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					              MEDSIB, SIBDENT , BABYTIME-SIBERIA - 2009
                           List of Exhibitors
№               Company                City               Activity
1    Consultac                   China           Mass media
2    KIDDYPAGES                  Moscow          Mass media
3    LenNin                      Novosibirsk     Wear for expactant mothers
4    Proven Trade Contacts       India           Mass media
5    RAMATTI                     Poland          Child safety seats
6    The Pharma World            Bangadesh       Mass media
7    TIENS                       Novosibirsk     Curative cosmetics
8    Vantage Trade Fairs         India           Mass media
9    VEJTHANI Hospital           Thailand        Medical services
                                                 Cleaning equipment and
10   Vileda Professional         St-Petersburg   means
11   Winalite                    Novosibirsk     Hygiene care products
12   Youneed                     Novosibirsk     Corrective underwear
                                                 Biologically active
13   Abis                        Novosibirsk     supplements
14   Averon                      Yekaterinburg   Dental equipment
                                                 Medical and laboratory
15   Avtekh                      Novosibirsk     equipment
16   Agat                        Moscow          Children's wear
17   Aydas                       Minusinsk       Khakasia herbs
18   Alma                        Biysk           Medical devices
19   Alma                        Biysk           Medical devices
20   Altaychimprom               Yarovoye        Desinfection means

21   Alternativa                 Nyzhny Novgorod Mass media
                                                 Biologically active
22   Ametis                      Blagoveshensk
23   Anvi Systems                Novosibirsk     Medical devices and units
24   Anika RU                    Moscow          Infant food FRISO
25   AP-Dent                     Yekaterinburg   Mass media
26   Arkom                       St-Petersburg   Dental equipment
                                                 Manufacturing of
27   Aseptika                    Moscow          desinfectant drapes
28   Audiomed                    Novosibirsk     Medical equipment
29   Ayushki                     Kostroma        Children's nappies
30   Baryer-ChS                  Iskitim         Cosmetics
31   Berver-Siberia              Novosibirsk     Medical equipment

32   Bereginya                   Novosibirsk     Home staff agency

33   Bio-Vesta                   Novosibirsk     Medicaments

34   Biocard                     Novosibirsk     Medical equipment
35   Biocard                     Novosibirsk     Medical equipment
36   Blesk-TM                    Novosibirsk     Dental equipment
37   Bliss-NSK                   Novosibirsk     Wear for expecant mothers
38   Bonna                       Novosibirsk     Home staff agency
     Bud zdorov, Medical
39                               Novosibirsk     Mass media
40   Bulleten zdorovya           Novosibirsk     Mass media
     For protection of unborn
41                               Novosibirsk     Non-profit organisation
     children, orthodox center
42   VDO                         Novosibirsk     Mass media
43   Vedomosti mediciny          St-Petersburg   Mass media
44   Veina                       Novosibirsk     Creative work goods
                                                 Biologically active
45   Wellness Pro                Novosibirsk     supplements
46   Wimm-Bill-Dann              Novosibirsk     Infant food Agusha
                                                 Medical and desinfectant
47   Vinar                       Moscow          means and products
48   Vita-Pul MK                    Moscow          Desinfection means
                                                    Dental equipment, materials
49   Vladmiva TH                    Belgorod        and instruments
     Harmony, Health and                            Biologically active
50                                  Novosibirsk     supplements
     Longevity center
                                                    Healthcare and preventive
51   City Clinical Hospital №1      Novosibirsk     center
52   Geffen Medicintechnik        Moscow            Medical equipment
     Healthcare administration of
53                                Novosibirsk       Regiona; authorities
     the Novosibirsk Region
54   Glorion                      Novosibirsk       Curative cosmetics
                                                    Altay museum of medical
55   City Hospital №1               Rubtsovsk       history
                                                    Healthcare and preventive
56   City Clinical Hospital №2      Novosibirsk     center
     City Craft Development
57                                  Novosibirsk     Craft work
58   DalExpoCenter                  Vladivostok     Exhibition center
59   Decoretto                      Moscow          Creative work goods
60   Dentalworld                    Moscow          Mass media
61   Dental-Siberia                 Novosibirsk     Dental equipment
62   Day and Night                  Moscow          Medical underwear
     Department for social policy
63   of the Novosibirsk Region      Novosibirsk     Regional authorities
     Department for social
     development and safety of
64                                  Novosibirsk     Regional authorities
     the Novosibirsk Region
65   Detskaya odezhda, TH           Novosibirsk     Medical wear
66   Dial                           Omsk            Medical equipment

67   Diarsy, Group of companies Moscow              Oral hygiene care products

                                                    Environmental equipment
68   Diod                           Moscow          and nutrition
                                                    Manufacturing of
69   Elatma instruments plant       Elatma          desinfectant and medical
70   Efremov, IE                    Novosibirsk     Curative methods
71   Zarya                          Novosibirsk     Non-profit organisation

