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In order to operate this device correctly and freely as soon as possible, please read all
documents coming with the device carefully before using your new player.
1, Precaution
This player is a complete new digital device. It can support MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA,
WMV, ASF, WAV and so on. Sincerely hope that you can enjoy it with the perfect
voice quality, high reliability and fashionable appearance.
The manufacturer has the right to make any change to this manual without notify.
2, Note:
2.1 Please get the battery out if you do not use the device for a long time to avoid
any damage caused by the battery leakage.
2.2 Do not use this device in the extremely thermal, cold, dusty and watery
2.3 Please confirm the ‘Hold’ key have been in unlocked position before use..
2.4 Prevent device from colliding with the hard objects. Otherwise, it may cause the
surface abrade or batteries peeling off or damage other hardware.
2.5 Please replace the batteries in the under-mentioned circumstances:
          a)     The icon of battery is empty and keeps flashing.
          b)     The system power off automatically and power off again after
          C)     Operating keys do not respond and keep so even the battery be
          removed and reloaded.
2.6 Do not use this device under the particular dry circumstances as much as possible
to prevent the static electricity.
2.7 Do not disconnect the device suddenly when it is being formatted or during
uploading and downloading. Otherwise, there may be errors occurring in the programs.
2.8 When using this device as USB Flash Disk, the user shall save and export
documents correctly in accordance with the operation methods of document
management. Any improper operation method may cause the documents missing, and
the manufacturer is not responsible for above things.
3 The player features
, Support MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV music format
, Support Stereo FM (Optional)
, Support Udisk.
, Support lyrics display synchronization
, Support 128*32 dot LCD
, 7 color backlight and 8 individual backlight color
, Firmware upgrade function
, 7 kinds of voice equalizer
, Support Normal, Single repeat, directory play and repeat, repeat all, random play,
intro play
, Animation menu
, Support multi-languages such as Chinese GB, Chinese Big5 and English…
, 72 hours over-long record (256MB) and VOX record.
, Support 9 one-class folders and 99 playable files in each folder.
, Support to delete single file or all songs or file directly.
, Remembrance function
, Replayed read, following read and contrast function.
4 Accessories:
(1), MP3 player.…………..1 PC
(2), Stereophonic earphone ..…1 PC
(3), The MP3 CD Driver .….1 PC
(4), Product instruction book ..……..1 PC
(5), USB cable .……………….….1 PC
5 Computer scheme
(1), Pentium 100 MHz are above
(2), Windows 95/98/2000/ ME/XP
(3), USB interface
(4), CD- ROM driver
(5), HD free space is 15 MB above
(6), 32MB or higher memory
6 Function instruction
The player includes six work modes, ‘MUSIC MODE’, ‘RECORD MODE’, ‘VOICE
MODE’, ‘FM MODE’,’TELEBOOK’ AND ‘SYSTEM SETUP’. The six modes could
switch in the main menu.

6.1 The player appearance interface
                                (   2 )               (   1 0 )            (   1 1 ) (   1 2 )

        (   1 )
                  (       4 )             (    3 )

   (   1 3 )

                      (    9 )
                             (      8 )        (   7 )      (   6 () 5 )

                                              H O L D V O VL O L +


                                      (       1 4 )
                       (2)          (7) (10) (6) (5)

                 (4)         (3)

          (13)                                         (11)



6.2 The function instruction
(1), ()  Turn on/play/pause/stop/turn off
(2), MODE  Switch modes, menu selection
(3), ()  NEXT/F.F./NEXT STEP
(4), ()  PREV/F.B./PREV STEP
(5), (+)Volume increase/fast increase
(6), (-) Volume decrease/fast decrease
(7) ‘HOLD’  Keyboard lock switch
(8) ‘‘  Earphone standard jack
(9) MIC  microphone output port
(10),  LCM screen
(11), USB  USB Port
(12),  USB cover
(13),  Ribbon keyhole
(14),  Battery door
6.3 Key function
      Key press includes short press, long press, press and single press. Without
especial instruction, all the press indicates short press.
(1), click the key, come into force at once.
(2), click the key more than 3 seconds, come into force at once, and only come into
force once.
(3), Single press: Press the key and it will come into force until you loose the key
(4), Press: It will come into force many times during the certain frequency from you
press the key until you loose the key, such as fast forward and back forward
6.4 Graphic LCD interface
This device uses 128*32 dot LCD

