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                         The Profit Ladder...

AdSense & Banners:

   •   This is perhaps the worst way to make money online...

   •   You would also need to be generating high five to six figure traffic each month to
       make an reasonable income.

   •   And with that kind of traffic, you could be making A LOT MORE with any other
       method on this list.

Paid Ad Spots:

   •   These pay a little bit better, and are more targeted.

   •   However, you are ultimately dealing with people who are out to make a bigger
       profit for themselves, and are making better use of your traffic than you are...

Affiliate Marketing & CPA:

   •   Amazon – On the low end of affiliate marketing, partnering with Amazon you can
       expect to get a roughly 4%-8.5% commission depending on your tier.

   •   ClickBank – On the higher end you have ClickBank which can return 50%-75%
       commission on info products and are generally far more lucrative than Amazon.

   •   CPA – Cost Per Action Marketing is a form of affiliate marketing, and most
       commonly involves some form of lead generation e.g. 'Email Submits'...

   •   With email submits, you'll tend to make about $0.80-$1.50 for each, depending
       on the network, advertiser and offer.

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Lead Generation:

   •   Taking the 'CPA' concept of lead generation a little further, is a process of
       gathering this information and selling it directly to advertisers.

   •   This bypasses the CPA Networks and allows you to command a much higher
       price (otherwise the CPA Network makes a profit from your hard work!)

Services For Clients:

   •   When you sell a service, you can set your own price, and this gives you the lion's
       share of the profit, but can often take up a lot of your time.

   •   If you outsource the process, you can get the time back AND keep plenty of profit
       for yourself... But there's still an even better way!

Creating Your Own Products!

   •   Definitely the most profitable thing you could be doing online in my experience,
       and the experience of most other web entrepreneurs I know...

   •   Whether it's info products, re-selling good PLR, white label products, drop
       shipping, software... the profits are enormous compared to the other methods.

         The Problem With 'Everything Else'
The vast majority of people trying to carve out a living, or even just a little extra cash
online, attempt to do so with the least amount of work possible.

But there's a big difference between what's 'perceived' to be easy... and what's
actually easy!

Most people stick with the first three options on the list:

   •   AdSense and Banners

   •   Paid Ad Spots

   •   Affiliate Marketing

… all because they seem like the easiest and most passive ways to generate income.

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The trouble with the easy route...


And because everybody else is doing it, the competition is insanely high and it's near
impossible to carve out a piece of 'the pie' for yourself, the way you could 5 years ago.

So 'the easy route' has become the difficult route.

Here's the thing though...

                      “Making Your Own Product Is Easy!

          If You Can Build An AdSense Site Or Write An Article...

                         … You Can Create A Product!”

          Google Has Changed Everything...
The driving force behind just about any standard approach to AdSense Profit to Affiliate
Profit, is Google, and its Search Engine Traffic.

Without that traffic, most sites wouldn't make a penny.

However with Google's recent updates and shift in focus, the ranking signals it's
looking for in a site it wants at position #1 have changed drastically!

Affiliate Marketing and AdSense sites DO NOT give off these signals.

Here Are The Major Flaws Of These Approaches:

   •   Users spend very little time on site, which to Google suggests no decent content,
       which will in turn get the site ranked lower...

   •   You pass traffic on to other sites, so you cannot build your BRAND, because
       you're only a middle-man...

   •   You're filtering traffic to others and building THEIR BRAND instead! You're
       actually boosting your competition!

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But If You Sold Your Own Products / Services...

   •   People would spend more time on your site, learning more about your offer and
       reading up on the specifications and content 'straight from the horse's mouth'...

   •   You can Build Your Brand! (starting to notice the pattern here?)

   •   Google prefers ranks BRANDS not sites...

   •   People will search for your BRAND directly in the search, which has Google rank
       your site higher in your niche...

   •   Your BRAND will be linked to with Brand Links, which is yet another powerful
       ranking signal...

   •   People will search for reviews of your BRAND so conversations will be started
       with your Brand as the focus, which Google loves...

   •   And You Get To Keep 100% Of The Profit!

          5 Facts About Product Creation...
                       This section is from my good friend and
                     RAPID product creation expert Jason Fladlien

       FACT #1 – When a Great Product with Mediocre Marketing faces off against a
       Mediocre Product with Great Marketing, the mediocre product will make more

       … in the short term!

       Over time however, as your Brand produces more and more quality products, the
       market's perception changes, your small following grows and grows, and
       eventually your products will sell themselves!

       And each new product you bring out will beat any other lower quality product.

       FACT #2 – You do not need proof to sell a product, although it does help.

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We're talking things like testimonials, proof of earnings screenshots, traffic
figures, quotes from authority sources and niche influencers...

You don't NEED these to sell your product in the beginning, but if your product is
GOOD, then you'll naturally begin to attract testimonials and success stories.

You can then include these in your pitch to boost sales even further!

FACT #3 – While many people assume 'most product ideas have been taken'
this couldn't be further from the truth!

Every single day, new ideas are manifested, which are new opportunity to create
a product around.

