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                            N e w s l e t t e r No. 5
                           Academic Year 2009/2010                        Nairobi, 19th of March 2010

Dear Parents and Students,

We have all come to the end of a very long and work intensive few months. This is especially true for
our A-Level students. We are now finally allowed to rest during the Holidays, and celebrate Easter.
Happy Easter!

Looking Back

Reading by Hans von Loesch and Werner Zeppenfeld (3.2.)
Hans von Loesch, the author of the book “African Chess: Living with ghosts on the Kenyan Coast”,
visited the school on the 3rd of February 2010.
In the morning, he read to a very interested group of students from Class 9, and gave them an insight
into his life. In the evening, we hosted a good 50 listeners at an public reading in the library. Hans von
Loesch spoke about his life in Kenya. His “Ghost-Writer” Werner Zeppenfeld, the ARD Correspondent
in Nairobi took over the introduction and moderation of the evening, and contributed enormously to the
success of the event.
The event took place in conjunction with the Goethe Institut, where the reading was held the following
day. We thank Suse Semjank, who accommodated our guest from the coast, and looked after him
during his stay in Nairobi.

Swimming Gala 2010 (12.2.)
The “big ones” are all ready to start, and have already
showered before they get on the diving boards, while the
“little ones” look for their towels or lost flipflops! This
hustle and bustle is accompanied by music to suit
everyone’s taste, competently looked after by Ms. Schlie,
Mr. Semjank and their “technical team”. Almost the entire
school community has gathered at the Swimming Pool for
the annual Swimming Gala.
The races for Classes 9 – 5 began punctually. Class 10,
capably led by the main organiser Franz Baur,
                                                                         energetically record timings
                                                                         posted     by    the    young
                                                                         sportspeople, organise the
                                                                         students for the races to
                                                                         come, and ascertain the
                                                                         André Czikl, who was the
                                                                         Master of Ceremony for the
                                                                         second time this year, carried
                                                                         out his task with style and
                                                                         thereby contributed largely to
                                                                         creating a relaxed and happy
                                                                         The Gala continued with races
                                                                         from Classes 4 – 1, and finally
                                                                         ended with different games of
                                                                         the Primary School and the
                                                                         “Clothes Relay” of Classes 5 –
                                                                         9. The time the swimmers
                                                                         used to change was used by
                                                                         the “Dry Swimming Group”,
led by Andrea Mink for a grandiose dance display! After the Awards Ceremony, the official Gala was
over, and the “water disco” followed, which mainly meant throwing as many people as possible
(regardless of position in school) in the water.
Despite small (or in some cases not so small) injuries, the Swimming Gala was a resounding success,
a gathering of big and small people, and a whole lot of fun for everyone!
(Text: M. Fogt, Photo: C. Papathanasiou, C. Niehaus)

Swimming Gala 2010 – Results
                     Classes                                              Winner
 Class 1 Girls                                      Lucia Ruchti
 Class 1 Boys                                       Raphael Lange
 Class 2 Girls                                      Maisha Schlesinger
 Class 2 Boys                                       Karl Tenambergen
 Class 3 Girls                                      Antonia Czikl
 Class 3 Boys                                       Kieran Castelino
 Class 4 Girls                                      Anna Culley
 Class 4 Boys                                       Nyal Joslyn
 Class 5 Girls                                      Raquel Morell Kessler
 Class 5 Boys                                         Harman Bassi
 Class 6 Girls                                        Kristin Rudolph
 Class 6 Boys                                         Leon Rohde
 Class 7 Girls                                        Sofie Holstein
 Class 7 Boys                                         Alexander Blinninger
 Class 8 Girls                                        Victoria Czempinski
 Class 8 Boys                                         Dylan Diaz
 Class 9 Girls                                        Malena Rohde
 Class 9 Boys                                         Christopher Onoka

