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					Jerry Juratli

March 29, 2012

Paragraph Practice

                                  Stop Polluting My Habitat

        Usually my life as a mosquito fish is normal. The air was fresh and plants were blooming.

After some months though, the air would smell funny and the plants would were drooping. I

would wonder what was happening. One day, I found some interesting things at the bottom of

the lake. There were cans of who knows what. While I was looking, I got stuck in some plastic. I

immediately found the solution to this: Humans. Dumping things into the lake. I’m going to

show them something.

        The next day, I grabbed the plastic and swam to the top of the lake. I had a plan. I acted

dead and immediately humans started talking. “Dude, look at that fish. It is practically dead.

Look at the trash. The fish might be dying from pollution. Let’s get a crowd to clean up the trash

in the lake.” The plan worked again when I started to choke from smoke. People stopped using

fossil fuels and used windmills and solar panels. To my mosquito fish friends, I was the Justin

Bieber of the enviorment.

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