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									IPA – International
Pharmaceutical Abstracts
              on   WebSPIRS
                                                                           Health Science Center Library

Subject Coverage:          Pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry; pharmacy practice; adverse drug
                           reactions and toxicity; investigational drugs; drug evaluations and interactions;
                           biopharmaceutics and pharmaceutics; drug stability; pharmacology and pharmaceutical
                           chemistry; preliminary drug analysis; drug metabolism and body distribution; microbiology;
                           pharmacognosy; environmental toxicity; legislation and regulations; history; sociology,
                           economics, and ethics of drugs; pharmaceutical education; pharmacy practice;
                           information processing; cosmetics; and related health topics.

Types of Material:         Journal articles, including all state pharmacy journals; and abstracts of presentations from
                           the annual meetings of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA), the American
                           Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and the American Society of Health-System
                           Pharmacists (ASHP)

Printed Tool(s):           International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA)

Years Covered:             1970 to date           Frequency of Updates:             Quarterly

Database Producer:         American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Vendor:                    SilverPlatter Information, Inc.

Computer Platform:         Available for Windows, WWW, and Mac (These instructions are for the WWW.)

 List of Fields: TI      Title of article                                  AU       Author
                AD       Author address                                    SO       Source
                AB       Abstract                                          PY       Publication year
                CO       Coden                                             LA       Language
                RF       Number of references                              DE       Descriptors
                CP       Country of publication                            PT       Publication type
                LS       Language of summary                               PC       Pharmacologic classification
                SC       Subject category                                  DR       Drug names
                HU       Human indicator                                   UD       Update code
                RN       CAS registry number                               AN       Accession number
                IS       International Standard Serial Number

To search:
         By keyword: Enter a word or brief phrase in the Find box. You can choose to search for these words
Anywhere, or just in the Title, Author or Subject fields. Anywhere is assumed; indicate the other choices by clicking in
the circles next to them, if you wish. Some occurrences of the term(s) may not be relevant. To retrieve all relevant
records, you must think of every possible way an author might have described your concepts (e.g. elderly or geriatric
or senior or aged, etc., for people 65 and over).
         By subject category: Click on [Index] to use the preferred index terms assigned to the articles. Choose
the index SC – Subject Category from the pull-down menu. Type in a word or brief phrase in the Subject: box. Click
on [Go to Term]. From the list presented, mark off the term(s) you wish to search by clicking in the box to left of
each term. If you click on more than one, they will be connected by the "OR" operator in a search statement. Click
[Search Checked Subjects] to begin search.

    f:apps/ref/onepage/webspirs ipa 0108-rj.doc
  Other searchable fields: Click on [Search Builder]. Type the term you wish to search in the Term: box and
  highlight the field to search in. For example, to search for an author, type last name, first and middle initials (e.g.,
  hughes ja) and highlight Author field. To search for a journal title, use the official NLM abbreviation (see List of
  Serials Indexed for Online Users) and hyphens between parts of the title (e.g., j-am-pharm-assoc) and highlight
  Source field.

Truncation symbol: * This symbol after a word root will retrieve all words starting with that root (e.g., toxic* will get
                     toxic, toxicology, or toxicity.)

To combine sets:         In the lower half of the search screen, combine search sets by using the logical operators
                         AND, OR, and NOT. Click on the boxes to left of the sets you want to combine. AND is
                         assumed. If you want to use OR, click on the circle next to the word OR. Don't try to use both
                         AND and OR in the same step. OR two statements; then AND the result with another set.
                                   AND will narrow your search; terms in both sets must be present
                                   OR        will broaden your search; terms in either set may be present
                                   NOT eliminates terms in second set from those in the previous set

To limit searches:       On Search Screen, type set # to be limited in the Find box. Two ways of limiting appear below
                         this box.
                         By year - click on circle for: Any Year, 1997-1999, or enter years in the From and To boxes.
                         By language – Chose the language to limit your search results: English, French, Spanish,
                         German or Italian, by clicking on circles next to these words. For any other language, click on
                         [Set Other Limits].
                         Click on [Set Other Limits] to bring up Limit Search screen.
                         PY - Publication Year - same choices as under By year above.
                         CP - Country of Publication - highlight in pulldown box
                         LA - Language - highlight language in pulldown box
                         LS - Language of summary - highlight in pulldown box
                         HU - Human Indicator - highlight in pulldown box
                         SC – Subject Category – highlight in pulldown box
                         UD – Update Code – Choose Any Update or Latest Update by clicking in the appropriate
                                    circle. Or indicate a range of codes from the pulldown menus.
                         After choosing limits from one or more of the above, click on [Set limits].

  To view results: Citations from the most recent search appear on the screen. Click on [Change Display] to display
  the abstract, subject headings, etc. From the Search Screen, click on Display link to view records.

  To mark items for printing: Click on the box at the upper left corner of each record to be printed, or click on
  [Print], and print all records.

  To print: Click on [Print]. On the Print Records screen, choose which records (all, record number 1-10, or
  marked records), which fields (displayed fields, all fields, citation only, citation and abstract, or selected fields. For
  the latter, click on [Select fields] to see a list of choices.) You may also choose to include the search history, record
  numbers, and field labels (short, long, or both.) When all options have been selected, click on [Print Records].
  Then use Browser's File, Print menu selections.

  To download to a disk: Click on [Save Records]. On the Save Records screen, you will see same options as
  described under Print Records. When finished selecting options, click on [Save Records]. Choose the drive and
  directory and name the file. Click on [Close Window].

  To quit: Click on [Logout].

  For further help with database searching, call the
  Reference Desk at the UF HSC Library 352-392-3585.
  For HSC Library database access information, call the
  Informatics Lab at 352-392-3854.
  For the Borland Library, Jacksonville call 904-244-3240.

      f:apps/ref/onepage/webspirs ipa 0108-rj.doc
f:apps/ref/onepage/webspirs ipa 0108-rj.doc

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