7 Display & Operating explain instruction
7.1 open player
Long press’‘,then the player is opened and enter into the previous working
mode when the player is powered off
7.2 Main Menu
Long press ’MODE’ and then enter into main men. It shows as bellows:

     You could switch among lots of options through press ‘‘ and ’‘. Then short
press ‘MODE’ to enter into the submenu or enter the function.
Details for main menu as bellows:

7.3 Stop sub menu
Press ‘MODE’ enter into stopping submenu under the status of main menu

7.3.1 Select different menu(stop submenu)
The user can put the different file into the different menu(the menu should be made in
computer previously) in order to make it easier to sort out the file. The device can
recognize 9 first class sub folder.
A, Under stop status. For example: in music mode, you can select directory when it is
recording and playing

                               Olympic Game
B, Press ’MODE’ to stop submenu
C, Press ’MODE’ again to enter into selection interface

D, Press’‘or’‘to select in the directory
E, Press ’MODE ’to confirm the selected directory
Remark: Under connection with computer, enter into movable Disk and setup file
directory, Music mode, voice recording mode, playing mode can set up the
corresponding directory respectively. That is the corresponding mode maybe is not a
same directory.
7.3.2 Delete file(Stop submenu)
7.3.3 You can delete the corresponding file and save the channel under the status of
music mode, playing mode and FM mode
A, In Stop interface. (FM without stop interface)

    Olympic Game
B, Short press ’MODE’ to enter into submenu

C, Push ‘‘or’‘ to select ’single file’ or ‘all file’ in the menu
D, Short press ’MODE’ to enter into delete interface
E, Push ’‘ or ’‘ to change ‘NO’ to be ’YES’
F, Press ’MODE’ to confirm and begin to delete
Warning: ‘Del all’ will delete all the related files under the present directory of the
present mode(For example: delete all the files under music mode and can not delete
the recording files).
More simple under FM interface, it only can do until the 3rd step and deleted is
preset channel.
Please plug the USB cable out after the safe injection when delete the files in the
computer. Otherwise it will show that the file has not been deleted.
7.4 Music playing mode
Under the menu status, press’‘or’‘ to select ‘music mode’.

Press ’MODE’ to enter into ’music mode’.

    Olympic Game
7.4.1Key operation
Form: (2)
           Actio      Stop          Playing         Play            Stop
           n          mode          mode            submenu         submenu
           Long       Power off     Power off       Power off       Power off
           Short      Play          Stop            Exit            Exit
                    Enter into    Enter into     Enter into     Enter into
                    main          main menu      main menu      main menu
 MOD                menu
 E                  Enter into    Enter into     Confirm or     Confirm or
                    stopping      playing        go      into   go      into
                    submenu       submenu        further        further
                    Next          Next play      Move           Move
                                                 submenu        submenu
                    Intro         FF             Forward        Forward
                    forward                      continuousl    continuousl
                    continuo                     y              y
                    Previous      Previous       Move           Move
                                  and play       submenu        submenu
                   Intro         Fast           Backward       Backward
                    backward      backward       continuousl    continuousl
                    continuo                     y              y
           Short    Vol+ step     Vol+ step
                                                 X              X
 Vol+      press    by step       by step
           Press    VOL+          VOL+           X              X
                    VOL-          VOL- step
                    step by       by step        X              X
 Vol-      press
           Press    VOL-          VOL-           X              X

7.4.2 Playing music submenu
Enter into ‘playing music submenu’ through press ‘MODE’ when is playing the music,
including : ‘Repeat’, ‘EQ Select’, ‘Tempo rate’, ‘Replay’, ‘Replay times’, ‘Replay
gap’, ‘Exit’. You can select different playing mode and after confirmation then it can
play according to the selection.
Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select, press ’MODE’ to confirm.
Repeat mode

            Form: (3)
                                          Continue to play the music in
                                          the next directory after finish
              (Normal)                    playing the present directory,
                                          until finish playing all the files
                                          Repeat to play only one song
              ( Repeat One)
                                          Play all the music in the folder
                                          Repeat to play all the music in
                (Repeat Folder)           the folder
                                          Repeat to play all the music
              (Repeat All)
                                        Play the music in the present
              (Random)                  directly randomly
                                        Play the first 10s from the
              (Intro)                   present folder according to the
                                        certain turns
  Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select, press ’MODE’ to confirm
EQ mode
There are 7 EQ which you can select:
Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select, press ’MODE’ to confirm.
C, Playing speed
You can select different playing speed and there is no any change in the voice when
playing music (only for MP3 file).

