild and pleasant the evenings can still get a bit on the cold side in the rare
atmosphere of The Binjour Plateau so bring along some warm clothing. Ian has
said that the cold nights will be no excuse for more than two persons occupying
the same bed at the same time. He will take a dim view of polygamous or
polyandrous acts as he has a reputation to uphold in the local community.

A word of caution to the those that are driving , be careful of the Binjour bears
as they have no road sense are known to wander out onto the Burnett Highway
between Gayndah and Mundubbera.

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