                 Best of Classes                                        Winner
 Classes    1    / 2 / 3 (20            m)    girls   Maisha Schlesinger
 Classes 1 / 2 / 3 (20 m) boys                        Karl Tenambergen
 Classes 4 / 5 (25 m) girls                           Kaya Schlesinger
 Classes 4 / 5 (25 m) boys                            Harman Bassi
 Classes 6 / 7 (50 m) girls                           Sofie Holstein
 Classes 6 / 7 (50 m) boys                            Leon Rohde
 Classes 8 / 9 (50 m) girls                           Malena Rohde
 Classes 8 / 9 (50 m) boys                            Christopher Onoka

         Class Relays                                                     Winner
 Class 1 against Class 2 (pool width)                 Class 2
 Class 3 against Class 4 8 x 25m                      Class 3
 Class 5 against Class 6 8 x 25m                      Class 6
 Class 7 - Class 8 - Class 9     8 x 25m              Class 9
         „Fishing of boards“                                              Winner
 Class 1 against Class 2                              Class 2
 Class 3 against Class 4                              Class 4

         „Clothes Relay“ (pool width)                                     Winner
 Class 5 against Class 6                              Class 6
 Class 7 – Class 8 – Class 9                          Class 9

    Teacher-Parents-Students-Staff-Relay                                 Positions
 Students                                             Position 1
 Teachers                                             Position 2
 Parents                                              Position 3
 Staff                                                Position 4

Carneval at the German School Nairobi
On the 16th of February, the Primary School and Kindergarten children
celebrated Carneval, or “Fasching”, as it is called in Germany. What a
colourful hustle and bustle it was, when all the princesses, witches, clowns,
knights, cowboys, ghosts and animals arrived! Fun and games took place
in the classes and in the Kindergarten in the first few lessons. The children
then gathered for a long parade through the classrooms, across the
courtyard and through the administrative buildings. To the great joy of the
kids, Mr. Schmerbeck had two lollipops each handy, which could also be
used as whistles!
The highlight of the day was the performance of the acrobats, who
presented several displays, including juggling acts with fire! The children
then played funny games, creating an atmosphere of fun. In the break,
they ate “Krapfen”, (jam-filled mandazis) typically eaten at Fasching.
As a closing ceremony, all the children met in the Sports Hall for a disco, and the Kindergarten
children ended the day with songs.
All the children and teachers agreed on one thing: Shame, that Fasching only comes once a year!

             (Foto: C. Niehaus, E. Aleynikova)

German School goes East Africa Model United Nations (EAMUN) (15.-19.2.)
The Class 9 participated in the annual EAMUN
conference that took place this year from the 15th
to the 19th of February on the UNON premises in
Gigiri. The students had spent a good part of the
year preparing for this event which – according to
some of them – was one of the best things about
being in class 9 (not only because of the week of
school missed)! They were allocated 3 countries,
namely Algeria, Colombia and Ukraine. They all
spent hours writing, going over and debating
their resolutions before the conference. And
finally the much awaited day arrived. On Monday
the 15th the students, dressed for the first time in
completely formal attire, were at the Brookhouse
School for the Lobbying Day where they had to
collect signatures for and against their resolutions. The next day, the conference got off to a flying start
                                                             at the UNON grounds after a moving
                                                             speech by the A24 Media Group Chairman
                                                             Mr. Salim Amin. After the speech, the
                                                             students were split up into their committees
                                                             (there are four per country – Economic,
                                                             Political. Ecology and Human Rights) and
                                                             spent the rest of the day and Wednesday
                                                             debating their resolutions which – if passed
                                                             – were debated on Thursday and Friday.
                                                             On Thursday however, Colombia ran into
                                                             problems. They were brought in front of the
                                                             ICJ (International Court of Justice) because
                                                             they had apparently been spraying drug
                                                             fields in Ecuador with toxic pesticides. Their
                                                             ambassador and a fellow delegate had to
                                                             hold their own against the Ecuadorian
                                                             delegation which they managed to do very
well considering that this was the first year that the school took part in the EAMUN. On Friday, after
another powerful speech by the EAMUN Secretary General and the handing over of the Executive
Committee, it all came to an end but for one more formality which was supposed to be the highlight of
the conference – the Ball. Some terribly exhausted after all the work they had put in, slept in the bus
(no names mentioned!) while others danced the night away. All the students voiced only one opinion –
it was extremely fun and there is no way they are missing out on next years edition of the EAMUN!
(Chris Onoka, Klasse 9)

Written A-Level Examinations (22.02 – 26.02)
Our 6 students in Class 12 have completed the written part of their A-Level examinations. The
examinations have been corrected by the respective subject staff, and are now with the receiving body
in Germany.

