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                           RETAIL GROWTH & PROMOTION COMMITTEE
                    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 – 7:30 AM – Maquoketa Chamber Office

Members Present: Marilyn Osterhaus, Amy Fisher, Dave Sybesma, Elaine Edwards, Lin Schultz and Stacy

Members Absent: Kathy Seyfert, Karen Rubel, Mike Koll, Ellen Frantzen, Ann Burns, Kim Huckstadt, Lenae
Owen, Matt Millen, Patrice Willey, Paul Hahle, Richard Hall, Rochelle Ray, Wendy Scott, Rosie Morehead,
Tom Devine, Wayne Frantzen and Kathy Banowetz.

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Amy Fisher at 7:35 am.

Minutes from the June 15 meeting were approved by a motion from Dave Sybesma and seconded by Elaine
Edwards. Minutes were unanimously approved.

Amy asked if anyone was able to participate in the State of Iowa Tourism Webinars. No one in the room was
available at the time of the offerings.

Amy also asked if everyone received the information on the Iowa Tourism Conference. Stacy is registered to
attend. She received a grant last spring from EITA for the registration fees. Others are encouraged to attend.
Date is October 19-21, 2011 in Okojobi.

Amy Fisher updated the committee on the work of the sub-committee of Lenae Owen, Marilyn Osterhaus and
Amy Fisher concerning the vacant or empty downtown store front windows. Some of the 11 vacant store fronts
are on board, some are NOT, and a few spaces have been rented. Home Instead Senior Care has moved to the
former BUGS location and their former location on N. Main is now available. Marilyn Osterhaus will contact
Karen Intlekofer about the building windows. Stacy will provide Marilyn with the contact number for Karen.

Showcase Ad for September 2011 was placed at a cost of $98 based on email responses from the committee
members to do such. The ad copy deadline was Monday and a copy of the ad was shared with the committee.
This deadline was unknown and came up quickly from Showcase. The committee asked Stacy to contact Kay
Abbott at Showcase to request a schedule of Ad Space and Ad Copy Deadlines for 2012.

With around $1,300 remaining in funds, Amy asked the committee members if they had suggestions on how to
best utilize the funds. After some discussion, Lin Shultz made a motion; seconded by Elaine Edwards to use
$500.00 towards the Website Calendar of Events upgrade. Costs to the website are as detailed in the upgrade
cost breakdown shared from Net-Smart. Motion carried. Stacy indicated a similar topic was on the Chamber
Board of Director’s Agenda for later today to consider using additional chamber general fund monies for
website enhancements.

The sub-committee of Marilyn Osterhaus, Amy Fisher and Lin Schultz was put together to pursue a photo
contest. How to display contributed photos for uniformity, possible divisions, rules, etc were all mentioned as
needing to be determined. The committee agreed prizes would need to be award and that $500.00 of the
remaining budget should be set aside for possible prizes, i.e., Chamber Bucks for the winners. Dave Updegraff
will be contacted by Stacy to learn more about a Photo Walk he does in Dubuque.

Stacy reminded the Committee we need to start discussing the Old-Fashioned Holiday Promotion at the next
meeting. Ohnward Fine Arts Center Festival of Trees will be November 12-22 and It’s a Wonderful Life will
be performed the weekend of the 19th. Our holiday celebration in Maquoketa is typically the same weekend.
The newspaper will be contacting us soon about the Wishbook Advertising, so we need to be prepared ahead of
time. It was agreed we would start announcing the SAVE THE DATE now for the OLD FASHIONED
HOLIDAY CELEBRATION for Friday, November 18-19, 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 am. Next meeting is Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 7:30 AM – Chamber

Respectfully submitted,

Stacy Driscoll
Chamber Director

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