The New IEP by 1MwuM7d


									and Amendments to the Regulations of the
            Commissioner of Education
             Effective December 8, 2010
   3 Major Amendments to the Commissioner’s
    ◦ Minimum service delivery requirement for speech
      and language services
    ◦ Establishment of a variance provision for the
      maximum number of students receiving integrated
      co-teaching services
    ◦ Minimum level of service requirement for
      instructional services to meet the individual
      language needs of students with autism
   Programs / Related Services Notation
   Transcript Information
   Student Exit Summary will enable when a
    student reaches 16
   Personnel Assignments
   Premise is this is the order that the meeting
    should be conducted
    1. Present levels of performance and individual
       needs (evaluations, reports, and results)
    2. Academic Achievement, Functional Performance,
       and Learning Characteristics
                                         All must include
    3. Social Development                parent concerns
    4. Physical Development
    5. Management Needs
6.       Effect of student needs on involvement and
         progress in the general education
         curriculum or, for a preschool student,
         effect of student needs on participation in
         appropriate activities
7.       Student needs relating to special factors
         (new section) with 5 sections
     ◦    Behavioral strategies
     ◦    LEP
     ◦    Blind / Visually Impaired
     ◦    Communication needs
     ◦    Assistive technology (home?)
8.       Measurable postsecondary goals –
         mandatory age 15 and older
     ◦    Education / Training
     ◦    Employment
     ◦    Independent Living Skills (when appropriate)
     ◦    Transition Needs
9.    Measurable Annual Goals
     Annual Goal   Criteria        Method          Schedule

                   Measure to      How progress    When
                   determine if    will be         progress will
                   the goal has    measured        be measured
                   been achieved

     Example:      80% success     Teacher         Every 2 weeks
                   over 2 weeks    devised tests
                                   or worksheets
10.   Recommended Special Education Programs
      and Services
  ◦ Consultant teacher services
  ◦ Integrated co-teaching services (can be class
  ◦ Resource room program
  ◦ Special class
  ◦ Travel training
  ◦ Adapted physical education
10.   Recommended Special Education Programs and
  Related Services
  ◦   Speech / language therapy
  ◦   Audiology services
  ◦   Interpreting services
  ◦   Psychological services
  ◦   Counseling services
  ◦   PT / OT
  ◦   Orientation and mobility services
  ◦   Parent counseling and training
  ◦   School health services
  ◦   School social work             1:1 aide, consultation
                                     services, travel training,
                                     and sign language
                                     interpreter are no longer
10.   Recommended Special Education Programs
      and Services
  Supplementary Aids and Services / Program
  Modifications / Accommodations
  ◦ 1:1 aide is here now
  ◦ Consultations are not here (in supports for school
  ◦ Travel training is not here (in Programs)
  ◦ Sign language interpreter is here now
10.   Recommended Special Education Programs
      and Services
  Assistive Technology Devices and/or Services
  ◦ Can be low tech (pencil grips, paper stabilizers,
     etc.) or high tech (voice activated computers,
     Dynavox, etc.)
  Supports for School Personnel on Behalf of the
  ◦ Help for teachers to more effectively work with
     the student
  ◦ Ex. Consultations
   10.   Recommended Special Education Programs and
         Services (programs, related services,
         supplemental aids and services / program
         modifications / accommodations, assistive
         technology, supports for school personnel)
          Service Delivery     Frequency   Duration    Location    Begin
          recommendation                                           Date

          Ratio                How often   Length of   Where       Date?
          Direct or Indirect   provided    session
Example: 8:1                   1x daily    40 min.     Resource 9/7/11

                                                         End date will
                                                         still be used but
                                                         not necessary
11.   12-Month Service and/or Program
  ◦    Programs and services are together here
12.   Testing Accommodations
      Testing                Conditions              Implementation
      Accommodation                                  Recommendations
      Specific to the        Test characteristics:   Identify the amount
      student’s disability   describe the type,      of extended time,
      and needs to be used   length, purpose of      type of setting, etc.,
      consistently by the    the test upon which     specific to the testing
      student                the use of testing      accommodations, if
                             accommodations is       applicable
                             conditioned, if
      Extended time          Classroom testing       1.5 x
                             should be started in
                             the regular classroom
13.   Coordinated Set of Transition Activities (8 th
14.   Participation in State and District-wide
      Assessments (this section will come before
      goals in order to determine if objectives /
      benchmarks are necessary)
15.   Participation with Students Without Disabilities
16.   Special Transportation
17.   Placement Recommendations (e.g. Home Public
   All fields required in the New IEP must be
    entered in order to finalize; use the Validate
   A Red Exclamation Mark will be present in
    each section where data is missing (clicking
    the warning will indicate which fields are
   The finalization button has been moved to
    the top of the document details screen
1.   Open the student’s draft
     document and go to the
     Reports/Assessments Tab
1.    Enter information into
      Paid by = district
      On file = yes
1.   Enter information into State
     and Districtwide Assessments

        Do not delete
       anything here!!!
1.    Enter information into
      Standardized Test Results
      Educational:
         Basic Reading Skills
         Reading Comprehension
         Math Calculation Skills
         Math Reasoning
         Written Expression

             Enter Standard
            scores as Type 1
           and percentiles as
                 type 2
   You should be able to state:
    ◦ The student’s unique needs that require the
      student’s educational program to be individualized
    ◦ What the student can and cannot do in each area of
      identified need
    ◦ The strengths of the student are upon which you
      can build
    ◦ The environmental, human, or material resources
      the student will need to enable him/her to benefit
      from education
   Evaluative Criteria – How well and over what
    period of time the student must perform a
    behavior in order to consider it met
   Evaluation procedures (Method) - An
    objective method used to measure progress
    and determine if a student has met the
    objective or benchmark
   Evaluation Schedule – The intervals of time by
    which evaluation procedures will be used to
    measure progress (Not the date of mastery)
   Given (conditions,              Measurable Goals
    accommodations),       Annual    Criteria   Method Schedule
    student name will      Goal
    (do what –             Given 6th
    observable             grade     For 3       1        Weekly
    skill/behavior in      material, consecutive minute
                           Mike will trials
    functional term) (to
    what extent) (over     orally at
    what period of time)   80-100
    or (by when) as        words per
    evaluated by           with 95%
   Guide to Quality Individualized Education Program
    Development and Implementation
   Questions and Answers on Individualized Education
    Program (IEP) Development, The State's Model IEP
    Form and Related Documents
   Student Information Summary and Individualized
    Education Program (IEP)

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