Push ’‘ to increase the speed, Push ’‘ to decrease the speed

Remarks: Speed change will be for every song until you change the speed again.
D, Repeat Mode
, Replay
Enter into Replay, ’A’ will twinkle in the repeat icon           ’A’ to wait for the
confirmation of the beginning point A.
Push ’‘ to confirm the starting point A, push again ‘‘ to confirm the ending point
B. Then it can repeat A-B again and again until it reach the setting times then it exit
Replay. And you can short press’‘ to confirm the starting point A.
Under Repeat mode, you can set ‘playing speed’ by press VOL+ or VOL-
, Follow (there is no function in music playing mode)
Short press ’‘ to enter into Follow in A-B, and the repeat icon’        ‘change to be
A-B icon ’   ‘ and now it begin to record the user’s voice, time length is the same as
A-B. When it reach the time and then it begin to play the original voice and the icon
change to be ‘   ‘,now you can press’‘ to enter into compare function.
Under this condition to press ‘‘ to return to ’Follow’
, A-B compare function (except music play)
After enter into comparison function, repeat icon change to be ‘    ‘,and begin to play
the original voice. After playing, the icon change to be ‘    ‘,and begin to you’re your
voice. After playing, it begin to play the original voice again and again (No limitation
by ‘A-B times’) until you press ’MODE’ to exit.
Under this status, push’‘ to return to ‘Follow’.
Short press ‘MODE’ to exit the repeat mode under the above 3 modes
E, Repeat times

Press ’MODE’ to enter into repeat times setting, Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select and
press ’MODE’ to confirm
 Repeat times decide after how many times for A-B it can exit
F, Repeat time

Press ’MODE’ to enter into repeat time setting press ’‘ or ’‘ to select and
press ’MODE’ to confirm
Repeat time decides how long it will stop from the last playing to present playing
7.4.3 Lyrics display synchronization
This device support ’*.lrc’ file( The user can download the lyric file from the internet)
to realize Lyrics display synchronization.
How to use Lyrics file?
Keep the same name of lyrics file and the song in accordance.
For example: olympic.mp3
How to know if there is lyric or not?
If there is matching lyric then a icon ’   ‘ on the above left corner will become to be
‘    ‘
A, Found matching Lyric
B, Long press ’MODE’ to enter into lyric interface
C, Lyric display
D, Short press ’MODE’ to return to music mode
E, Short press ’VOL-’, ‘VOL+’ to turn on the page to read the lyric
Remarks: 1, The lyric content can not more than 500 words.

7.5 Record Mode
This device support to save 99 recording file under every directory
A, Select ‘Record mode’ among main menu

B, Press ’MODE’ to enter into ‘Record Mode’.
C, Short press’‘ to start record
D, Short press again’‘to pause record (time is twinkling).
E, Press ’‘ thirdly to continue to record
F, Long press ’‘to stop record.
The recorded file save in the set present directory of ‘record stop submenu’.
If there is ‘space full’ appears on the screen, it shows that there is no enough space
to record new file, please delete other files to assure there is enough space.
If there is ‘directory full’ appears on the screen then it shows there is 99 directories
already, please change another directory.
Select Record mode
A, In record stop interface

B, Short press ’MODE’ to enter into recording submenu

Press ’‘or’‘to select, press ’MODE’ to enter into the selected item.
A, Select recording files and saving directory
Directory folder should be set in the computer
Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select, press ’MODE’ to confirm.
B, Select Record ’record type’
Press ’‘ or ’‘ to select, press ’MODE’ to enter into the selected.
    : Fine record, wav format with good voice quality
    : Long time record, act format, normal voice quality
    : Fine voice control, wav format(Voice control record, it will stop record if there is
no sound
    : Long time voice control, act format
Press ’‘or’‘to select, press ’MODE ’to confirm.
     1, The time will display as ‘Hour: minute’ when the recorded time is over
     2, Under record status, if it shows low battery, the system will save the present
recording file automatically and stop recording and indicate the low battery, then the
user should change the battery.
     3, If you cut off the power during recording then the recording file can not be
     4, Every directory can only support 99 recording files. The system will indicate
  ‘Out of amount!’ when a file is full.
     5, System will indicate’ Out of space’ when the disk is full.
7.6 Voice mode
Select ‘Voice mode’ under the main menu

Press ’MODE’ to enter into ’Voice mode’.

