Substitute Teacher Survey Form for Teachers by 1MwuM7d


									           Teacher Survey on Substitute Teacher Performance

The effectiveness of substitute teachers is a vital priority to Letcher County Public Schools. Please fill in
this form for each substitute teacher who works for you. Return a copy of this checklist survey to your
school Principal.

Substitute’s Name

School Name                                                                                   Location #

Date(s) of Absence                                                                         Grade/Subject

Teacher’s Name

To be completed by the teacher:

My classroom was as clean and neat as I had left it prior to my absence.
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

My classroom materials and personal items were intact and in the condition I had left them prior to my
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

My classroom seating and furniture were in its original arrangement as I had left it.
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

The substitute teacher adequately followed my lesson plans.
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

The substitute teacher gave students the appropriate work, activities, etc.
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

My personal overall ranking of this substitute teacher’s performance in my classroom:
___Excellent ___Good ___Average ___Poor ___Unsatisfactory

      I would like to request this substitute teacher to work again for me.

      I would like to request this substitute teacher not work again for me (give reasons below).
    Specify reason(s) why you do not want this substitute teacher working for you again:

                       Teacher Signature                                                            Date

                        Return this form to your school Principal.

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