Take the example of Pinterest... Mobile Products... Facebook Apps...

Six Months ago these hot markets barely existed, and now they're some of the
biggest 'buzz words' in web marketing!

This cycle will never stop, there will always be new ideas for great new products.

FACT #4 – Downward Pricing Pressure (the race to the bottom!) DOES affect
info products in competitive niches.

For example...

Kindle – Amazon basically forces you to price your books no higher than $9.99
or else face losing half of your royalties! (you drop to 35% from 70%!)

Warrior Special Offers (WSO) – The WSO Marketplace has made it very
difficult to charge more than $7 for even a great product!

Technology – Technology, by its very nature, will always drive prices down, as
newer models arrive, older models become obsolete and lose value, and
capabilities of machines 5 years ago are matched by your cell phone.

BUT ALL THIS MEANS, is that you need to be aware of certain pricing strategies
to maximize your income from your products.


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On the next page we'll discuss the simple Product Creation Formula that you should be
using, no matter if you want to make $1 with your product, or $1,000,000...

            The Product Creation Formula...

  “The Product Creation Process starts when you sit down at your desk...

            … and it finishes when you're stood up. No exceptions.”

This approach means...

   •   Your products will be short, which means immediate benefits to your customers...

   •   Your products will be actionable, one solution to one specific problem...

   •   Your products will cover the essentials, no extra stuff, just straight to the point...

          PRODUCT CASE STUDY: How To Write An Article In 7 Minutes...

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This product is a real life example of hour a very small period of focused effort can
create incredible results, that beat out anything that could be realistically hoped for with
AdSense or Affiliate Marketing models...

Check out the stats on the next page...

STATS: How To Write An Article In 7 Minutes...

   •   7 Pages Long...

   •   There was a typo in the first sentence...

   •   It was originally sold for $4...

   •   It took less than 2 hours to create...

   •   With a $20 ad spend the product sold 268 copies in 24 hours...

       ◦ That's $934.44 after PayPal fees for 2 hours work PLUS a list of 268 Buyers!

   •   Price was bumped to $7 the next week... and made hundreds more sales...

   •   Price was bumped to $17 the next week... and made hundreds more sales...

   •   This product still makes an average of $188 per month on complete autopilot...

   •   All from just 2 hours of work done almost 5 years ago.

                                      THE FORMULA...

   •   One Problem... ('Stop Snoring' NOT 'Stop Snoring And Get Whiter Teeth')

   •   One Solution... ('How to get traffic from Pinterest', NOT '101 ways to drive traffic')

   •   One Sitting... (Sit down, create the product, stand up again)

   •   Information is presented in a step by step format... (Do this, do this, then do this)

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   •   Product is sold at a ridiculously low price... (For example, $4.00)

This is the proven formula to creating products that people get through quickly,
put into action quickly, benefit from quickly and fall in love with... quickly!

 The webinar goes into more detail: Click Here To Watch The Replay

 (IMPORTANT! - The webinar will be taken down soon so watch now)

            How To Avoid Creating A Flop...

       Rule #1 – Do not sell something to someone who doesn't want it...

              e.g. Ice to Eskimos, Feng Shui For The Busy Corporate Exec

       If your target audience doesn't want or need it, they won't buy it.

       Rule #2 – Do not sell in a market that's overwhelmingly competitive...

              e.g. How to Lose Weight Quickly, Business Planning 101

       Some markets are simply too saturated to make a dent, so choose carefully.

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       Rule #3 – Do not create a product that you can't finish in one sitting...

              e.g. The Origami Encyclopedia, Complete A to Z Guide To Real Estate

       Spending too much time on the product puts too much pressure on you, and
       makes it more likely you'll deviate from the 'one problem, one solution' formula.

       Rule #4 – Do not sell to people who cannot buy your product...

              e.g. No Bank Account, No Problem!, Money Making Tactics For Pre-Teens

       Ensure your target audience has the means and ability to buy your product.

       Rule #5 – Do not sell in a niche that's too small...

              e.g. A Guide To Walking Backwards, How To Make Your Own Deodorant

       Avoiding competition is one thing, but getting into a niche where there's only 100
       or so interested buyers severely limits your profit potential.

       You want a market where you can reach a small percentage of prospects, and
       still make a six figure income, without getting bullied out by bigger businesses.

                  How To Create A Winner...
Try to create a product that hits these three elements:

   •   Instant Gratification (customer will get speedy results)

   •   Eliminate A Problem (more effective than promising big benefits)

   •   Reduce Effort While Improving Results (work less, get more!)

REMINDER: The information in this report is discussed in much greater detail on
the 'Product Creation Secrets' webinar. You can watch the replay here:

 (IMPORTANT! - The webinar will be taken down soon so watch now)

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And to take full advantage of this critical new direction, by learning the proven methods
from the 'Product Creation Master' himself, and get the 'Fast Action Bonuses' both
Jason and I are offering, click on the link below!

            “Creating 5-Figure Products In 2 Hours Or Less”

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