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Strategy Guide for the New Scholomance

Scholomance is like a dark Hogwarts, a school of magic for budding necromancers and
evil wizards. It sits within the ruins of Caer Darrow in the Western Plaguelands, and has
been in the game since it launched. With Mists of Pandaria, Scholomance has been
overhauled in the same way the Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep were retooled for
Cataclysm, and it has a heroic mode tuned for level 90 players.

Running the level 90 Scholomance will definitely be worthwhile. Like all heroic dun-
geons in Mists of Pandaria, the bosses will drop item level 463 blue equipment. How-
ever, the bosses in Scholomance will not be easy to defeat. Each boss has different
deadly tricks up their sleeve that players need to learn to counter.

Instructor Chillheart

This ghostly apparition is something of a dps check, a test of how much damage a
group of players can deal. In the first part of the fight, Instructor Chillheart will summon
a deadly ice wall that moves slowly across the room. This will kill any player it touches,
so it is important to move away from it and do enough damage to kill the boss’s physical
form before the ice becomes unavoidable.

During this phase the boss can use her Touch of the Grave ability to deal large amounts
of frost damage to the tank, so the tank and healer need to be aware and ready to use
cooldowns if necessary. The boss can also summon a frost bomb at a random player’s
feet, or wrap a player in ice to deal damage to players near him or her. The frost bomb
and ice wrap are both sparkly and shiny, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Once Instructor Chillheart’s physical form has been killed, the fight moves into the
second phase. This is a burn phase, where players focus intently on dealing as much
damage as possible. The magic that animated Instructor Chillheart will return to her
phylactery and to animate tomes around the room, which will attack the players. Play-
ers will want to destroy the phylactery as quickly as possible to avoid being killed by the
animated books.

Jandice Barov

Jandice Barov is an illusionist who will summon several clones at 66% and 33% health.
The clones will whirl around, dealing damage to all players, until the real Jandice’s illu-
sion is destroyed. In heroic mode, destroying the wrong clone will deal damage to all

Tanks also need to be aware of Jandice’s “Wondrous Rapidity” ability, which unleashes
a powerful cone attack in front of her. It is a good idea to tank Jandice so she is facing

away from the rest of the group, and once she starts casting this ability the tank can run
behind her to avoid it.


Rattlegore is a fight that requires the tank to pay close attention to the “Rusting” mech-
anic. Rattlegore’s blades have a stacking effect that causes more damage with each
successful melee strike, so tanks will take increasingly large hits from this boss. When
the damage gets too heavy, the tank should run away from Rattlegore just long enough
for the stacks of “Rusting” to fall off.

There are piles of bones in Rattlegore’s room that can be clicked to give a player a
charge of “Bone Armor.” This buff will absorb the damage from the bone spikes Rattleg-
ore periodically throws at random players. All players will want to keep the “Bone Ar-
mor” buff up if possible. In addition, all players need to be aware of ground effects, be-
cause the boss will engulf a section of the room in blue fire. This area of the fire will
grow each time Rattlegore casts it.

Lilian Voss

Lilian Voss first showed up in the Forsaken starting area, Tirisfal Glades, and can also
be found in the Scarlet Monastery. In Scholomance, Darkmaster Gandling turns her
against the players using powerful mind control.

During stage one of the boss fight, players are fighting Lilian’s physical body. It is help-
ful to stand at least 8 yards apart during this stage of the fight because Lilian will leap to
a random player and attack them and any nearby players. She will also pull all players
towards her and immediately after cast purple fire underneath each player. To avoid
damage, players can keep moving until patches of fire stop appearing.

Stage one lasts until Lilian’s health reaches 60%. At this point Darkmaster Gandling
rips out her soul and commands it to attack players. The Soul will fixate on a random
player, who will need to kite it around because it does a lot of damage to the fixated
player and to the party each time it hits. Lilian’s Soul cannot be taunted or tanked.

This stage of the fight lasts until Lilian’s Soul reaches 1% health, at which point Dark-
master Gandling reanimates her body to fight alongside the soul. Lilian’s body has the
same abilities it had in stage one and this stage ends when she has 1% health remain-
ing, at which point she tries to kill Darkmaster Gandling.

Darkmaster Gandling

Darkmaster Gandling is the final boss of the new Scholomance. Rather than melee, he
casts fire spells on the tank. Periodically he will summon a large number of ghouls that

need to be quickly killed. It’s important to burn down the ghouls with AOE spells before
they can attack the healer or dps.

Darkmaster Gandling will also often cast “Harsh Lesson” on a random player, which
teleports them to a study room full of monsters. The tank and dps can easily AOE the
monsters if they end up in a room, however a healer might have more difficulty. The
best strategy for a healer is to group up as many of the mobs as possible near a “Fresh
Test Subject.” Once grouped, the healer can dispel the magic effect “Explosive Pain”
from the test subject, releasing magical energy that damages all the other mobs. If the
tank is teleported to the study room, the healer needs to be ready to heal whichever dps
the boss attacks until the tank returns.

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