7.6.1 Stop submenu
Under the stop status, Press ’MODE’ to enter into submenu
7.6.2 Select different directory (Stop submenu)
The user can put the different record file into the different directory(The directory
should be set in the computer),in order to make it easy for file. The device support 9
one class subdirectories.
A, In stop interface

B, Press ’MODE’ to enter into stop submenu

C, Press ’MODE’ again to enter into directory selection interface

D, Press ’‘or ‘‘to select among the directory

E, Press ’MODE’ to confirm the selected item.
Remark: Under connection status, enter into movable disk to set up the file directory.
You can set the corresponding single directory in Music mode, Record mode, Voice
mode. That is the 3 modes maybe is not in accordance with the same directory.
Delete file (Stop submenu)
The user can delete the corresponding file and save the channel under music
mode, voice mode and FM mode.
A, In stop interface. (FM no stop interface)

B, short press ’MODE’ to enter into stop submenu
C, Push ‘‘or’‘to select ‘single file’ or ‘all files’ among the menu
D, Short press ’MODE’ to enter into delete interface
E, Push ‘‘or’‘ to change ‘NO’ to be ’YES’
F, Press ’MODE’ to confirm, start to delete

7.6.3 Voice play
Key operation refer to Form
7.6.4 Voice play mode selection
Press ’MODE ’to enter into play mode selection under play mode status

A, Repeat mode:
Refer to Form(3)
B, Tempo rate:
     Refer to 7.4.2,C.
C, Repeat Mode:
Voice play mode only support Replay, refer to7.4.2D.
7.7 FM mode
Select ‘FM Mode’ in the main menu
Press ’MODE’ to enter into FM mode

In ‘FM mode’, short press ’MODE’ to enter into submenu of FM mode
Brief introduction to each operation in main menu
, Search
Select search mode icon in the submenu of FM mode, short press ’MODE’ to enter
into search mode as bellows:
A, Select FM mode :
      Push ‘‘ or ’‘to fast forward or back forward to make single 100KHZ search
the channel;Press ’‘or’‘ 2 second, the player will search automatically, and stop
on the searched channel. If you want to stop search, then push ’‘ or’‘ to stop
B, Select FM Mode:
Push ‘‘or’‘to save the searched channel according to the certain turns.
C, Select automatic search:
Complete automatic search will search all the channel(87.5M~~108M) automatically
and will save all the channel automatically
, Search grade
There is total 8 grades. Higher grade, the higher demand for signals.
, Save channel
Can save the searched channel.
, delete channel
Can delete the saved channel
, Select band

In the FM menu, choose           marks, short press 'MODE’ key enter into the menu
of Select band, press ‘’ or ‘’. Key to choose the band (FM 87 - 108MHz) or (FM
76 – 90MHz).
, Record function
In the sub-menu of FM, choose               marks, short press ‘MODE’ enter into
recording menu, press ‘’ or ‘’ key to choose the recording mode, and short press
‘MODE’ key to enter into the recording.
Noted: if the channel is stereo channel, the LCD will show          .
7.8 Using the Tel Book
A, Choose ‘Tel Book’ in the main menu
B, Short press ‘Mode’ key enter into ‘Tel mode’
C, The function menu:
                             1. Browse TEL
                             2. Import Tel File
                             3. Export Tel File
                             4. Exit
  1.       Browse Telephone number files: Press Next or Prev key down or up to move
           the bar on screen to select record. The sign of Prev is blink to show the
           number not ending, press Vol+ key forward to browse the left. The sign of
           NEXT is blink to show some records being ahead, press Vol- key to browse.
           Press Play key to return starting menu.
          In state of browsing telebook, press Mode key to return the starting menu.
   2. Importing telebook files: Use the program of Telbook.exe to edit telephone
        number information and to save into TEL_SAVE.BIN, and then copy the file of
        tel_save.bin to Mp3’s boot directory.
  3. Exporting telebook files: Turn on your MP3 player to select the function of
        export telebook, in boot directory the file of tele_expt.bin is a exporting
        telebook,. copy it to your computer and edit it.
7.8. System Menu
Choose ‘System’ in the main menu
short press ‘MODE’ key to enter into the sub-menu, as bellows:

