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					This is the gadget that everyone would like to buy. It is loaded with all
the features that a pc provides you this is the reason it is called
tablet pc. In the category of android pc tablet the product is music
tablet 2.1 which has all the features like fast internet surfing, quick
emailing, touch screen of high grade sensors, listening to music of your
choice, watching HD movies and a platform of android 2.1 would surely
attract you. >

Downloading has become fun with this android pc tablet 2.1, just attach a
TF card and download whatever you want to store in your tablet pc. Other
features of this android pc tablet are a RAM of 256 MB, 600 MHz speed of
processor, a port for USB, a slot for TF card, jack for DC and a jack for
earphone. This android pc tablet has a webcam of 0.3 MP. WIFI
connectivity is also there for high speed of web browsing.

Li-ion battery is used in this android pc tablet that allows you maximum
4 hours of usage time. This tablet pc contains android 2.1 operating
system by this you can store huge amount of application from its online
market. It has 7 inches touch screen with the resolution of 800 x 480

Some other features of this android pc tablet are the compatibility of
video with mp4, mpeg 1, mpeg 2, FLV and more, compatibility with audio
like mp3, wma, WMV, etc, compatibility with pictures like JPG, BMP, GIF,
etc, and e-books like WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, TXT etc. This android
pc tablet supports multiple languages like English, French, