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					                                 Martin’s Tzu Babies
                                            9432 Lethia Lane
                                          Gloucester, Va. 23061
                               Health Guarantee & Bill of Sale
        My first guarantee is that you are receiving a puppy that has been raised with a lot of love and care. You
are also getting more than just a puppy, but an exceptional companion and friend.

        All of my puppies come with an initial 7-day health guarantee and must be examined by a licensed
veterinarian within this 7-day period. If the licensed veterinarian states that the puppy has any physical
problems that are life threatening, I will provide you with a healthy replacement puppy of the same breed, same
sex, and same value as the original puppy when they become available. No refunds will be given. In the event
of a death of your puppy during the first year due to a congenital defect, I will provide a replacement puppy as
well, within the same terms as above.

        The customer must bring a signed statement from the licensed veterinarian showing the date that the
puppy was examined, stating why the puppy is a poor health risk, and a description of the symptoms supporting
this opinion within 14 days of the adoption, or within 14 days of death. Failure to have this puppy examined by
a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of adoption voids all guarantees.

        The puppy you are receiving today is being sold as a pet only and given limited registration with the
AKC. This means that you will need to have your pet spayed or neutered when they are around 6 months of
age. A copy of the bill for the procedure or statement from your veterinarian should be forwarded to us once
this has been done for our records.

        If at anytime you are unable to continue caring for your puppy, we ask that you return the puppy to us.
We will then have the puppy checked by our veterinarian for any health related issues. A refund will be given
less $200 and after all applicable vet bills have been paid. The puppy should never be sold to someone else or
taken to a shelter.

       By signing below, you agree to these conditions.
       Date of Purchase: __________                  Purchase Price: __________            Dep.___________
                                                                                           Bal. ___________
       DOB of Shih Tzu : __________                  Sex: ____                             Paid in full ________

       Sire: __________               Dame: ___________             Date puppy picked up: _____________

       Name of puppy: ______________________________

       Signature of Buyer: ______________________________________

       Printed name of Buyer: ____________________________________

       Address ___________________________________________________

       Phone#_____________________________                   Email Address: _____________________________

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