Persuasive Essay Assignment Sheet by 243dI3Q


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YOUR TASK: Write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay that states a claim on one of the issues
given. Support your claim with reasons and evidence that will convince your audience to
agree with you.

                                        ****DUE 11/07/12****

                                       Persuasive Essay Checklist
Criterion:                                                                                     Have I done
                                                                                               this well?
   1) 5 well developed paragraphs with a minimum of 5 beastly sentences in each

   2) One of the following topics:
             Homework (Good idea? Bad idea?)
             Participating in sports and extracurricular activities (helpful or hurtful)
             Healthy lunches (“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”)
             Lockers (take away or keep)
   3) Well-developed ideas:
           • includes an introduction that states a claim
           • supports the claim with clear reasons and relevant evidence (facts, statistics,
examples, quotes)
           • offers a concluding section that follows from the claim and support

   4) Organized Ideas
          • organizes reasons and evidence in a logical way
          • uses transitions—words, phrases, and clauses—to connect ideas

   5) Correct language facility and conventions
          • establishes and maintains a formal style and tone
          • correctly punctuates quotes from research (at least ONE cited article)
          • demonstrates correct grammar, usage, and spelling

   6) Must be typed or written NEATLY in blue or black ink. If typed must be 12 point font
      in Times New Roman.

* You must CITE at least one source (magazine, newspaper articles, and/or surveys) in your essay*
The Following steps in the writing process will be graded on the date given (dates subject to chance
depending upon how much time we can work on them in class):
10/25-Claim statement ticket
10/29- Graphic Organizer
10/31- Rough Draft due

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