Personal and Social Growth � Regina Public Schools by 1MwuM7d


									                                         Personal and Social Growth – Regina Public Schools
                                                             (Grades 1-3)

____________________                          ________                ______________________                              _____________________
Student                                        School Year             Teacher                                               School


I Belong                             1                                      2                                 3                                         4                         T1    T2    T3

                        I don’t take part in class or        I take part in class or school     I take part in class and school       I actively take part in many different
Participation           school activities.                   activities only when invited.      activities.                           class and school activities.

                        I don’t work well with others.       I sometimes work well with         I cooperate with most                 I work cooperatively with everyone.
Cooperation             I either take over or don’t          partners or in assigned            partners and groups.
                        contribute.                          groups.
                        I have trouble being a good          I am a good friend to one or       I have close friends in the           I have close friendships and help
                        friend.                              two students.                      class.                                others to be good friends.
                        I won’t let other students join      I will let others join the group   I will let others join the group      I invite others to join group activities
                        my group.                            if the teacher tells me to.        if they ask nicely.                   and I make them feel welcome.
                        I start arguments or fights.         I sometimes join in arguments      I tell others to stop arguing or      I help stop arguments or fights by
Conflict Resolution                                          or fights that someone else        fighting or I will go get help.       talking, and will go get help if needed.

I Want to Know                                                                                                                                                                    T1    T2    T3

Interest and            Reluctant Learner                    Inconsistent Learner               Usually an Active Learner             Consistently an Active Learner
Engagement in           I am not interested in               Sometimes I am interested in       I am interested in learning           I love to learn and want to know more.
Learning                learning at school.                  learning at school.                and like to try new things.

Goal Setting &          I don’t like setting goals for       I will set goals for myself        I set my own goals that I know        I set challenging goals and work hard
Monitoring              myself.                              when I am told to.                 I can achieve.                        to make sure I achieve them.
                        I don’t care much about              I sometimes prepare for class      I usually prepare for class and       I always prepare for class and think
Self-Management         school tasks.                        and care about how well I do       want to do well.                      about how I can do better work.
                                                             the tasks.
                        I usually need help to keep          I sometimes need help to           I usually try very hard to make       I always try very hard to get my work
                        trying.                              keep trying.                       sure my work is done well.            done and will try different methods.

I Am Responsible                                                                                                                                                                  T1    T2    T3

Accepts                 I blame others when I have           I blame others for problems,       I accept responsibility when I        I independently accept responsibility for
Responsibility          problems.                            but know I am to blame             am to blame.                          my own actions and create a plan for
                                                             sometimes.                                                               change.
                        I can’t keep my belongings           I can sometimes organize my        I usually keep my belongings          I always manage my belongings,
Organizational Skills   and schoolwork organized.            belongings and schoolwork.         and schoolwork well                   materials and assignments well.

Independence in         I waste time, bother others,         I can sometimes keep               I generally use learning time         I always focus on learning and I help
                        and need to be told to work.         working on my own, but             well. I try to ignore                 others to work well.
                                                             others distract me.                distractions.

I Respect                                                                                                                                                                         T1    T2    T3

                        I am disrespectful and speak         I try to be respectful. I don’t    I am generally respectful. I          I am consistently respectful. I can
Respect for Others      out inappropriately.                 like others to challenge my        can disagree without being            disagree politely and constructively.
                                                             ideas.                             angry.

Consideration           I don’t care about other             I sometimes show                   I often show consideration for        I show consideration for others and
                        students.                            consideration for others.          others.                               care about their feelings.

Understanding of        I don’t follow rules and             I follow some rules and            I usually follow rules and            I follow rules and procedures. I help to
                        procedures.                          procedures if I’m being            procedures.                           make rules if they will solve problems.
                        I argue with others and              I let other students decide for    I talk with other students            I invite everyone to be heard and seek
Community               ignore their ideas.                  the group, unless I won’t get      about problems and hear their         the solution that is best for all of us.
                                                             my way.                            ideas.


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