                   Record time setup
Back light setup

Languages selection

Power off setup

Replay mode setup

Contrast setup

Back color

Online mode

Memory info



Firmware version

Firmware upgrade

, ’Record time’ setup
    A. in the sub-menu, choose ‘Record time’,
    B, short press ‘MODE’ key enter into this sub-menu

    C, short press VOL+ or VOL- to set time

   D, Press ‘’ or ‘’ key to adjust number
   E, Press ‘Mode’ key to confirm and exit
, ‘Back light’ setup
   A, in the sub-menu, choose ‘Backlight’
   B, short press ‘MODE’ key enter into this sub-menu

     C, Press ‘’ or ‘’ key to adjust time
     D, Short Press ‘Mode’ key to confirm and exit
, ‘Language’ setup
A, in the sub-menu, choose ‘Language’
B, short press ‘MODE’ key enter into this sub-menu
C, Press ‘’ or ‘’ key to choose
                          CN          Simple Chinese
                          U S         English
                          TW          Trade Chinese
                          JP          Japanese
                          KC         Korean
                          FR         French
                           IT        Italian
                           DE        German
                           ES        Spanish
                           Rd        Swedish
                           PU        Portugal
                           DU        Denmark
                           HO        Dutch
Short Press ‘Mode’ key to confirm and exit.

, ‘Power off’ setup
If no any ‘click’ within setting time at stop mode, player will automatically turns
power off. If select 0 second, it mean never automatically turns power off.
, ‘Replay’ setup
Operate as ‘back light’ setup
, ‘contrast’ setup
Operate as ‘back light’ setup
 back color’ setup
Operate as ‘language’ setup
1: Green
2: Red
3: blue
4: Green + Red
5: Green + Blue
6: Red + Blue
7: Green + Red+ Blue
8: Seven color round
, ‘Online Mode’
For operation method, please refer to ’language’.
    Some operation system (Windows 2K SP4 previous version) can not support one
    disk with two icon, So after using ‘Online mode’ function, the user need to select
    the disk which you will use now, that is ‘multi drive’, ‘normal only’, ‘encrypted
    only’, so that the selected disk is showed after connecting with computer.
, ‘Memory info’
player will show capacity of memory and percentage of taken up.
, ‘Animation’
      Operate as ‘language’ setup
, ‘Logo’ setup
       Operate as ‘language’ setup
, F/W Version
Select to enter ‘F/W Version’. User can examine firmware’s version to confirm
if it is newest.
, ‘F/W upgrade’

Noted: after short press ‘MODE’ key to confirm the setup, can short press ‘’ to
fast exit menu, short press ‘’ can fast exit submenu at any time.

7.9 USB Flash Disk
     Connect player to PC’s USB port and waiting, it will enter into USB Flash
     Disk mode. This player can be used as standard USB Disk.
     When PC and Player transfer data, don’t do any operation at this time.
     Player will resume to Music playing states directly (no need battery) after
     the disconnection with PC, or right click mouse in PC to eject player (Note:
     Some PC system will show ‘The equipment is pulled out’), or ‘click’ ‘Mode’
     key when USB Flash Disk have stop transfer file.
There are 3 status after the player connecting with PC
A, Rest

B,   Download dates

C,   Upload dates

7.10 Upgrade
This player can be upgraded from the tool software which is installed
A, Long press ‘mode’ key to enter into main menu

B, Press ‘’ key to choose ‘system’ setup
C, short press ‘MODE’ key enter into sub-menu
D, Press ‘’ key to choose ‘F/W upgrade’
E, short press ‘MODE’ key enter into ‘F/W upgrade’

F, Run ‘MP3 Player Update’, choose ‘new version file’ button
G, choose the program (can find it in the CD or download from the website of

H, Click ‘start to upgrade’ button, the system start to upgrade the player.
J, the player show bellows after successful upgrading software

 Warning: This program can just be used by the person who is professional to
    repair this machine.
  This upgrade maybe can cause the machine can not work again because of the
  incorrect operation.

