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									Burger Personality

Chapter 10 Learning Objectives

   1. Discuss the heritability of personality traits and the major methods used by
      researchers to separate environmental influences from genetic influences on

   2. Specifically discuss the rationale behind the twin-study method and adoption
      studies of genetic influence. Give the general findings regarding the
      contribution of genetic influences on personality. List and describe the
      problems associated with these methods.

   3. Discuss the heritability of extraversion and review the two main causes of
      individual differences in extraversion-introversion. Present various sources
      of evidence that suggest these differences are based in biology.

   4. Describe the relationship between extraversion and preferred elvel of
      arousal. Give the research evidence in support of this relationship.

   5. State who is happier among extraverts and introverts and discuss several
      reasons for the difference.

   6. Discuss the kinds of information researchers have found about gender roles
      and the nature of romantic relationships. Define parental investment and
      present the different ideas men and women have about it.

   7. Contrast the basis of mate selection for males with that for females by
      explaining the different motives men and women have in choosing a mate.

   8. Discuss what men look for in women and describe the research that supports
      the evolutionary basis of mate selection in men. Discuss what women look for
      in men and describe the research that supports the evolutionary basis of
      mate selection in women.

   9. State the conclusions that can be drawn about gender differences in mate
      selection and the limitations faced by evolutionary personality researchers
      who study these differences.

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