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									                                         Persuasive Essay
   1. Writing a persuasive (argumentative) essay requires careful planning and revision. YOU MUST TAKE A
      STAND. You can’t ride the fence. Choose one side or the other.
   2. The major strength of your essay will be the way you select and present logical
      evidence to support your beliefs concerning the controversial position.
   3. Your essay should include the following paragraphs
          a. Opening/Introduction paragraph- you will need to include the following:
                           1. State the controversial issue
                           2. Briefly but succinctly (concisely) state the three points you are going to make
                               about the issue in your essay
                           3. State your position on the issue. This sentence will be your last sentence in your
                               opening paragraph. It will be your THESIS sentence for the essay.
          b. Paragraph 2-4 This is where you fully discuss your points. Present specific examples, names,
              numbers, facts, cases, any persuasive devices you can logically and clearly use to support your
              opinion concerning your first point. It should include:
                           1. Topic sentence for this paragraph that clearly states the point you have
                               mentioned. Everything you write in the paragraph needs to adhere to this topic
                           2. At least 3 specific arguments or persuasive statements to develop the topic
                           3. Transition words or phrases used between ideas to join the points and make your
                               paragraph flow
                           4. A sentence to conclude this paragraph.
 **REMEMBER** When you write the topic sentence you must use a transitional word or phrase in your topic
 sentence to like the two paragraphs (Ex: In addition to providing additional on the job training for a young
 person, the military will provide a monthly salary)

       c. Concluding paragraph- must do the following
                    1. Restate the thesis
                    2. Briefly restates your points
                    3. Concludes with a strong point—memorable peroration (words, lecture etc), if

      1. Manuscript form
             a. Type in 12 point type
             b. Use Times New Roman font
             c. Double space
             d. Heading must be MLA format
             e. No mark outs, additions to final copy-must be as perfect as possible.
      2. You must use at least 2 rhetorical devices in the essay.
      3. Be sure to use variety in your sentence structure. Write in a solid, informative, persuasive manner
         using compound and complex sentences, good vocabulary, proper punctuation, and correct
      4. Include your planning chart with your final copy as well as your rough drafts.
      5. Final copy is due___________
                                        The Question of Bullies
 1. Essential Question: Are Bullies Criminals?
 2. Choose a Side:
 3. Thesis; check the Parallelism! Remember, your thesis should have an answer to the EQ & your
    opinions to be strongly supported____________________________________________________
 4. Where can I find examples to support my response?

 5. Create a Power Thinking outline to help you organize your thoughts. Remember:
       a. P1: main idea, topic or thesis
       b. P2: Subtopic of P1 (you should have at least 3 reasons!!!)
       c. P3: Subtopic of P2 (You should have at least 2 specific examples for each reason!!!)
       d. P4: Subtopic or P3 (You should have at least 1 explanation for each specific example!!!)
       e. P1: Main idea, topic or restated thesis

                        Persuasive Essay Rubric:This is how you will be graded
                      6                    5                   4                   3                   2                     1
Focus (per     Takes a clear         Takes a clear      Takes a clear       Takes a position    Takes a position,    Attempts to take
               position and          position and       position and        and provides        but essay is         a position
               supports it           supports it with   supports it with    uneven support;     underdeveloped.      (addresses
               consistently with     relevant reasons   some relevant       may lack                                 topic), but
               well-chosen           and/or examples    reasons and/or      development in                           position is very
               reasons and/or        through much of    examples; there     parts or be                              unclear OR
TPP= 30pts     examples; may         the essay.         is some             repetitive OR                            takes a position,
               use persuasive                           development of      essay is no more                         but provides
               strategy to                              the essay.          than a well-                             minimal or no
               convey an                                                    written                                  support; may
               argument.                                                    beginning.                               only paraphrase
                                                                                                                     the prompt.

Organization   Is focused and        Is well            Is generally        Is organized in     Is disorganized or   Exhibits little or
               well organized,       organized, but     organized, but      parts of the        unfocused in         no apparent
               with effective use    may lack some      has few or no       essay; other        much of the essay    organization.
               of transitions.       transitions.       transitions         parts are           OR is clear, but
                                                        among sections.     disjointed and/or   too brief.
TPP=6 pts                                                                   lack transitions.

