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The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (WoSCC), is seeking to appoint a
Consultant Clinical Oncologist with a specialist interest in upper and lower GI Cancer.

The new Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (BWoSCC) opened in May 2007,
completing a state of the art comprehensive cancer centre that has cost £110 million. It is
Scotland’s largest cancer centre, and the second largest in the UK. The centre has
undergone unprecedented investment and our clinical teams deliver oncology services to
a catchment population of 2.9 million people across 4 Health Board areas. The centre is
part of the CRUK virtual comprehensive cancer treatment and research centre which also
includes the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research and soon to be built Translational
Research Centre. It incorporates the Regional Haemato-oncology Autologous Transplant
Unit and the National Allogeneic Transplant Service for haematological malignancies.

The equipment in the new centre is state-of-the-art, and includes 11 linear accelerators
with on board imaging, and incorporates Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), IMRT, and
Stereotactic Radiotherapy into our portfolio of available technologies. The centre has
recently procured VMAT technology to more effectively deliver IMRT. A completely new
brachytherapy unit and programme has been established in the new centre.

The Beatson is an internationally renowned academic centre, with Professors of Medical
Oncology, Clinical Oncology, Translational Research and Palliative Care currently in post.
Professor Karen Vousden leads a renowned CRUK core-funded program of research at
the internationally competitive Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.

In addition, the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Clinical research unit is the
largest of its kind to be funded by Cancer Research UK. The unit offers support to all
clinicians within the BWoSCC to initiate and conduct first-in man clinical trials. The unit
has a large portfolio of Phase I-III studies across the range of cancer sub-specialties and
has a particular interest in the development of new anti-cancer drugs, supported by
designated staff and facilities for Phase I/early Phase II clinical trials. The unit also houses
Scotland’s first ever co-ordinating centre for the National Cancer Research Institute.

Glasgow has excellent schools, public transport and recreational facilities.

Those trained in the UK should have evidence of higher specialist training leading to CCT
or eligibility for specialist registration (CESR) or be within 6 months of confirmed entry from
date of Interview. Non UK applicants must demonstrate equivalent training.

        Consultant Clinical Oncologist
       In Gastrontestinal Malignancies


                Ref: 24998D

Further Particulars of the Post of Consultant Oncologist

Based initially at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Site with duties in NHS
Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Lanarkshire Health Boards

1.   Description of the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

        The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (BWoSCC) is Scotland’s largest
        cancer centre, and the largest in the UK based on activity. The centre has
        undergone unprecedented capital and resource investment and our clinical teams
        are redesigning the way oncology services are delivered to a population of 2.9m
        people across four Health Board areas. It offers our team of professionals a truly
        state-of–the-art environment in which to practise and develop their skills.

        An internationally-renowned teaching centre, the Cancer Centre incorporates the
        academic units of Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Translational Research
        and Palliative Care. Glasgow is a large, lively and friendly city and a great place to
        make a home. The schools are excellent and many are local to the cancer centre.
        In addition it has excellent transport links to other parts of Scotland, the UK and
        beyond. The city will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

2.      Role of the Cancer Centre

     The role of the Cancer Centre is to deliver all non-surgical oncology services for
     residents of the West of Scotland on the basis that:

         services meet equitably the assessed needs of the population served
         a high quality service, integrated within the Cancer Centre and also with other
          cancer care providers, is provided
         services provided compare favourably with those elsewhere in the UK and there
          is continual focus on improving care and treatment for patients
         expenditure represents value for money
         staff are valued and encouraged to maintain high standards of patient care
          through, for example, access to continuing professional development
         clinical outcomes are monitored and are discussed in the context of clinical audit
          and clinical governance
         research and development are encouraged

3.      The Work of the Cancer Centre

        The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre provides specialist oncology services
        to 60% of the Scottish population. The centre sees over 10,000 new patients a year
        and over 70,000 return patients. Over 105,000 fractions of radiotherapy and 27,000
        cycles of chemotherapy are given each year in the centre alone. The clinical teams
        also deliver medical cancer treatments in 13 local hospitals in partnership with local
        specialist cancer teams. The centre employs over 800 staff including 50
consultants in oncology and haematology. The annual budget of Specialist
Oncology Services is over 50m.