School leavers‘ excursion (1.-5.3.)
The excursion of class 12 to Mombasa from 1. to 5. of March.

Regional Workshop in the Kindergarten (4. – 6.3.)
A Teacher Training Workshop, “Essential aspects of
Work in the Kindergarten” took place at the
Kindergarten of the German School Nairobi from the
4th to the 6th of March 2010.Colleagues from German
Schools in Accra, Abuja, Lagos and Addis Ababa
participated in this Workshop. The 3 days were
packed with activities and lively exchanges of
experiences with regards to the themes of language
teaching, Foreign Language German, social education
and preparing to start school. On Friday the visitors
went to the UN Nature Trail with one of our groups.
They were very impressed with the variety of plants
and animals, and with the interest our children had in
observing these. All participants agreed unanimously,
that there should be a Workshop again next year, with emphasis on language education. (T. Berge)
National Geographic 2010 (5.3.)
                                             In this day and age of globalisation, the subject
                                             Geography affects almost all aspects of our lives and
                                             our environment. It is thus befitting that the National
                                             Geographic Competition (the biggest German
                                             Competition for 12 – 16 year old students) took place
                                             for the tenth time this year. In 2009, 245,000 students
                                             from all over Germany and from German Schools
                                             Abroad participated in the Competition. Geography
                                             experts in German Schools began competing against
                                             each other again since the end of January. The
                                             Competition       was    organised      by   NATIONAL
                                             GEOGRAPHIC GERMANY, in conjunction with VDSG,
                                             an association of German School Geographers, as well
                                             as the Publishing Company Westermann, which
produces the Diercke World Atlas, and which celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2008.
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Competition takes place at several levels, and based on their
performance, students can qualify for the next level. After the winners of Classes 5 – 10 had been
determined, the school competition took place. In a very exciting competition, Daniel Koch from Class
10 was the overall school winner. In second place was Tabita Stegen from Class 8, followed by
Konstantin von Gemmingen from Class 7. Prizes were given to the victors at an Awards Ceremony
held on the 5th of March. Daniel qualified as one of the winners of the German Schools Abroad
Competition, and will now compete against around 50 such winners. The best student of the German
Schools Abroad will then compete against the 16 provincial winners from Germany in the National
Finals in Hamburg on the 11th of June 2010. The tickets for the winner and an additional person to
accompany him/her will be paid for by the organisers of the event. In addition to receiving very
attractive prizes, the three best German students from the Competitions of 2009 and 2010 will
participate in a Geography-Olympiad NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC World Championship Competition.
We wish Daniel all the best!
(H. Mink)

The Opening of the Resource Centre of the German School Nairobi (11.3.)
                                          On the 11th of March 2010, the Headmaster of the school,
                                          Mr. Siegfried Schmerbeck opened the Resource Centre of
                                          the German School Nairobi. This centre now becomes one
                                          of the 14 such centres worldwide. Its role is to promote the
                                          German language and culture, in conjunction with
                                          colleagues from DAAD (German Academic Exchange
                                          Service) and the Goethe Institut. The Headmaster had the
                                          honour of inviting the German Ambassador, Margit
                                          Hellwig-Boette, and the East African Coordinator of CARE
                                          International Auma Obama, who holds a doctorate in
                                          German, as Guest Speakers.Two years worth of work,

