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Guide to Mists of Pandaria Factions

On the newly discovered continent of Pandaria, there are several factions for players to
earn favor with. Many of these factions will award better gear to players with a high
reputation. For most factions, players earn reputation through daily quests. Tabards
are typically rewards once a player is exalted with a faction, and so cannot be used to
gain reputation.

In the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the Golden Lotus faction investigates the mogu threat.
Players can help them out by doing a series of daily quests to help fight the mogu.
These quests start in the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit and will guide
players to the main quest hub for the Golden Lotus. At Honored status, players can pur-
chase gear for Justice Points, a currency obtained by running dungeons. At Revered,
players can buy better gear for Valor Points, obtained by fighting through heroic dun-
geons and raids. At exalted, vendors will sell special cranes that players can ride as
mounts. Leatherworkers and tailors will want to buy crafting patterns available to
Honored players.

The August Celestials, guardians of Pandaria’s temples, also sell Justice Point gear to
players that are Honored, and Valor Point gear to players that are Revered. Enchanters
will want to reach revered to buy bracer enchants as well. Exalted players can buy a
cloud serpent mount and a tailoring pattern for a Royal Satchel, a 28 slot bag. Reputa-
tion with the August Celestials is gained through daily questing, where players defend
temples from attack.

The Order of the Cloud Serpent is the faction players will need to please if they want to
ride cloud serpents, long slender dragon-like mounts unique to Pandaria. Getting exal-
ted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent also makes it possible to have cloud serpent
battle pets. Gaining reputation with this faction involves raising a cloud serpent egg as
well as doing daily quests. Jewelcrafters will want to gain this reputation to buy the pat-
terns for the jeweled panther mounts. In addition, players can buy vanity items for their
pets, such as a cloud ring for the pet to jump through.

The Shado-Pan faction fights the shadowy and deadly Sha in Kun-Lai Summit and
Townlong Steppes. They sell both Justice Point and Valor Point gear, and at Revered,
enchanters can buy recipes for weapon enchants. At exalted, players can buy tiger
mounts and a Shado-Pan style helmet that can be used for transmogrification. Players
can do daily quests in three different areas to gain this reputation.

Blacksmiths will be raising their faction with the Klaxxi, a race of insects in the Dread
Wastes, to buy blacksmithing recipes once they reach Honored. Justice Point gear can
also be bought at honored, and Valor Point gear can be bought at Revered. Players
who make it to Exalted can buy distinctive amber weapons to use for transmogrification,

and an amber scorpion mount similar to the Horde scorpion mount. To start gaining fac-
tion with the Klaxxi, players should pick up the quest “Psycho Mantid” given by Marks-
man Lann on the Terrace of Gurth in the Dread Wastes.

Players who wish to gear up by spending Valor or Justice Points will likely need to gain
reputation with every major faction. The items are split so that one faction might have
gloves and boots, while another has trinkets. The cap limiting the number of daily
quests that can be done in one day has been removed, however, so it is easier for play-
ers to gain reputation with different factions.

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