Week 5 Personality Traits by 1MwuM7d


									         Level: Intermediate                                                 Functions: Describe Attributes Using Adjectives and Verbs                                                                            Grade: K-2

         For Beginning and Early Intermediate Level
              Week 5 – Personality Traits                                          Day 1                            Day 2                               Day 3                              Day 4                               Day 5
                                                                      Students will select adjectives   Students will be able to utilize    Students will be able to utilize   Students will be able to utilize   Students will be able to
                                           Daily Objective
                                                                      to describe personality traits.   the conjunction because and         the conjunction because and        positive and negative              compose a description of a
 Students will be able to use (topic                                                                    select the pronoun to describe      the pronouns to describe           statements using frames with       family member (orally K) in
 vocabulary or pattern) in order to                                                                     personality traits.                 personality trait.                 antonyms.                          writing (1-2).
          (language use).

                                   Daily Focus
1.                            Vocabulary
2.                            Language Patterns                       1 and 2                           1 and 2                             1 and 2                            1 and 2                            3
3.                            Taking it to Application

                                                                      is                                Possessive Forms:                   so                                 Conjunction because, is not,
                                                                                                        my_____,your_____,                                                     pronouns
                                                                                                        our_____ his_____, her_____
                                            Grammatical Forms to                                        You’re
                                              help determine the                                        Pronouns: he, she, it, they
                                              “mortar” patterns
 See ELD Matrix and Tab 3 Function Tools

                                                                                                        Possessive forms Example:
                                                                                                        My sister, his cousin, your
      Language Patterns “Mortar”

                                                                      How would you describe your       Why do you like _____               Why is ______ (person’s            Why is _____(person’s name)        Describe the personality trait
                                                                      friend?                           (person’s name)?                    name) ______(personality           _____ (personality trait)?         of a family member.
                                              Patterns for Prompts
                                                                                                                                            trait)?                                                               How would you describe a
                                                                                                                                                                               Example: Why is Matt kind?         family member?
                                                                      My friend _______ (person’s       I like ______ (possessive           ______ (person’s name)             ______(pronoun) is                 Write a letter to a family
                                                                      name) is ______ (personality      form) because                       ____(verb) my things so that       _____(personality trait)           member using positive
                                                                      trait).                           ______(pronoun) is ______           makes him____ (personality         because _______(reason for         vocabulary and reasons
                                                                                                        (personality trait).                trait)                             personality trait). _____          describing their personality
                                                                                                                                                                               (pronoun) is not                   traits.
                                             Patterns for Responses
                                               (sentence frames)
                                                                                                        I do not like _____                                                    ______(antonym personality         Dear ___,
                                                                                                        (possessive form) because                                              trait).                             You’re very _____ and ____
                                                                                                        ____ (pronoun) is _____                                                                                   (personality traits) because
                                                                                                        (personality traits)                                                   Example: He is kind because        ____, ____, and ____
                                                                                                                                                                               he bought us lunch. He is not      (reasons).
                                                                      Personality Traits:               Personality Trait –                 One sided Multi-Flow Map           Antonyms of Personality            Days one through four
                                                                      Shy, friendly, mischievous,       beautiful, wealthy, unhappy,                                           Traits
                                                                      cheerful, joyful, humorous,       angry, heartbroken, upset,                                             (sample list)
                                                                      funny, nice, kind, friendly,      disappointed, polite, generous,                                        shy – outgoing
                    Topic Specific Vocabulary
                       “Bricks” (1.26-1.28)
                                                                      truthful, honest, hard-working,   bossy, cruel, stubborn, lovely,                                        friendly – rude
                                                                      focused, smart                    enjoyable, nervous, unfair,                                            cheerful – depressed
                                                                                                        fair, excited, helpful, fearless,                                      joyful – gloomy
                                                                                                                                                                               kind – cruel

                                                                      Choral Response                   Echo response and Talking           Tea Party in pairs and Choral      Emotions Picture Cards             Pair Share
  Structured Language Practice                                                                          Stick                               Response                           Tree Map
    How will students produce
                                                                                                                                                                                    Personality Traits
     language – 50% of lesson?
    How will you gather evidence
                                                                                                        Double Bubble: separate                                                Positive           Negative
     of student learning?                                                                               personality traits from the
                                                                                                        vocabulary list above
                                   Chart (bubble map)   Talking Stick   Multi-Flow Map   Bridge Map (opposite of)          Charts from entire week,
                                                                                         Example: shy (Related factor:
 Plus, Routines for Teaching and                                                         is the opposite of) outgoing as
         Practice (Tab 4)                                                                friendly (Related Factor: is
                                                                                         the opposite of) unfriendly

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