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					• Siamese twins are twins that are
conjoint in their body parts
• Siamese twins develop from one egg
• Siamese twins can be conjoint in their
back, heart, brain….
•When the twins are conjoint in their
internal body part like heart, they will
probably die after their birth.
•Today the doctors have invented
operations to separate Siamese twins
It happened in the children hospital in Philadelphia in 1977.
Siamese twin girls arrived at the hospital for surgery.
The twins were conjoined in their chest in a hug posture.
They looked healthy,

But… a heart specialist that
examined them Discovered something
One heart made up of a heart
and a half !!
The doctors knew that the babies will die because the
heart is too weak for two babies.
Twins that are conjoined in their chest usually live till
the age of 9 month.
The doctors operated the twins, first they separated
the other parts like lunges.
Then they placed the unusual heart in baby B’s body
and baby A died.
It is dangerous to be Siamese twins.

The overall survival rate for conjoined
twins is approximately 25%

S     K    J   H L    Z X H A E R T T     S
 H     I   F   G C    H E S T R S E O     U
 O    D    A   X C    K J U F P G O P     R
 S    A    S   M Z    C D O C T O R E     G
 P    P    O    I E   N M V A W L D R     E
  I   U    D   W S    S Q R I H N Y A     R
 T    P    Y   E A    Z E Y F B D C T     Y
 A    L    H   U G    C V T B A P O I     U
 L    N    M   V X    Z E Q W F W N O     M
 C O N         J O I    N E D    I V C   N K
 Y U I         L Q W    E R T   Y N Y    J W
 R B A         B I E    S E Q    I L S   A B

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