enormous support from the German Foreign
Office, and exceptional commitment from Karin
Häggmark and Franz Bauer, the two teachers
currently responsible for the Resource Centre
were required to create this centre, in which,
“people can meet, learn and be creative”. Thus,
according to the German Ambassador, “the
German language could be one’s personal
gateway to the European Culture.”Two state of the
art computer rooms (for internet research and self-
study), and a library are now available for Kenyan
students and the teachers in the 60 schools in
Kenya, where German is taught. Our prominent
Guest Speaker, Auma Obama learnt German without the help of such a centre! She was awarded a
scholarship from DAAD, and studied in Heidelberg and Bayreuth, where she received her PhD. She
emphasised the “craziness” that she experienced in Germany, where she was able to organise her
studies herself, and which thus allowed her to “grow into an adult”. The Inter-Cultural German
Literature Studies allowed her to feel at home in Germany, as the degree lent itself well to seeing the
German Culture and Literature from many perspectives, as well as to be interpreted in several ways.
Auma Obama gave the audience a short insight into how she managed to get to Germany, and into
her life in Germany. She spoke about how she, as a “non-white” had to learn to assert herself in the
German society to become a respected individual. Yet she spoke of the other side of Germany, where
foreigners become victims. Nonetheless, she is still thankful today, that she experienced in Germany
the pain and the joy of the people separated for so long, during the days the Berlin wall was coming
down. She spoke of experiences as crazy as witnessing artists trying to wrap the German parliament!
Through her experiences, she is a lot more than just the
sister of the American President: “that he is my brother,
that is important, but he is simply doing his job, an official!”
She spoke to the audience about her own work, and that
of teachers. According to her, it is all about giving back
what one has received, to give space to each individual,
special child. She thus encouraged the children of East
Africa, not only to see their country as something that
fascinates tourists, but also to recognize its own strengths.
                                                 she      said,
                                                 can thus strengthen a child.
                                                 The official part of the ceremony ended with the
                                                 unveiling of the PASCH (Partner Schools Initiative)
                                                 Plaque by the Headmaster Siegfried Schmerbeck, the
                                                 German Ambassador Margit Hellwig-Boette and the
                                                 Guest of Honour, Auma Obama.
                                                 (Text: G. Fogt, Photo: C. Papathanasiou)

Sport News

SWIM AFRICA GALA – Montessori School - (13.2.2010)
                                                  Coach Bernhard Nasili lead a team of 6 swimmers
                                                  into the competition. 14 schools and about 1.300
                                                  swimmers participated in 70 races with on average
                                                  4 heats. Our team did very well after 5 weeks of
                                                  serious training. We have extracted some results
                                                  from the computer lists. This will allow following up
                                                  development over the next months to come.

Overall scores:

Overall score of schools-Girls / Placement:             DSN 6/14        (sixth of 14 schools)
Overall score of schools-Boys / Placement:              DSN 8/14
Overall score of individuals / Placement:               Lucia Ruchti             2nd     age 6
                                                        Timon Tenambergen 4th            age 5
                                                        Njeri Muhindi            5th     age 6
                                                        Raphael Lange            5th     age 6 (boys)
                                                        Karl Tenambergen         7th     age 7
                                                        Leticia Lehnert         10th     age 6
Our school and kids could have scored higher if we would have more active swimmers and if our
swimmers would have participated in more race categories. Bernhard is encouraging swimming in all
categories this in this season. Lucia participated in nearly all race categories.

Some individual results:
Freestyle: Timon 1/34-11.16 (first of 34, age 5, boys); Lucia 2/23-10.97; Njeri 2/23-10.97;
Raphael 3/24-11.72; Karl 4/25- 9.03; Leticia 15/23-16.32
Breaststroke: Timon 1/20-19.40; Lucia 2/25-15.63; Njeri 4/25-16.41; Karl 6/28-14.44; Leticia
13/25- 24.63; Raphael 5/24-17,60; Angelica 14/25-30.90
Backstroke: Lucia 2/24-13,56
Butterfly: Njeri 1/17-13.47; Lucia 3/17-13.80
The Montessori School must be praised again for their excellent organization of the Gala. (photo: D.
Lange, text: E. Tenambergen)

