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Guide to Monk Specializations

The monk, recently added with Mists of Pandaria, is a powerful class that can fill all
three types of roles in a group setting. Monks can be tanks, defending the group and
taking hits from monsters, or they can be healers, restoring health to group members, or
they can be dps, dealing damage to the monsters to kill them quickly.

Players who want to quest may prefer dps monks, also known as Windwalkers, be-
cause they can kill monsters more quickly. Players who prefer to group and do dun-
geons might like the tanking specialization, called Brewmaster, or become healers,
known as Mistweavers. Windwalkers can be valuable members of a group as well. At
level 10, monks will gain access to talent specializations, and are able to choose
between the Windwalker, Brewmaster, or Mistweaver. Picking a specialization will give
players special abilities depending on which of the three they chose.

Brand new monks will notice that they have two resources, similar to paladins or war-
locks. These resources are energy, which starts at full and regenerates quickly, and chi,
which starts out empty and is built by using certain abilities. For example, the first ability
monks have, Jab, costs energy to cast, but generates chi. After a few levels, monks will
receive Tiger Palm which costs chi instead of energy and is more powerful.

For Windwalker monks, energy is used to power basic attacks, while chi fuels stronger
strikes. Most of the main abilities Windwalkers use are introduced early on, such as
Jab, which is available at level 1. Jab is the primary means by which Windwalkers gen-
erate chi. To spend their chi, they will initially want to use Rising Sun Kick to cause en-
emies to take more damage. Jab is used to build up more chi, which can be spent on
Fists of Fury, a stun that also does a large amount of damage. Monsters can be fin-
ished off by using another chi spender such as Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick. Windwalk-
ers should be able to kill ordinary monsters quickly. To increase the power of the Wind-
walker abilities, players should wear leather armor with Agility on it.

Brewmasters, the tanking monks, will also use energy and chi. Energy will be used for
basic attacks, and chi is consumed to fuel defensive abilities. Brewmasters have a spe-
cial ability called Stagger, which means that when an enemy hits them, they take some
of the damage right away and some of it over the next several seconds. Much of the
Brewmaster fighting style is involved with managing this damage. For example, the
Purifying Brew ability can cause the damage over time to dissipate. Other important
abilities include Blackout Kick, which increases parry and reduces damage, and Keg
Smash to generate chi. Brewmasters, like Windwalkers, will want leather armor with

Instead of energy, Mistweaver monks use mana to power their basic healing spells. In
addition to healing spells, they have abilities such as Eminence that turn some of the

damage they deal into heals for their group. Mistweavers can generate chi with heals
like Soothing Mist, a slow small heal that costs very little mana. To spend chi, they have
abilities such as Enveloping Mist, a much larger heal spell. A Mistweaver’s damage and
healing will be most benefited by leather armor with Intellect on it.

All monks have access to some useful abilities that are not necessarily used in every
fight. Monks can use Roll to quickly move forward several yards. The Detox ability re-
moves diseases and poisons from players and Resuscitate revives dead allies. Monks
can cast Legacy of the Emperor to give themselves and their allies increased stats. The
monk class is useful in almost every situation, solo or in a group.

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