The centre has 170 beds in 9 wards (3 Wards of 40 beds are for haemato-
oncology). One of these wards runs as an 8 bedded Brachytherapy Unit and one as
an 18 bed 5 day/week chemotherapy ward. There is also a large and busy Day
Case Chemotherapy Unit comprising 36 treatment stations. The centre has its own
out-patient department and a large aseptic facility for cytotoxic reconstitution. The
unit has an accredited gene therapy aseptic facility. Up to 8 appropriate patients are
accommodated in a local hotel while they undergo radiotherapy. The Centre is fully
equipped with 11 linear accelerators to deliver optimal radiotherapeutic care,
including IMRT, IGRT and Stereotaxy. We have recently procured VMAT
technology to facilitate delivery of IMRT. There is dedicated research time on one of
the linear accelerators.

There is excellent access to CT, CT-PET and MRI scanning facilities for radiation
planning, both in the Cancer Centre and in the adjacent West of Scotland Pet
Centre. A second CT-PET scanner has been installed in June 2011. The West
Glasgow Hospitals and many of the District General Hospitals throughout the
Region where digital communication links can transmit CT scan images to the
centre. There is excellent co-operation with the Regional Department of Clinical
Physics and Bio-Engineering whose headquarters are at the Western Infirmary. The
Radiotherapy Division is based in the Cancer Centre. A large program of research
and development in radiation physics has been developed, including research
fellows and research physicists. The Radiotherapy Research Group and its program
are led by Professor Anthony Chalmers.

National services at the Cancer Centre include sarcoma, prostate brachytherapy,
allogeneic stem cell transplantation, and ophthalmic oncology. The Cancer Centre
offers the full range of evidence-based regional oncology services including CHART
therapy for lung cancer.

The Cancer Centre is an internationally renowned academic centre, with Professors
of Medical Oncology, Clinical Oncology, Translational Research and Palliative Care
currently in post. Professor Karen Vousden heads the laboratories at the
internationally renowned Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, located 3 miles
from the centre. This initiative, developed in collaboration with Cancer Research
UK, offers unrivalled opportunity for collaboration in basic cancer research. The
Beatson Institute has undergone a £30 million redevelopment funded by Cancer
Research UK and the University of Glasgow. A Translational Research Centre is
being built on the Garscube Estate to complete a virtual comprehensive cancer
research and treatment centre, given CRUK Centre status in 2011. The Cancer
Sciences Division was 4th in the whole of the United Kingdom in the 2009 Research
Assessment Evaluation

For the Cancer Centre as a whole, there are particular close links with the academic
departments in Glasgow University of gynaecology, surgery, pathology,
dermatology and ophthalmology. These involve several joint clinics as well as
clinical research projects. Close links also exist with Caledonian University (therapy
radiography), Strathclyde University and Paisley University (radiation physics).
     In addition, the Clinical Research Unit at the BWOSCC is the largest of its kind to
     be funded by Cancer Research UK. It houses Scotland’s first ever co-ordinating
     centre for the National Cancer Research Institute. The unit offers support to all
     clinicians within the BWOSCC to initiate and conduct clinical trials. The unit has a
     large portfolio of Phase I - III studies across the range of cancer sub-specialties and
     has a particular interest in the development of first-in-man anti-cancer drugs. It is
     supported by designated staff and facilities for Phase I/early Phase II clinical trials.
     The trials unit has been rated alpha-star by external review. Already, at least 11%
     of the regional cancer centre’s patients are entered into clinical trials.

     Clinics are held in eight hospitals within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and in
     seven in other board areas. Chemotherapy is prescribed and delivered in nine
     hospitals out with the city of Glasgow.

4.   The Job Itself

     (a)    Title:        Consultant Clinical Oncologist

     NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde is the employing authority.