Football Tournament in ISK (20.2.2010)
                                               The efforts over the past weeks of our coaches
                                               Viberti and Ali are bearing fruits. On February 20th,
                                               our U8 and U11 team competed in a tournament on
                                               the ISK sport fields for a cup. The teams came from
                                               ISK, Peponi School, French School, and German
                                               School. Our big boys beat ISK 9:0 and then the
                                               French School 3:2 to take home the cup. In their first
                                               match against ISK, our young team tried to give too
                                               many players a chance of playing and lacked
                                               sufficient coherence. They lost unluckily 2:1. But they
                                               reached place 3 after beating Peponi 3:1 in the
                                               second match. The photo below shows our U11
                                               team. (photo: M. Hittmeyer, text: E. Tenambergen)

U 7 Football Aga Khan
The U 7 Football Team of the German School Nairobi,
with players from the Pre-School, Classes 1 and 2
spent a very successful morning at the Aga Khan
Tournament. In a competition with 8 teams, our team
bagged second place, after a very exciting final, which
went into a penalty shoot-out. The Headmistress of the
Aga Khan School thus gave 8 very proud boys, and 1
very proud girl their silver medals. Our thanks to both
coaches, Bernhard and Viberti, who had trained the
Team extremely well! ( Photo: E. Ruchti)

Individual Match Results:

Group A
Aga Khan “White” vs. German School                                    0:0
German School vs. Premier Academy                                     3:0
German School vs. School of the Nations                               2:0

German School vs. St. Austin’s Learning Centre                        1:0
German School vs. Aga Khan “White” 0:0, after penalty shoot-out:      3:5
Basketball – League 2010 (Boys under 19)

   Monday                   Peponi                     German School      45 : 31
 1 18.01.10
   Monday                   German School              Peponi             cancelled
 2 25.01.10

   Monday                   Braeburn College           German School      31 : 35
 3 01.02.10

   Friday                   ISK                        German School      68 : 16
 4 05.02.10

   Tuesday                  German School              Braeburn College   30 : 36
 5 09.02.10

   Thursday                 German School              ISK                35 : 66
 6 11.02.10

   Tuesday                  Rosslyn                    German School      73 : 21
 7 16.02.10

   Tuesday                  German School              Rosslyn            25 : 55
 8 02.03.10

Die Ergebnisse im Einzelnen:
Ergebnisse Gruppe A:
Aga Khan “White” vs. German School                                0:0
German School vs. Premier                                         3:0
German School vs. School of the Nations                           2:0
German School vs. St. Austin’s Learning Centre                    1:0
German School vs. Aga Khan “White” 0:0, nach Elfmeter-Schießen    3:5

Basketball – League 2010 (Boys under 19) Results

     Monday                 Peponi                     German School      45 : 31
 1   18.01.10
     Monday                 German School              Peponi             cancelled
 2   25.01.10

     Monday                 Braeburn College           German School      31 : 35
 3   01.02.10

 4   Friday                 ISK                        German School      68 : 16

     Tuesday                German School              Braeburn College   30 : 36
 5   09.02.10

     Thursday               German School              ISK                35 : 66
 6   11.02.10

     Tuesday                Rosslyn                    German School      73 : 21
 7   16.02.10

     Tuesday                   German School                Rosslyn                      25 : 55
 8   02.03.10

V.l.n.r.: Coach Wycliff, André Czikl, Mike Sweta, Jonas Häggmark, Chris Onoka, Georg Freidel, Dirie
Omer. Not in the picture: Biko Hüster, Nick Probst

BBasketball Teachers vs. Students (9.3.)
                                                                   On the afternoon of the 9th of
                                                                   March, a very exciting basketball
                                                                   game took place between students
                                                                   and teachers. The teachers’ team
                                                                   was supported by ex-students of
                                                                   the German School Nairobi, and
                                                                   won 42:32 against the student
                                                                   (Photo: C. Papathanasiou)

20th March.: Adult’s Soccer
On Saturday 20th March, all parents and friends are invited to play soccer on the sports grounds of the
German School. We will start at 3 p.m. and play in mixed teams. A sporty start to the Easter holidays!