8, Online Mode: multi drive, normal only, encrypted only
    The normal MP3 user can be troubled by ‘Material Leakage’ and they would not
    like others to read themselves’ personal data’, they only can delete this ‘private
    data’ when their friends borrow their MP3, which it cause big trouble.
    From today on, the ‘Online mode’ function in this device will solve this problem
    The user can divide the USB disk to be 2 parts by any rate by the tool for the
    device, (user can see 2 disk icon, For Windows2K, user should install SP4,
    otherwise user only can see one disk icon, if the user would like to see the other
    icon, it must be in system setting/online mode’ to select ‘multi drive’, ‘normal
    only’, ‘encrypted only’.) And can hide the password protect part (the user also
    can divide 2 disks without password protect). No password then can not visit this
    encrypted partition. This is the advantage of ‘Online Mode’ Function.
A, Connecting the player with computer.
B, Run the installed program MP3 Player Disk Tool

C, Firstly the user can see the format tool, select ’Partition and password protect’ and
  select the suitable space for the password protected disk and then set up username
  and password, input ‘New username’ in inputting username, input ‘new password ’
  in the inputting password, after confirming ‘new password’, click ’start’, then it start
  to divide disk.
D, After dividing the disk, it shows as bellows:
E, Press ’Yes’ then the computer will restart, confirm and restart the computer then ok.
     After restarting, you can see 2 disks (you only can see 1 disk if it is the previous
     Windows 2K SP4 version),click and check the encrypted protected disk(the
     second),there are 3 files, 2 of then is hidden files and another one is EXE file.

G, Run ’RdiskDecrypt.exe’, Input the username and password, if it is correct, then can
open the disk and can read the file in the disk.
H, Every time you connect the player with computer, only after inputting username
and password then can open the encrypted protected disk

Remark: The data in the disk will be deleted if you divide one disk to be two. Please
   backup the data. The same as incorporating the disk
Warning: Please do not miss your username and pin otherwise you cannot use the
   encrypted partition. And you can cancel the encrypted partition only by
   incorporation then the file in the encrypted partition will be lost.
9 Key Lock
     ‘HOLD’ is after ON, then the key will be locked. Hold icon will light.
Remark: When connecting PC with player to transfer the data, any operation is
forbidden. During this period, do not get out the USB in order to avoid data
transferring not completely or player damage.
10 Specifications
                Memory                    64/128/256MB/512MB.1024MB

               File type                MP1/MP2/MP3/WMA/WMV/ASF/WAV

               FM                       76MHz – 96MHz / 87MHz – 108MHz
              FM sensitive            6dB (100MHz)

              LCD                     128*32 dot

              Back Color              7 color backlight(optional)

              Language                Chinese GB, English, Chinese Big5,
                                      Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German,
                                      Spanish, Swedish, Portugal, Denmark, Dutch
              Battery                 1.5V/ ‘AAA’ x 1

              WMA, WMV, ASF           32 Kbps - 384 Kbps
              Bit Rate
              MP3 Bit Rate            8 Kbps - 448 Kbps

              Frequency range         20Hz-20KHz

              S/N radio               85dB

              Voice Recording /       AG8 / 72 hrs (256M)
              Dimension               84mm×30mm×17mm

              Operating System        Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, and MAC OS 9.X
                                      and Linux2.4.2 or above

11   Trouble shorting

                Can not powered on
           Is battery installed? Install one AAA battery.

           Is battery installed in right polar position? Reinstall battery
            as indicated mark on MP3 player.

           Is battery capacity exhausted? Replace with a new battery.

   Button not working

           Check “HOLD” switch to see if it is at lock position;
            change it to unlock position.

   Be powered off not long after turned on.

           Low battery level, replace with a new AAA battery.

   Can not find disk in PC when connected to USB Port

           Is USB cable well connected to PC or local USB port?

           Is USB in good condition? Is it damaged?

           Is PC BIOS corrected configured?               (correct:   USB
            ENABLED; wrong: USB DISABLED)

           Is driver correctly installed? Reinstall driver.

           Does your PC support USB port? Upgrade your
            motherboard driver

   No sound when playing

           Sound too low. Adjust volume.
                  Not proper memory system, reformat with “FAT” system.

                  Please be sure of the clearance of the earphone and there is
                   no anything wrong with the earphone

                  There is some noise in the damaged MP3 and even can not
                   play music, please assure that the file is complete

           Error occurs or stops when download or upload

                  Check if USB cable falls off from PC or MP3 player

           FM mode is not good

                  The place where you are only have the weak signal, please
                   search FM in the place of strong signal..

                  Adjust the player or the direction of the earphone.

           Can search the channel when searching automatically complete
            but can not save the channel

                  This device only save the temporary record when search
                   automatically each time, if want to save the channel, should
                   exit FM mode and then press’‘to switch off then can
                   save channel. If power off before this way, then can not
                   save the channel

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