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									Area for Development: Focus on AF1 decoding text and AF2 Retrieval of information, AF4 fiction or non-fiction?

Guided Reading

Guided reading group ...Group...                 Book Band …Phase 2 ………….

Date/                                    Strategy Check                               Returning to
             Text Introduction                                       reading of the                   Responding to the text
Title                                                                                 text
12th Sept.    Show the children the      Write individual words      Support where    Address any     Children to answer questions
2011         front cover. What can       from the book on            necessary,       problems        AF2 retrieve information
Pit Pat!     they see? What is           whiteboard. Show how to     looking for      with the        What is in the tap?
Tip Tap!     happening? Can they         blend and children          accurate         reading of      What does Nat sip?
             point to the title? Is it   practise reading each       decoding         the text.       What is in the tin?
             a fiction or a non-         word.                       strategies and                   What does Map dip his brush
             fiction text? (AF4)What     Write: pit, pat, tip tap,   recording AF1    Sound talk      into?
             are the differences         it, is, in, dips, tin,      evidence         some of the     What would you like to do best?
             between fiction and         Talk about the names of                      verbs and
             non-fiction? (AF4) Can      the children, Nat and                        children to
             they read any of the        Mat and how although                         act out eg.
             words in the title?         they are names and have                      Sip, pat,
             What is this called (!)     capital letters the sound                    sit, tip, tap
             What do you do when         is still the same. So
             you see this mark in        M/a/t and N/a/t
             your book?                  Explain that some words
             Picture walk through the    have a /s/ at the end so
             book talking about what     we read the word d/i/p
             is happening on each        and then add the /s/ at
             page.                       the end to make ‘dips’
AF1 Use a range     AF2 Understand,     AF3 Deduce,          AF4 Identify,      AF5 Explain and       AF6 Identify and    AF7 Relate texts
of strategies to    describe, select,   infer or interpret   comment on the     comment on the        comment on          to their social,
read, including     retrieve            information,         structure,         writer’s use of       writers’ purposes   cultural and
accurate decoding   information,        events or ideas      organisation of    language, including   and viewpoints,     historical
of text, for        events, ideas       from texts           texts, including   grammatical and       and the overall     contexts and
meaning             from texts, use                          grammatical and    literary features     effect of the       literary traditions
                    quotations, make                         presentational     at word, sentence     text on the
                    reference to text                        features at text   level                 reader

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