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					                      For more than 20 years we have provided better conferences

A better way to plan and manage your events
Short on time & resources? Let us be part of your conference team to find the perfect venue, to provide and support the
online registration process, to co-ordinate the event logistics and if necessary be onsite to assist on the day…. use our
experience and systems to help you!

   online registration                          event logistics                        venue search
   24/7 access for you and                      Hosting a conference                   Go online to access over
   your delegates anywhere in                   without the necessary                  850 conference venue
   the world. Register "securely"               resources or systems? Let              profiles throughout
   online right up to the last                  us support you with our                Australia, New
   minute with dedicated                        experience, system and                 Zealand and the Asia-
   helpline support and a full                  processes to ensure the                Pacific region. Simply tag
   range of reporting                           event runs smoothly. Let               the venues of interest and
   functionality.                               us be part of your event               let our knowledge &
                                                team!                                  experience work for you!
                     For more than 20 years we have provided better conferences

Seamless Event
 Reliability
 Attention to detail
 Complete support and advice
 Experience
 Process

 Host an event you know will be successful. Arrive on the day knowing all logistics are in good hands. We can
 give you the support you need.

 A little or a lot

 You determine the level of input you want to have – do you want everything taken care of? We can manage the
 whole event or just the parts you don’t want to do and guide you through the process from concept to the actual
 day. Over 21 years of experience allow us to offer you every service you want – and those you didn’t even know
 you wanted, keeping your event within budget, delivered on time and with the best results.

 A place like no other

 Of course one of the most important aspects of your conference is... the venue. Looking for the perfect venue -
 especially at the perfect price - is tiresome and often confusing. We assist you to not only find the right venue but
 understand comparative costs. You need to know if you are comparing apples to apples. Once you decide on the
 perfect venue we go that one step further and ensure the venue contract complies with your requirements;
 deposits, final numbers, wash dates – avoid the penalties hidden in the fine print!
                     For more than 20 years we have provided better conferences

Success is in the detail

Attention to detail is one of the most important parts of conference logistics. You want to be assured all the little
niggling details are taken into consideration. We work tirelessly to ensure everything on-site is accounted
for. Audio visual set up, floor plans, seating, catering, speakers, sponsors, conference programs, exhibitors and of
course registration/help desk. With years of experience we've formed great contacts and established sophisticated
processes that work time, and time again.

Let's be creative

Need outside activities? We can develop a range of team building activities for delegates; sporting challenges, art,
fashion, movies, life style both indoor and outdoor for people development or simply old fashioned fun.
Depending upon where your conference is to be held let us source your conference activities for you.

Where are your delegates?

We supply you with a customised portal where your delegates can register for your event right up to the last
minute. They can do this from the comforts of their own home or office – anytime. Our customised online
delegate registration not only makes it easy for your delegates to register but with the addition of our help desk
your conference attendees have all the information they need at their fingertips without bothering you.

Shop in our Web Conferencing Store

We provide for you a single source from which to choose a range of conferencing technologies to enhance the
value of your conference; Streaming Media Services, Interactive Data Capture, Video Production and Video


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