Update on school development
How can we, as the German School Nairobi, help our students to further develop their social skills, so
that, for example, they become self confident, appreciate, accept and respect the needs of peers,
while – if necessary- are able to resist pressure from peers? The teaching staff of the German School
Nairobi asked itself these questions at the beginning of the academic year 2009 / 2010, in a 3 day
workshop entitled, “Lions Quest – Erwachsen werden”. (The English equivalent to this programme is
“Lions-Quest Skills for Growing.”) So what is this programme?

This programme, supported by the Lions Club, was developed in the 1970s by an independent
American Foundation, Quest International, under the name “Skills for Adolescence”. Since 1984, in
conjunction with Lions Club International, the programme has been carried out in more than 50
countries worldwide. In Germany the programme was first offered in 1994 under the name ‘Lions-
Quest – Erwachsen werden” as a provisional version. With the support if the University of Bielefeld
(Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann and colleagues), a first adaptation (“Erwachsen Werden”) of the American
Programme was included in the first edition of a teachers’ guide, for use in German Society and
schools. The third, revised edition has been available since 2007. This edition was revised with due
consideration given to the experiences of participating German schools in the programme over several

The focal point of teaching with this programme is a well-planned promotion of the students’ social
skills. Students are continuously supported to strengthen their self confidence and their
communication skills. Furthermore, they are encouraged to build and maintain contacts and positive
relationships, learn how to deal with day to day conflict and risk situations, and learn how to find
constructive solutions to problems arising with the onset of puberty. At the same time, teaching with
this programme intends to offer our young people information on how to build one’s own social set of
values. The Lions Quest “Erwachsen-werden” programme is a part of the “Life-Skills Education”.
Current research shows the latter has been of the most successful programmes in the prevention of
self-destructive behaviour (substance dependence, violence, suicidal tendencies). Parents are actively
involved in the programme in many ways to support their children.

Upon the request of many parents and indeed many teachers, from the next academic year, we are
planning to introduce the subject “Social Learning” in the Lower Secondary. Lessons will be based on
material from Lions-Quest “Erwachsen werden” Programme; however the teacher has the discretion to
adapt the material to suit the needs of the children, and if necessary use material outside the the
Lions-Quest Programme. We hope that not only students, but also parents and teachers will benefit
from the introduction of this new subject. Further information on the Programme can be found on the
website: Although the English version does not give information on the
“Erwachsen-werden” programme, similar progammes are available in English. (H. Mink)

News from the Parents’ Sub-Committee (SER)

The Parents’ Council, (ER) i.e. the Parent representatives of all classes met for the second time this
academic year on the 3rd of March 2010. The aim was to discuss progress, challenges and
experiences on school development, as well as any matters of concern of the parents. The Parents’
Sub-Committee (SER) had their last meeting on the 11th of March 2010. Both bodies communicated
the minutes of the meetings to all parents. Thus, in this newsletter, we are only giving a brief summary
of the important results and developments in which the SER participated:

Traffic security: As a recent incident showed, security on the school compound is not up to scratch.
The administration will put up a sign, reminding parents / drivers that the speed limit is 10 km/h. We
would also like to remind ourselves that children can out very fast from between 2 parked cars. The
SER is thinking about how we can prepare our very sheltered children for the road traffic in Kenya.

Social Behaviour: There are no major problems regarding this issue at the German School Nairobi.
However, parents have commented a few times on increase in the “culture of lack of greeting”,
provocative clothes, intimate kissing on the school compound, and drinking alcohol at the village
market. Kenyan students and their parents, who are not used to the German culture of personal
freedom, should feel comfortable in the school. Social behaviour will be a compulsory subject taught
from Class 5 onwards in the next academic year. But at the same time we would like to request to
parents to go through the “school agreement” with your children, in which you will find a lot of useful
information. It is available in English and in German.

