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					   BANKING SERVICES                                                                               FEES & CHARGES
   1. Savings/Current accounts/Time deposits/Standing orders/Remittance:
   Monthly account service charges for balances falling below the average
   minimum requirement:
   • Current accounts                                                                             Min. balance = BD 150/-                     Charge = BD 5/-             Initial deposit = BD 200/-
   • Non-checking current accounts                                                                Min. balance = BD 20/-                      Charge = BD 1/-             Initial deposit = BD 100/-
   • Savings accounts                                                                             Min. balance = BD 20/-                      Charge = BD 1/-             Initial deposit = BD 100/-
   Account closure (current / savings / non checking current)                                     BD 5/- (within 3 months of opening)
   Copy of account statement charges                                                              BD 1.500 per page
   Copy of documents charge                                                                       BD 1/- per page + BD 5/- as a service charge
   Savings certificate (MyHassad) replacement fees                                                BD 5/-
   Balance certificate charges                                                                    BD 10/-
   Overdrawn current account charges                                                              BD 10/- plus interest at applicable rate
   Over the counter withdrawal                                                                    BD 1/- if less than BD 500/-
   Withdrawal with counter charge                                                                 BD 2/- per cheque
   Cash withdrawal of foreign currency from foreign currency accounts                             1% of the amount withdrawn
   Cash deposit of foreign currency into same foreign currency accounts                           1% of the amount deposited
   Issuing cheque books                                                                           BD 5/-
   Stop-payment fees                                                                              BD 10/- per cheque
   Returned cheque fees                                                                           BD 10/- for "Insufficient funds""Refer to Drawer""Not Arranged For"or "Represent"
   Returned inward clearing cheques                                                               BD 5/-
   Mailing of uncollected cheque book                                                             BD 2/-
   Special designed cheque books                                                                  BD 20/- + print cost
   Special clearing cheques                                                                       BD 3/-
   Issue & cancel manager cheque fees                                                             BD 3/-
   Collection charges for overseas cheques                                                        0.1% (Max. BD 50)
   Redemption of fixed deposit (partial & full)                                                   BD 10/- for individuals
   Standing order not executed due to insufficient funds                                          BD 5/-
   Standing order charges                                                                         Internal: BD 1/- per transaction            External: BD 1/- + TT/ M/C charge
   Remittance fees: Issue & cancel draft fees                                                     BD 3/-
    * Telegraphic transfer (TT)                                                                   * BD 4/- for Bahrain, BD 6/- for GCC and BD 8 +1/2 cost SWIFT to the reimbursing bank
   Telex amendments fees                                                                          BD 5/- + TT charges
   2. ATM Cards:
   Issuing ATM Card                                                                               Initial: free                  Replacement: BD 5/-
   Reissue ATM PIN code                                                                           BD 5/-
   Cash withdrawal from ATM                                                                       From other bank’s ATMs through BENEFIT switch: BD 0.200 per attempt.
   GCC net:                                                                                       From other bank’s ATMs through GCC net: BD 1/-
                                                                                                  Outside Bahrain and GCC countries: 2% of amount withdrawn, minimum BD 2/-
                                                                                                  + foreign exchange charge of 1.25% of amount withdrawn
   3. Credit Cards:
   Annual fees                                                                                    Primary Card:                Platinum BD 50/-*           Gold BD 25/-**                 Classic BD 10/-**
                                                                                                  Supplementary Card : Platinum Free                       Gold BD 5/-                    Classic BD 5/-
                                                                                                  *free if spent above BD 24,000 p.a. **Gold and Classic cards are free for the first year.
   Card replacement fee                                                                           BD 5/-
   Regeneration of PIN                                                                            BD 3/-
   Cash withdrawal                                                                                Inside Bahrain:                4%                         Minimum: BD 4/-
                                                                                                  Outside Bahrain:               4%                         Minimum: BD 4/-
   Late payment fees                                                                              BD 10/-
   Over limit charge                                                                              BD 10/-
   International usage surcharge                                                                  2.5% Gold and Classic, 1% Platinum
   Return cheque charge                                                                           BD 10/-
   Temporary limit increase fee                                                                   BD 10/-
   Interest                                                                                       2.50% p.m. (subject to BD 1) on Classic Cards, 1.75% p.m. (subject to BD 1) on Gold Cards,
                                                                                                  1.5% p.m. on Platinum Cards, 0% on balance transfer (60 days only)
   Insurance fees                                                                                 0.45% of the total outstanding (statement balance )
   4. Retail Finance:
                                                                                                  Consumer Finance:                                              Mortgage Finance:
   Administration fees                                                                            Minimum 2.5% of the loan amount                               1% of loan amount (minimum BD 250/-)
                                                                                                  (minimum BD 50/-), Auto loan minimum BD 100/-
   Insurance charges                                                                              Minimum BD 0.250 p.m. per BD 1000/-
   Loan increase (top-up) charges                                                                 2.5% of the loan amount (minimum BD 50/-)                     1% of loan amount (minimum BD 250/-)
   Loan re-scheduling charges                                                                     BD 50/-                                                       BD 150/-
   Partial settlement charges                                                                     BD 25/-                                                       BD 50/-
   Early settlement fees                                                                          Consumer & auto loans 1% or BD100/-, whichever is lower 0.75% of loan amount or BD200/-, whichever is lower
   Postponement of installment                                                                    BD 25/-                                                       BD 50/-
   Loan past due charges                                                                          BD 10/-                                                       BD 10/-
   Loan Balance Certificate                                                                       BD 10/-                                                       BD 10/-
   Credit line opening charges                                                                    BD 50/-
   Credit line past due charges                                                                   BD 20/-
   5. Remote Banking:
   Internet banking                                                                               Free
   SMS banking                                                                                    Free
   Ahli contact centre                                                                            Free
   Direct debit                                                                                   Free
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       May 2012

   For latest information on prevailing Annualised Percentage Rate "APR", please contact your nearest AUB branch or call us at 17221999.
   Deposit Protection Scheme: Subject to certain exclusions and provisions thereof, deposits held with the Bahrain office of Ahli United Bank BSC are covered by the
   terms of the Deposit Protection Scheme established by the Central Bank of Bahrain regulation concerning the establishment of a Deposit Protection Scheme and a
   Deposit Protection Board. Refer to product related terms and conditions for more details.

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