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									                                          THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA
                                          THE ARTS ACADEMY AT BENJAMIN RUSH
                                                   11081 Knights Road
                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19154

JESSICA M. BROWN                                                                                        215-281-2603 (telephone)
Principal                                                                                               215-281-2674 (fax)

                         RUSH ARTS Physical Education
Ms. Clare Kobierowski (Ms. Kobie)
Mr. Todd Corabi

Meeting Times:               5 days per week for 49 minutes each period.

                            Always give your best effort
                            Have a positive and open outlook!
                            Come on time and get changed quickly
                            Purchasing School active wear. T-Shirts and Shorts with School logos will be available
                             for purchase through Ms. Kobie and Mr. Corabi and are required to be worn with
                             sneakers for PE classes. The Home and School Association will also sell sweatpants,
                             sweatshirts and other Rush Arts clothing
                            -Purchasing a locker lock. Optional but recommended. All personal items will be left in
                             locker rooms at the risk of the owner.

Assessment Weight:

                            Preparation/Participation:                       60%

                            Written Assignments:                             20%

                            Physical Fitness Tests and Plan:                 20%

To receive full credit for daily class participation: follow directions, try all class activities, participate the entire
time to the best of your ability, and be prepared for class.

**First Assignment:

Please have bottom portion signed and return to your Physical Education Teacher by 9/14/2012


Student Name                                                        Parent/Guardian Name

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