Fashion, Food & Fun: Our Party “Fashion, Food & Fun” on 23rd of April at the German School Nairobi
we are planning in good memory of the fun party “Let’s Dance” which parents organized last year. We
hope for a enjoyable evening with just as many guests and maybe slightly better weather for us.
This year’s party is a product of the cultural exchange group and includes the students of the school
as guests as well as in the organization. A fashion show and an international pot luck dinner, provided
by the guests, will be the background for having fun together and experiencing the cultures that come
together in our school.
Tickets for the event are available now at 500 KSH for adults and 100 KSH for students. Please mind
that bringing food for 6 persons is also part of the entrance fee. Contact any of the parent’s
representatives in the PSC or ask in the reception. For our organization it is very helpful to have an
idea about the number of guests as soon as possible.
Whoever would like to bring in more ideas or to assist in the preparation works, please contact Frauke
Felsch ( or Barbara Alcamo ( Many thanks to Cecilia
Mwango Mititi and Karima Shivji for the work on the fashion show and training of the models as well as
to Maurice Wangalachi for the design of the poster!

Looking Ahead

Girls‘ Day (22.4.)
This day will give the girls (and boys) of Classes 5 – 8 an opportunity to get a first insight into less well-
known professions, and into the world of work. The idea of Girls’ Day, which in fact takes place all over
Germany, is to give girls an insight into professions which are not typically done by girls, including
professions in the technical field.

Invitation to Opening of the Art Exhibition on the 27th of April
The theme of this year’s Art Exhibition is “eye can art”. All parents and friends of the school are invited
to the opening of the exhibition on the 27th of April at 6.00 p.m. in the Art Room.

Practical Training Class 9 (10.05 – 21.05)
From Monday 10th May to Friday 21st May 2010 students from Class 9 will participate in this year’s
practical training.

News from the Administration Department

Family Card Adult Sports
In the past we have often been asked what the term “family” means, with reference to membership
cards for Adult Sport and use of the pool. We would like to clarify, that the Family Card exclusively
includes the mother, father and their children. Therefore siblings of the members, nor their parents are
included in this membership.
So, for example, should grandparents from Germany be visiting Nairobi and would like to use the pool,
they should buy single sports tickets.
We thank you for your c-operation.

Assistance for catering events by German School Nairobi Kitchen Staff
I would like to inform you, that the kitchen staff from the School is available to you at home. If you are
having a party, our Boarding House kitchen staff can either provide catering at various levels, or
simply come to help you in the kitchen and elsewhere. The staff will work in an honorary capacity, so
that all profit, minus the costs of groceries and transport go into a joint account for all local employees.
Among others, the annual “Staff Safari” is partially financed from this account.
We would thus like you to keep this in mind when planning your next party! Please contact Ms.
Elizabeth       Akoro,    available     by    mobile     on    0735-752402       or     by      e-mail   on:

Other information

New staff at the school
Since Febraury, we have a new receptionist, Rachel Muchira. Ms.
Muchira can obviously be addressed in German – after all, the
reception is a “Language Island” where only German is spoken! We
welcome her warmly to our team.
Johaness Aigner has been working at the school from the beginning of
March. He is one of the 51 volunteers, who are doing their voluntary social
year all over the world, within the framework of the German programme
“Kulturweit”, which translates into “Bridging Cultures”. Mr. Aigner will assist
in the Kindergarten and in the Primary School.

                                       Apprentices in the School
                                       Marie Geduldig will be working as an apprentice in the Lower
                                       and Upper Secondary sections from February to April, and
                                       Hannah Brandenburger will do her apprenticeship in the
                                       Primary School and the Lower Secondary from March to May.

                                       Translation of Newsletters
                                       The translations of the newsletters, as well as numerous other
                                       school documents are being done by Shital Shah. We thank her
                                       for her quick and reliable work!

We thank the sponsors who have advertised in this newsletter. We would like to request you to look
through these carefully. The proceeds of the advertising assist with the marketing of the school.