Sentence       Consistently          Exhibits some      Most sentences      Sentence            Sentences lack       Sentences run-
               exhibits variety in   variety in         are well            structure may be    formal structure;    on and appear
Fluency and
               sentence              sentence           constructed but     simple and          word choice may      incomplete or
Word Choice    structure and         structure and      have similar        unvaried; word      often be             rambling; word
(per           word choice.          uses good word     structure; word     choice is mostly    inaccurate.          choice may be
paragraph)                           choice;            choice lacks        accurate.                                inaccurate in
                                     occasionally,      variety or flair.                                            much or the
                                     words may be                                                                    entire essay.
TPP=30 pts                           used
  Conventions          Errors in           Errors in            More frequent        Errors in         Errors in          Errors in
                       grammar,            grammar,             errors in            grammar,          grammar,           grammar,
                       spelling, and       spelling, and        grammar,             spelling, and     spelling, and      spelling, and
                       punctuation are     punctuation do       spelling, and        punctuation       punctuation        punctuation
                       few and do not      not interfere with   punctuation, but     sometimes         interfere with     prevent reader
  TPP=6 pts            interfere with      understanding.       they do not          interfere with    understanding in   from fully
                       understanding.                           interfere with       understanding.    much of the        understanding
                                                                understanding.                         essay.             essay.

  MLA format           No mistakes in      1mistake in          2 mistakes in        3 mistakes in     4 mistakes in      5+ mistakes in
                       manuscript form     manuscript form      manuscript form      manuscript form   manuscript form    manuscript form

  TPP=6 pts

  Rhetorical           2 devices used      2 devices used,      1 device used        1 device used     Devices used are   No attempt at
                       effectively         but exhibit some     effectively          but exhibits      trite, tired and   using rhetorical
                                           flaw in logic                             some flaw in      ineffective        devices.

  TPP= 6 pts

  Project              Planning, Drafts,   Plan, Drafts and     Plan and drafts      Drafts only       Plan only turned   Peer edits only
                       Peer edits,         one peer edit        turned in            turned in         in                 turned in
                       turned in           turned in

  TPP=6 pts

                                                     Total Points Possible: 90

                                                 Peer Plan Evaluation
Essential Question                                                                Exists?

   Clear yes/no question                                                          Logical

   Relates to thesis                                                          Has a position statement (clearly says they are
                                                                           for or against an idea
                                                                                  Answers the Essential Question

3 points

   Clearly relate to the thesis/question

   Are logical

   Have formal language


                                  Persuasive Essay Peer Edit Checklist# 1:


  Does the first sentence introduce the issue?

  Are the supporting points stated concisely, flowing logically into the thesis statement?

  Is there a thesis statement?

  Does the thesis statement have a position?
  Is the thesis the last sentence?

  After reading the introduction, is it obvious what stance the writer has taken?



  Does each paragraph have a topic sentence?

  Is it an argument (if it is not, it SHOULD BE)

  Does it support the thesis (if it does not, IT SHOULD)

  Does it have a logical transition (if it does not, IT SHOULD)

  Are the arguments/ topic sentences in the same order as the points listed in the introductions (if they are
not, they should be)

Peer editor, on the paper you should…
1. Number the evidence. You should find at least 3 pieces of evidence in each body paragraph.

2. For each piece of evidence, ask yourself, “Does this fact help prove the argument? If not, put an x on top
of the evidence and make a suggestion for how to improve it

3. If none of the evidence seems to support the argument, suggest a new topic sentence that is more
appropriate for the evidence in the paragraph and that also supports the thesis statement.

4. Scratch out any repeated arguments

5. Circle all the transitions. If there are none, write emergency you need transitions at the top of the page.


   Does the conclusion begin with a transition. If not, write in that there needs to be a transitions. Make sure
thy have a comma after the introductory transition word.

  Is the thesis statement restated at the beginning? If not, it should be

  Is the thesis restatement a slightly different sentence? IF not, it should be.

  Are the supporting arguments mentioned in a new, interesting, not-redundant way?
  Is the final sentence cliché or obnoxious? If so mark it through

  Do they have a final sentence that signals the end of the paper?

Persuasive devices: peer editor should…


Note next to the persuasive device what is being used.

If they need suggestions, make them on the paper


Correct any grammatical mistakes you come across like fragments, run-ons, etc.