     The Names of current consultant members of the Service are:

     Clinical Oncology
     Dr David Dodds (Lead Clinician)
     Dr Noelle O’Rourke                 Dr Peter A Canney
     Dr Diana Ritchie
     Professor Anthony Chalmers         Dr Stefano Schipani
     Dr Richard D Jones                 Dr Azmat Sadoyze
     Dr Fiona Cowie                     Dr Nick Reed
     Dr Allan James                     Dr Claire Paterson
     Dr J Martin Russell                Dr Nazia Mohammed
     Dr Alec McDonald                   Dr Jan Wallace
     Dr Ghislaine Fraser                Dr Carrie Featherstone
     Dr Abdulla Alhasso                 Dr Aisling Hennessy
     Dr Jonathan Hicks                  Vacancy
     Dr Mohammed Rizwanullah            Dr Vivienne MacLaren
     Dr Rosie Harrand                   Dr Graeme Lumsden
     Dr Stephen Harrow                  Dr Grainne Dunn
     Dr Jay Ansari                      Dr Norma Sidek
     Dr Brian Clark

     Medical Oncology
     Dr David Dunlop (Clinical Director) Dr Ros Glasspool
     Dr Rob Jones                      Dr Hilary Glen
     Professor T R Jeff Evans          Dr Iain Macpherson
     Dr Jeff White                     Dr Sophie Barrett
     Dr Judy Fraser                    Dr Lucy Scott
     Dr Ashita Waterston               Dr Nicola Steele
     Dr Clinton Ali
     Palliative Medicine
     Dr Alison Mitchell
     Dr Jane Edgecombe
     Dr Helen Morrison

     Number and Grades of Junior Medical Staff
     “Specialist Registrars”        19 in Clinical Oncology + 9 in Medical Oncology
     “Senior House Officers”    15
     Associate Specialist in Oncology         1
     Speciality Doctors         6.5 WTE

     Departmental Organisation
     In order to facilitate medical management the BWOSCC is divided into 6 teams for
     specialist oncology services based on the following tumour sites:

     Head & Neck (& neuro-oncology)
     Gynaecology (including neuro endocrine and sarcoma)

     All wards within the BWOSCC (with the exception of brachytherapy) are allocated to
     the teams and have integrated medical and clinical oncology. There are 2
     Consultant on-call rotas, one for Medical Oncology and one for Clinical Oncology.
     The BWOSCC is committed to multi-disciplinary team working and the Cancer
     Managed Clinical Networks for the West of Scotland.

     Each team has a trainer who supervises the trainees. Clinical and Educational
     Supervision is provided to trainees in conjunction with the local Deanery. The teams
     are headed by a team leader who is responsible for the development of
     departmental medical protocols. All Consultants are members of the Consultants’
     Committee where matters of general concern, including protocols are discussed.

     There is a multidisciplinary Chemotherapy Team consisting of Staff Grade Doctors,
     Clinical Nurse Specialists, IV Nurses and Phlebotomists who administer most of the
     IV chemotherapy given in the Department. This is based on Ward B5 which is a 5-
     day chemotherapy unit. All beds are shared and managed by a Bed Management
     who arranges admissions on the basis of need. The centre has a 6 bedded
     Teenage and Adolescent Unit which is used by patients between the ages of 16
     and 25 with solid and haematological cancers.

5.   Duties of the Post

     Clinical Commitments:

     GI Cancer.
     The post will be responsible for specialist clinical oncology input into the Upper GI
     and Hepato-biliary Service based in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. A large Regional
HPB MDT takes place on a Thursday. The activity is shared for cross cover
purposes with Dr Derek Grose. The pan-Glasgow Upper GI MDT takes place on a
Wednesday morning in the cancer centre. Professor Jeff Evans provides medical
oncology input into the team. Some of the patients referred from the regional MDTs
have neuroendocrine tumours. The tumours are managed by a team of 2
consultants, the other being Dr Nick Reed.

The colorectal cancer component of the post is to deliver colorectal cancer services
to Forth Valley Health Board through an MDT and clinic which takes place on a
Friday in the newly commissioned Larbert Hospital. This practice is shared with a
consultant medical oncologist. Full administrative, pharmacy and clinical nurse
specialist support is in place to deliver this service.

The post holder is expected to participate in yearly appraisal and job planning with
the Clinical Director.

 Teaching, Research and Audit
This post does not at the outset have dedicated time for teaching or research.
Subsequent job planning and appraisal may allow the identification of such
additional SPA activities. He/she will be expected to participate in the audit and
clinical research activities of the BWOSCC within the constraints of any negotiated
SPA time. The BWOSCC has a suite of seminar rooms for lectures and meetings.