72   Protect the life, charity fund Novosibirsk     Non-profit organisation

                                                    Desinfection means, medical
73   Zvezdy Obshchepita Sibiri      Novosibirsk     furniture
74   Zdorovye I ecology             Gorno-Altaysk   Masseurs
                                                    Biologically active
75   Zdorovye Sibiri                Krasnoobsk      supplements
76   Zeldis-pharma                  Podolsk         Pharmaceutical
77   Ismeritel, plant               St-Petersburg   Physiotherapeutical devices
78   Ismeritelniye sistemy          Moscow          Medical equipment

     Scientific and research
                                                    Scientific and research
79   institute for chimcal and Biysk                institute
     energetical issues SB RAS
     Scientific and research
     institute for physics of                       Scientific and research
80                                  Tomsk           institute
     strength and material
     sciences SB RAS
     Scientific and research
     institute for solid body
                                                    Scientific and research
81   chemistry and                  Novosibirsk     institute
     mechanochemistry of SB
      Scientific Institute for
      chemical biology and                          Scientific and research
82                                 Novosibirsk      institute
      fundumental medicine SB
      Scientific Institution for
                                                    Scientific and research
83    nuclear physics after        Novosibirsk      institute
      Budker G.I.
84    Intim market                 Novosibirsk      Intimate products
85    Infinium                     Novosibirsk      Cosmetics
86    Casada-Siberia               Novosibirsk      Massaeurs
87    Cimberly-Clark               Novosibirsk      Haggie's nappies
      Kislorodnaya Company
88                                 Novosibirsk      Oxygen cocktails
      (InMed Group)
                                                    Medical services for women
89    Clinic of Female health      Novosibirsk      and children
90    Kollag                       Yekaterinburg    Products for women
91    KonMet                       Moscow           Dental equipment
92    Kora                         Chelyabinsk      Curative cosmetics

93    Krasnoyarsk chemical plant Krasnoyarsk        Medical equipment

94    Krashakov IE                 Kemerovo         Medical wear

95    KriS, OK                     Novosibirsk      Children shoes On-line store

96  Kto est kto                    Moscow           Mass media
97  Leontyeva, IE                  Novosibirsk      Massaeurs
98  Lechashchiy vrach              Moscow           Mass media
99  Liment                         Moscow           Dental equipment
    Lunnyi kamen, social and
100                                Novosibirsk      Non-profit organisation
    healthcare center
101 MAQUET                         Moscow           Medical equipment
102 Malavit                        Barnaul          Heathcare products

103 Malyshev, IE                   Nyzhny Novgorod Pankov's glasses
                                                    Goods and wear for
104 Mamamarket                     Moscow           expectant mothers
                                                    On-line store for expectant
105 Mama-NSK                       Novosibirsk      mothers and families with
106   Mamin Dom                    Novosibirsk      Future parents school
107   Maternity hospital №7        Novosibirsk      Medical services
108   Meando                       Vladivostok      Children's wear
109   Megard Group                 Moscow           Pharmaceuticals
110   MedBusinessTravel            Moscow           Abroad medical services
111   Medi Rus                     Moscow           Curative underwear
                                                    Pharmaceuticals and
112 Mediana Filtr                  Moscow           biothechnological products
                                                    Medical equipment supply
113 Medigaz                        Novosibirsk      and after-sales service
114   Medicina-Urala               Chelyabinsk      Mass media
115   Medical Press                Moscow           Mass media
116   Medical alphabet             Moscow           Mass media
117   Medspektr XXI                Novosibirsk      Medical services
                                                    Medical equipment and
118 Medtechnika                    Novosibirsk      technologies
119 Magic Dent                     Moscow           Dental equipment
                                                    Medical equipment and
120 Metromed                       Omsk             technologies
    Medical and Instrumental
121                                Tumbotino        Medical equipment
    Plant after Gorky
    Minestry of Health of the
122                                Omsk             Regional authorities
    Omsk Region
123 Mir meda                       Orenburg         Honey
124 Mirra                           Novosibirsk      Curative cosmetics
    The Academician S.N.
    Fedorov Federal State
    Institution Intersectoral
125                                 Novosibirsk      Medical services
    Research and Technology
    Complex "Eye
126 Mobile                          Moscow           Mass media
127 Moskovskiye apteky              Moscow           Mass media
128 MRT technologies                Novosibirsk      Medical services
                                                     Curative and prevetion
129 City Clinical Hospital №2       Novosibirsk      center
                                                     Curative and prevetion
130 City Clinical Hospital №19      Novosibirsk      center
      Medical and Informational
131                                 Novosibirsk      Regional authorities
132   Narodnaya Company             Tomsk            Non-profit organisation
133   NV-Lab                        Moscow           Medical equipment
      Scientific and Research
      Institute of Molecular                         Scientific and research
134                                 Novosibirsk      institute
      Biology and Biophysics SD
      of RAMS
      Scientific and Reaserch
                                                     Scientific and research
135   Institute of Therapy SD of    Novosibirsk      institute
      Scientific and Research
                                                     Scientific and research
136   Institute of Physiology, SD   Novosibirsk      institute
      of RAMS
137   Novodent                      Novosibirsk      Dental equipment
138                                 Novosibirsk      Mass media
      medicinskaya gazeta
139   Nuga Best                     Novosibirsk      Massaeurs
      "Daun syndrome"
140                                 Novosibirsk      Non-profit organisation
141   Omed                          Novosibirsk      Medical equipment
      Omsk Sate Medical
142                                 Omsk             Educational institution
143   Onyks                         Moscow           Natural stones items
144   Orlova, IE                    Novosibirsk      Children's book
145   Pension Fund of Russian       Novosibirsk      Regional authorities
146   Otkrytoye resheniye           Moscow           Mass media
147   Parapharm                     Penza            Medical treatments
148   Paritet                       Novosibirsk      Mass media
149   Parfume Novosibirsk           Novosibirsk      Cosmetics
150   PR Byuro                      Novosibirsk      Conferences holding
151   Planeta                       Moscow           Mass media
152   Positive                      Yeakaterinburg   Mass media
                                                     Manufacturing of medical
153 Polisan                         St-Petersburg    products
154 RebotaMedicam                   Moscow           Mass media