Help the writer improve their ethos by making sure the vocabulary is appropriate for the intended audience

Further suggestions/comments:

Peer edited by:__________________________________________________________________

                                       RESPONDING TO THE ESSAY:

1. Do you agree with the writer? Explain your response in 1-2 sentences. (Remember: respond to the
issue; don’t attack the writer)

2. List at least 3 counterarguments to the arguments presented.
3. Are you persuaded to the writer’s point of view? Explain your response (Remember:

respond to the issue; don’t attack the writer)

4. Is there any logical fallacy in the writing (do you ever feel like you are attacked)? If you said yes,
explain how it made you feel. If you said no, explain why it made you comfortable.

5. Give the writer 2 compliments on their paper and explain why you liked what you did.

6. Ask two questions of the writer. (ex. What made you choose this topic?)
                    Persuasive Essay Peer Edit Checklist # 2: Grammar & Usage Check


   1. Scratch out any of the following words and re-word the sentence.
      a lot          very           really        nice          there is                   it is          it was

        there was      things          stuff             plus       even

   2. Scratch out any words that seem like slang (something you would hear on the street, in the halls, or on
      MTV< BET< CMT< VH1 Or The Simpsons)
      Ex. Hang-out bling-bling             benjamins            cool           dude

   3. Scratch out any clichés that are in the paper. Clichés are phrases that are overused
      Ex. Last but not least         sad but true

   4. Scratch out any generalizations (stereotypes) or vague statements.
      Ex: My dad is like any other dad.           I had the normal childhood.

   5. Go through your usage notes and check for any of the common mistakes found in papers.
Sentence structure

   6. Search for the subject and the verb in each sentence (yes, this will take a while.) Scratch any sentence
      that does not have a subject AND verb—these are called fragments.
   7. Find all the overly long sentences and break them into two sentences or more. If you have to take a
      deep breath or a bathroom break in the middle of the sentence, it’s too long. It’s probably a run on.
   8. Check for variety in the sentence; if there is anything that is unnecessarily repeated, circle it and write
      R over it.
   9. Connect sentence that are written on a first grade level.
      Ex: I am Suzy. I like school. = I am Suzy, and I like school.

        (Leave a few of these if they are for effect).

   10. Check all comma usage and semi colon usage against your notes. Make corrections if needed.
Odds and ends

   11. Make sure any number under 100 is written as a word. (ex. Ninety-nine)
   12. Change “no matter what” to “Regardless”
   13. Take out any counting in the essay. (ex. First second, third)
   14. Remove these words from the conclusion: “Lastly or Finally”

First Impression:

   1. Did you enjoy reading the essay? Explain why or why not.
   2. Write three suggestions to the applicant about how to make the essay more interesting/vibrant.

   3. Were there any parts of the essay that didn’t stay focused on the main topic? Explain.

   4. Does the writer use words well? Circle words that you thought were good choices.
Final Decision

   5. Are you persuaded? Why or why not.
                                    Persuasive Essay Peer Edit 3:

         Use the rubric on page 2 of this packet to help you determine a grade for this paper.

Focus (per paragraph)                                             ¶ 1    ¶2    ¶3     ¶4    ¶5    total

TPP= 30pts

Organization                                                                                      total

TPP=6 pts

Sentence Fluency and Word Choice (per paragraph)                  ¶ 1    ¶2    ¶3     ¶4    ¶5    total

TPP=30 pts


TPP=6 pts

MLA format                                                                                        total

TPP=6 pts

Rhetorical devices                                                                                total

TPP= 6 pts

Project Organization                                                                              total

TPP=6 pts

                                                                                    Total Points_____/90

                                                                                         points Possible

     Comments: (you must make at least 2 POSITIVE comments and 1 CONSTRUCTIVE criticism)
                                                 Persuasive Essay Self Edit:

MLA Format:

  Black ink

  White paper

  Heading in MLA format (Your name, Teacher Name, Period, Date)

  Date written correctly (day month year)

  Header with last name and page number ONLY in upper right hand corner

  Header typed

  12 pt font

  Times New Roman

  No extra spaces in between paragraphs or after the title

  Nothing fancy with the title, just centered.

Drafts/plan/edits etc

  Plan Peer Edit

  Rough Draft 1

  Rough Draft Peer Edit 1

  Rough Draft 2

  Rough Draft Peer Edit 2

  Self Edit

PERSUASIVE DEVICES: Explain how you have used each in the boxes below

  Ethos examples

  Logos examples

  Pathos examples


Rhetorical Question



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