Mon   12.04.             6.00 p.m.      7th Human Resource Committee Meeting
Tue   13.04.             6.00 p.m.      7th Financial Committee Meeting
Mon   20.04.-24.04.                     Teacher Training Workshop in Windhoek (Ms. Schlie)
      19.04.             6.30. p.m.     10th Board Meeting
Thu   22.04.                            Girls’ Day 2010 Class 5-8 (Mr. Niemann)
Tue   27.04.             6.00. p.m.     Art Exhibition (Ms. Mossmann, Ms. Niehaus)
Wed 28.04.                              Competence test German- Reading in Class 3
Wed 28.04. – 20.04.      Teacher Training Workshop “German as Medium of Instruction” expected to
                                         be in Nairobi (Ms. Schlie)
Tue     04.05.                           Competence test German- Spelling in Class 3
                         6.00 p.m.       8th Finance Committee Meeting
Wed     05.05.           3.45. p.m.      Staff Meeting
Thu     06.05.                           Competence test Mathematics in Class 3
Fr      07.05.                           Mothers’ Day Celebration in the Kindergarten (Frau Berge)

Fri 07.05                7.00 p.m.       English Theatre (Dr. Schärer)
                                         The Government Inspector, by Nicolai Gogol
Mon     10.05.-21.05.                    Practical Training Class 9 (Class Teacher, German Teacher)
Mon     10.05.           6.00 P.m.       8th Personnel Committee Meeting
Wed     12.05.           7.00 P.m.       Careers Evening (Mr. Niemann)
        .                1.00 p.m.       Close of handing in of marks Cl. 12
                                          SchiLF zu ReFo3 (Ms. Schlie)
Thu     13.05.           3.45 p.m.       A-Level Conference according to § 17
                                          (Registration for Oral A-level Examinations)
Mon     17.05.           08.00 a.m.      Oral Examination in 4th A-Level subject
                                         A-Level Conference (§ 29), A-Level Conference (§33)
                         7.00 p.m.       Parents Evening for future children of Class 1
Tue      18.05.          by 12.00 p.m.   Registration for additional examinations
Wed      19.05.                          Oral Examination in A-level subjects 1 - 3
                                         Graduation Conference according to §38
Thu      20.5.           3.45 p.m.       4th Teachers’ Meeting
                         6.00 p.m.       10th Board Meeting
Fr       21.05.          6.00 p.m.       Graduation ceremony of A-Level students
Mon      24.05.-28.05.                   4th Method Curriculum Week
Thu      17.05.          7.00 p.m.       Spring Concert
Mon      31.05.                          Holiday
Tue      01.06.                          Holiday (Madaraka Day)

With best wishes,

S. Schmerbeck

The German School Nairobi is inviting architects to express their interest in participating in planning
and supervising construction works at the Kindergarten of the German School.
The works may comprise the following:
   a) Partial renovation of existing kindergarten (mainly toilets and windows)

      b) Renovation and small extension of existing buildings

      c) Construction of a new Kindergarten building (appr. 500 – 600 sqm)

The decision on which of the 3 options will be selected is expected for May 2010.
Interested architects are invited to send a brief description (not exceeding two A4 pages) of their
experience and projects to Claudia Theilen ( before the 24th of
March 2010.
For clarifications please contact the Kindergarten Headmistress Ms Thurit Berge
Dear Clients, did you know?
   • That Kenya imports more than 60% of its wheat?
   • That most of the Rye and Multigrain breads are produced using imported pre-
        mixes containing lots of chemicals and bread improvers?
   • That and other factors like changing weather and little subsidies turn away
        Kenyan farmers from farming healthy local wheat & rye flour and increase
        our carbon foot print
   • Our Rye and Whole Meal Wheat Flour is locally grown by Twajenga Holding a
        Farming project In Bahati-Nakuru run by a German Farmer.
   • Our Flour is produced with a traditional Stone Mill and no chemicals or improvers
        are added
   • Buy tasty & healthy Rye & Whole Meal Breads

         From the BAKERS DEN at the Village Market
   • Rustic Rye-Sour dough Rye-Onion Rye bread Vintschgerl-Multi grain Loafs-the
        healthy choice

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