      Disable children and
155                                 Novosibirsk      Non-profit organisation
      teenagers Support Center

156 Revital Park, sanatorium        Novosibirsk      Medical services
157 Riamed                          St-Petersburg    Mass media
158 Rodnik                          St-Petersburg    Mineral water
                                                     Biologically active
159 Rodnik Zdorovya                 Novosibirsk      supplements
160 Rottopharm SPA                  Moscow           Pharmaceuticals
161 Russkiy vrach                   Moscow           Mass media
162   Sabenina, IE               Tyumen          Educational toys
163   Salon Verbluzhya Sherst    Novosibirsk     Camel's wool products
164   Samopoznaniye              Novosibirsk     Non-profit organisation
165   Semya I dety               Novosibirsk     Non-profit organisation
                                                 Medical technologies and
166 SibBioMed                    Novosibirsk     equipment
167 SibirskaYa Mama              Novosibirsk     Mass media
168 Sybirskaya thecnologiya      Omsk            Laboratorial equipment
    Siberian Regional Medicla
169                              Novisibirsk     Medical services
                                                 Biologically active
170 Sibirskoye zdorovye          Novosibirsk     supplements
171   Sibmama                    Novosibirsk     Mass media
172   Sib press                  Novosibirsk     Packaging
173   Stil T                     Novosibirsk     Austrian toys GOWI
174   Stomaks                    Odintsovo       Dental equipment
175   Stomatology today          Moscow          Mass media
176   Stomus-Sibir               Novosibirsk     Dental equipment
                                                 Disposable medical
177 Stoun Fort                   Novosibirsk     underwear
178 SetS                         Novosibirsk     Oral hygiene care products
                                                 Hygiene care, cosmetical
179 Tay Yan+                     Novosibirsk     products
180 Tatchimpharmpreparaty        Kazan           Pharmaceuticals
181 Territory of Health          Novosibirsk     Mass media
182 TechnoDez                    Novosibirsk     Desinfectant means
                                                 Dental equipment, dental
183 Trimeks                      Novosibirsk     clinic
184 TriO                         Novosibirsk     Advertisement agency
185 Trek ITK                     Moscow          Medical equipment
    Department for social
186 support of the Novosibirsk   Novosibirsk     Regional authorities
    Mayor's Office
                                                 Manufacturing of
187 Uralstinol Bio               Yekaterinburg   desinfectant means
188 Farmvilar                    Moscow          Pharmaceuticals
189 FarmikoPlus                  Rosto-on-Don    Mass media
                                                 Complex equipping of
190 Farmster                     Moscow          medical institutions
191 Faros Plus                   St-Petersburg   Mass media

192 Philips                      Moscow          Medical equipment

193 Fest                         Kostroma        Wear for expactant mothers
    Herbion International,
194                              Novosibirsk     Healthcare products
    Representative office
195 Home staff                   Novosibirsk     Home staff agency
196 Happy Day                    Moscow          Desinfectant means
    Center of New Medical
197 Technology in the            Novosibirsk     Medical services
      Rehabilitation center of
198                             Omsk             Medical services
      Social Fund of RF "Omsky"
    Center of Pharmaceutical
199                              Novosibirsk     Mass media
200 Zepter international         Novosibirsk     Healthcare products
                                                 Medical equipment and
201 CitoMed                      Novosibirsk     instruments
202   Shaklin                    Novosibirsk     Medical equipment
203   Schering                   Moscow          Desinfectant means
204   Shokonat                   Novosibirsk     Curative cosmetics
205   Elit, TH                   Novosibirsk     Medical wear
206   Elmet         St-Petersburg   Healthcare products
207   Elti kudits   Novosibirsk     Educational toys
208   Eho           Novorossiysk    Dental equipment
209   Yuneks        Moscow          Children's cosmetics

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