2008 IPDPS PhD Forum by wL77Z5x


									TCPP 2008 IPDPS PhD Forum                                                                              Formatted

                                   Call for Posters – Closed                                           Formatted

In 2008, the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Parallel Processing launches
a new event as part of its flagship conference, IPDPS. The PhD Forum will be an
opportunity for graduate students to present a poster describing their thesis work to a to a
broad audience of both academic and industrial researchers from the parallel and distributed
computing community. The top submissions will receive travel awards made possible by

Objective: The objective of the PhD Forum is to help students establish contacts for                   Formatted
entering the job market and at the same time give representatives from industry and
academia a preview of state-of-the-art developments in parallel and distributed computing.

Event Description: The IPDPS 2008 PhD Forum will be held on Thursday, April 17th,                      Formatted
running concurrently with regular symposium technical sessions. Following the morning
keynote speech, the selected participants will have posters displayed in a room adjacent to
the conference break area and available all day for conference attendees to visit. Also
during the day – at a time to be announced – there will a special opportunity for participants
to meet conference attendees interested in learning more and to answer question

Submission Requirements:                                                                               Formatted

  1    1.        PhD Forum applicants should be recent or soon-to-be PhD candidates pursuing           Formatted
       topics in parallel and distributed processing in areas of interest suggested by the most
       recent IPDPS Call for Papers.
  2    2.       Submit a two-page extended abstract by January 15February 1, 2008 describing           Formatted
       the novelties and advantages of your dissertation work.
  3    3.        The submission should be prepared be in a two-column, with single--spacinged
       technical paper style; ; it should include title, brief abstract, keywords, and full contact
       information at the top; and be typed in at least 11-point font size. Additionally, you may
       iInclude as a footnote to the document’s title in the document the URL of a web page with
       relevant information such as defended thesis, thesis proposal, or peer-reviewed research
       articles. The two-page document should be prepared as a portable document file and sent
       as an attachment in email to tcpp-ipdps08-phdforum @impact.asu.edu.
  4    4.        The email subject should be: PhD Forum Submission – (your last name).
  5    5.         In addition to the attachment, the email should contain the following information:
            a)   Your full name as it appears on your department Web site.                             Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
            b)   The full name of the institution, including the department & program.
            c)   Contact information: email, snail-mail, telephone, fax.
            d)   Your current status in the PhD program, including date of completion.
            e)   The name and email contact for your advisor.
  6    6.       A separate email from your PhD advisor should be sent to the same email
       address, stating your status in the PhD program and providing an endorsement of your
       submission. The subject of this email should be: PhD Forum Endorsement – (your last

All of the above – the emailed Submission and email Endorsement – must be received by
January 15thFebruary 1st, 2008. Selection of meritorious submissions for poster
presentation will be done and notification will be made by the end of Januaryby the PhD
Forum Ppanel with the help of domain experts, as warranted by a particular submissions.
The notifications will be sent by first week of February 15th. The authors of the top
submissions will be eligible for TCPP sponsored travel scholarships, which are awarded
after the conference and will vary in amount depending upon funds available and travel
distance for recipients. Please address any questions or inquiries to the PhD Forum Chair
Sandeep Gupta (sandeep.gupta @asu.edu).

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