Study and Training
The BWOSCC has its own specialist library run by a part time librarian. There is a
major hospital library in the Phase I Building of the Western Infirmary which is five
minutes walk away from the main library of the University of Glasgow.

Research Opportunities
The BWOSCC has an excellent track record in clinical research. It is a major
contributor to local, national and international trials with about 1000 patients a year
being entered and randomised through the Clinical Trials Unit.
Provisional Weekly Timetable.

The following is a weekly provisional specimen timetable* of duties, including the
location(s) at which they are to be performed: the post is being appointed without a
specific allocation of DCC to SPA, as per the most recent instructions from the
Scottish NHS Management Board. SPA sessions with specific output will be
negotiated through the job planning process with the Clinical Director.

         Monday             Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday           Friday
AM       BWOSCC             BWOSCC             BWOSCC             GRI             Larbert
                         Physics/Planning/    9-11am Pan     9-11am Regional     Colorectal
         GI Team            Simulator        Glasgow Upper      HPB MDT         Cancer MDT
       Meeting 08.45-                           GI MDT            GRI            and Clinic
                                              Ward Round        BWOSCC
          Ward                                                    Clinical
       Round/Clinical                                          Admin/Ward
          Admin                                                   Duties
PM      BWOSCC              BWOSCC            BWOSCC         Physics/Voluming      SPA
                          Chemotherapy       Returns/PCA        /Simulator
       New Patient           Clinic             Clinic
      Clinic/Alt week
      endocrine clinic

SPA – Supporting Professional Activity
MDT – Multi-disciplinary Team Meeting
BWOSCC – Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre
GRI – Glasgow Royal Infirmary
HPB – Hepatobiliary Cancer
PCA – Pre Chemotherapy Assessment

The consultant has a continuing responsibility for the care of patients in his/her
charge, and for the proper functioning of his/her department.

The consultant will undertake the administrative duties associated with the care of
his/her patients, and the running of his/her clinical department.

In addition to the duties mentioned above, duties at other hospitals may be

The post holder participates in an on-call rota with the other consultant staff for 1
week at a time, every 29 weeks.
                        NHS GREATER GLASGOW & CLYDE

                                    Specialist Oncology Services

                  Person Specification for Consultant Clinical Oncologist
                                                                            Essential   Desirable
1.    Attainments
1.1   Full registration with the General Medical Council an a licence to       

1.2   Those trained in the Uk should have evidence of higher specialist        
      training leading to CCT or eligibility for specialist registration
      (CESR) or to be within 6 months of confirmed entry from date of

1.3   MRCP or equivalent                                                       

1.4   FRCR or equivalent.                                                      

2.    Experience/Training
2.1   Good general medical training                                            

2.2   Demonstrable experience of up-to-date radiotherapy and                   
      particularly chemotherapy practice and knowledge of clinical trials

2.3   Experience of multi-disciplinary team working                            

2.4   Experience of audit and research                                         

2.5   Understanding of concept of Managed Clinical Networks                                

2.6   Awareness of use of protocols in practice                                

3.    Special Aptitudes & Abilities
3.1   Excellent organisational & communication skills                          

3.2   Sound IT Skills                                                          

3.3   Effective in the teaching and training of junior colleagues              

3.4   Patient focussed                                                         

3.5   Knowledge of general management issues                                               

4.    Disposition
4.1   Proven team player                                                       

4.2   Excellent communication with patient, relatives and staff, both          
      written and oral

4.3   Proactive                                                                

4.4   Motivational skills                                                      
4.5   Experience of mentoring students/staff            

5.    Special Factors
5.1   Current driving licence                           

5.2   Flexibility in working hours
      (within constraints of the Consultant Contract)   
                             TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

     The conditions of service are those laid down and amended from time to time by the Hospital
     and Medical & Dental Whitley Council.

TYPE OF CONTRACT             Permanent

GRADE AND SALARY             Consultant
                             £ 74,504 - £ 100,446 per annum (pro rata)

                             New Entrants to the NHS will normally commence on the minimum point of the
                             salary scale, (dependent on qualifications and experience). Salary is paid
                             monthly by Bank Credit Transfer.

