Boarding Policy
Boarding is provided as a service and convenience to our clients, it is not a
major component of our veterinary practice. Charges are incurred on full
daily increments (much like a hotel). The boarding interval is from 12:00
o’clock noon through 12:00 o’clock noon.

Any full boarding day or increments of a boarding day will be charged at a
daily rate. Animals are to be dropped off and picked up during office
hours only (9am to 5:30pm). If the Doctor or staff chooses to discharge an
animal at a time other than office hours, it is a favor and a privilege, not an
obligation. Charges are based on the care of individual pets. There are no
discounts to multiple boarders. Food may be brought for pets providing it is
in clean, re-sealable, labeled containers. The opening of any special needs
food (i.e. prescription diets) will be at the owner’s expense.

Due to storage space and sanitation reasons, we are requesting the only items
accompanying your pet(s) will be their food and treats. This will allow us to
meet your pets needs in a more timely and efficient manner.

All boarders must be current on all vaccinations, including canine
bordetella vaccine and free of parasites or they will be treated upon
entry at the owner’s expense.

Please let us know if your pet is on any medications, how they are given and
when they were given last.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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