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Chisipite Manor
4 Drew Rd                                                               P.O. Box HG 642
Chisipite                                                                     Highlands
Harare                                                                           Harare

                                                             0772 307400 / 0777 175552

 1. Venue cost is $10 800 (non refundable Venue cost includes:
     a. Hire of the number one most beautiful, colorful and spacious wedding venue in the
        heart of Chisipite, which boasts over 1000 flower and tree varieties
     b. 300 dressed bridal chairs
     c. 30 Tables All 10 seater tables, with linen
     d. Our coveted bridal gazebo by the fresh pool, typically used for the holy matrimony (
        ceremony) guarded by a line of majestic palm trees and magnificent giraffes
     e. A set of VIP long red carpets for the bride and bridal party entrance via first and
        second bridal cage, up to the bridal Gazebo
     f. A tent ceiling covered with fairy lights that will add an extra touch to make your day
     g. Chandeliers large and small depending on your décor specifics
     h. Bridal team platform appropriately raised to be seen by all guest, sitting on what
        seems to be either an avalanche of ice or romantic red ice depending on your colors
     i. A solid stable dance floor for your celebration needs
     j. Ceremonial Gazebo fully lined with white linen and decorated in the exterior with the
        bride’s choice of colors.
       l. Wedding consultation/ Planner. With 6 years experience we master on making your
          day run smoothly without you stressing about anything. It’s your day, enjoy it!
       m. Security service, no gate crasher/ uninvited guests will be tolerated
       n. Photo shoot center. If you failed to secure your date you may still have your photo
          shoots at this majestic Zim Gardens.
       o. Three choices of celebration site, top, middle, bottom fields.
       p. Guaranteed clean and safe water supply (borehole)
       q. Up market change rooms with two clean toilets in superdome for the bridal team and
          four super clean toilets for guests.
       r. Clean and secure toilet facilities for your guests (unlike your mobile toilets)
       s. Guaranteed Generator on standby
       t. Tent ( Mother tent, medium or small )
       u. Lining of the entire tent and starburts of your color
       v. Decorated bridal arks and venue bridal team entrance
       w. Car park with separate entrance ( Up to a thousand cars )

2. Décor including all drapery, all table cloths, all overlays, tiebacks, color galore, just name
   it!! In whatever color you choose.
          a. Centerpieces that range from classic vases with your choice of fresh or dry
             flowers, candela bras and gel bead filled ornaments/vases
          b. Various types of drapery to suit your theme and color schemes
          c. High table tables, manicured with your colors in organza, satin or taffeta
          d. Ceremonial Gazebo fully lined with white linen and decorated in the exterior with
             the bride’s choice of colors.
          e. Fairy lights and chandeliers

3. All flowers are also included in this quotation such as:
         a. The Bridal bouquet, bridal team bouquets, car spray, all pool and table flowers /
            petals on red carpet and pool for both the *ceremony and reception
         b. Flowers for the top tables and centerpieces in whichever form or variation chosen

4. Catering is included in this quotation with the provision that you bring your own
        a. Should we provide the ingredients add an additional $15 per person for a three
            course meal and $11 per person for a two course meal

5. Photography and Videography includes:
        a. State of the art photo and video cameras and equipment
        b. Editing of over 300 images
        c. A DVD of the wedding in HD and a CD of all pictures taken (the soft copy of all
           edited pictures in a slideshow will be available 48 hours after the event
        d. A camera and video man for both the bride and groom getting ready and arriving
           at the venue
        e. The video will include important guest interviews, interview of the couple and
           other graphic and HD enhancements

6. DJ and equipment hire includes:
        a. A professional, reputable DJ
        b. 2 Active speakers
        c. A CD Deck and mixer
        d. A Bass Bins
        e. An Amplifier
        f. 2 cordless microphones
        g. Supporting performing artists can be made available by invitation and additional
            pricing is negotiable

7. Honeymoon Suite (Chief’s room) with full English breakfast at the famous new Legend
   Safari Lodge in Highlands.

          a. Discounted prices on additional rooms required for your local, provincial or
             diaspora guests.

 8. A team of wedding planners for all your needs leading up to the day and sometimes
    thereafter depending on your needs and upon request.
          a. Wedding planner will customize your dream and offer you several décor
              suggestions to enhance and suite your taste, theme and needs. We build from the
              foundation of your dream and we always exceed your expectations!
          b. Will assist you by linking you to DJ and Photographer to start the interaction that
              will make things flow effortlessly on the day, including your choice of music and
              picture sites
          c. Available for all your wedding needs and your go to person for recommended

 9. Master of ceremony and baker for your wedding cake is to your account as these are very
    personal chapters of your wedding and we want you to have the opportunity to choose
    whomever you want. Our experience has seen couples reaching out to their family, friends
    and pastors for such roles

 10. A security deposit of $300 is refundable if damages and breakages do not occur.

 11. Remember that the cost of your wedding is number driven

 12. Prices are subject to change without notice

    NB: Notification and payment for the venue cost constitutes acceptance of Zimgardens
                            terms and conditions of the contract.

NO REFUNDS will be made for any dropouts or change of date. By copy of this quotation you
are legally liable for all money due for payment; your wedding will not take place until all
payments are completed. Ignore the website conditions there are no longer functional.
Standard Chartered Bank (Zimbabwe)
>Acc Name: Zimbabwe Garden Weddings (Pvt)Ltd
>Acc #: 8700216804000
>Branch: Newlands 5156




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