HOURS OF DUTY                Full Time 40.00

SUPERANNUATION               You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in
                             the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal
                             Pension. Employee’s contributions to the NHS Scheme are Tiered based on
                             your earnings and the employers contribution equates to 13.5 % of salary.
                             Employees in the NHS Scheme are “Contracted-out” of the State Earnings
                             Related Pension Scheme and pay a lower rate of National Insurance
                             contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State Earnings
                             Related Pension Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance
                             contribution. A Stakeholder Pension is also available. A Personal Pension is a
                             private arrangement agreed with the pension provider that will be an
                             organisation such as a Bank, Building Society or Insurance Company.

REMOVAL EXPENSES             Assistance with removal and associated expenses may be given and would be
                             discussed and agreed prior to appointment.

EXPENSES OF                  Candidates who are requested to attend an interview will be given assistance
CANDIDATES FOR               with appropriate travelling expenses. Re-imbursement shall not normally be
APPOINTMENT                  made to employees who withdraw their application or refuse an offer of

TOBACCO POLICY               NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operate a No Smoking Policy in all premises
                             and grounds.

                             This post is considered to be in the category of “Regulated Work” and
DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND          therefore requires a Disclosure Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups
                             Scheme (PVG) Membership which currently costs £59.00. The cost of the
                             PVG Membership will be initially paid by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and
                             will required to be repaid through a payroll deduction mandate from the
                             successful candidate’s first salary.

CONFIRMATION OF              NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) has a legal obligation to
ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN       ensure that it’s employees, both EEA and non EEA nationals, are legally
THE UK                       entitled to work in the United Kingdom. Before any person can commence
                             employment within NHS GGC they will need to provide documentation to
                             prove that they are eligible to work in the UK. Non EEA nationals will be
                             required to show evidence that either Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain in
                      the UK has been granted for the work which they are applying to do. Where
                      an individual is subject to immigration control under not circumstances will they
                      be allowed to commence until the right to work in the UK has been verified.
                      ALL applicants regardless of nationality must complete and return the
                      Confirmation of Eligibility to Work in the UK Statement with their completed
                      application form. You will be required provide appropriate documentation prior
                      to any appointment being made.

REHABILITATION OF     The rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 allows people who have been
OFFENDERS ACT 1974    convicted of certain criminal offences to regard their convictions as “spent”
                      after the lapse of a period of years. However, due to the nature of work for
                      which you are applying this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4 of
                      the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 by virtue of the Rehabilitation of
                      Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions Orders 1975 and 1986). Therefore, applicants
                      are required to disclose information about convictions which for other purposes
                      are “spent” under the provision of the act in the event of employment, failure to
                      disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by
                      NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Any information given will be completely

DISABLED APPLICANTS   A disability or health problems does not preclude full consideration for the job
                      and applications from people with disabilities are welcome. All information will
                      be treated as confidential. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde guarantees to
                      interview all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for the
                      post. You will note on our application form that we ask for relevant information
                      with regard to your disability. This is simply to ensure that we can assist you,
                      if you are called for interview, to have every opportunity to present your
                      application in full. We may call you to discuss your needs in more detail if you
                      are selected for interview.

GENERAL               NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates flexible staffing arrangements
                      whereby all appointments are to a grade within a department. The duties of an
                      officer may be varied from an initial set of duties to any other set, which are
                      commensurate with the grade of the officer. The enhanced experience
                      resulting from this is considered to be in the best interest of both NHS Greater
                      Glasgow and Clyde and the individual.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES   The postholder will undertake their duties in strict accordance with NHS
                      Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

NOTICE                The employment is subject to three months’ notice on either side, subject to
                      appeal against dismissal.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE    In terms of NHS Circular 1989 (PCS) 32 dealing with Medical Negligence the
                      Health Board does not require you to subscribe to a Medical Defence
                      Organisation.       Health Board indemnity will cover only Health Board
                      responsibilities. It may, however, be in your interest to subscribe to a defence
                      organisation in order to ensure you are covered for any work, which does not
                      fall within the scope of the indemnity scheme.

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The interview date will be 21st May 2012

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