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									                                  Arthur’s Pet Business
                                         Marc Brown

Book Description:

      Arthur decides to open his own pet business.

Academic Objectives:

      SKCS6: Students will understand the important features of the process of scientific
          o Students will apply the following to inquiry learning practices:
              c. Much can be learned about plants and animals by observing them closely, but
              care must be taken to know the needs of living things and how to provide for them
              (classroom pets).

Brilliant Star Objectives

      Physical: Students will be able to identify animal adaptations in regard to nature during
       the seasons of the year.
      Physical: Students will be able to discuss the relationships between animals of a species
       and between the animals and nature.


      Begin the lesson with a graphic organizer called a Word Splash. On the word splash write
       the word pets (use a piece of chart paper). Then ask the students to say words that come
       to their mind about animals (types of animals, places they have seen them, how they
       look/sound/act, where they may live, what they eat).


      The teacher will begin reading the book by completing a picture walk through the book
       Arthur’s Pet Business.
      After completing the picture walk the teacher will begin reading aloud to the students.


      The students and teacher will complete a graphic organizer for important details about
       pets. (Teacher can use any type of graphic organizer for details such as Cluster/Word
       Web2. Available at:
      Have students make connections to the text (text-to-self, text-to-text, or text-to-world).

        Inference: Students write a list of facts they have learned about caring for pets
        Observation: Students will draw a picture of a pet and write and draw pictures indicating
         how to take care of a pet
        Inference: Students and teacher will discuss the following question: “What happens
         when people do not take care of their pets?”


        Allow students to explore websites pets.
        Introduce a class pet to the students.
        Allow them to take home with them on the weekend and document the care given to pet
         while in their care

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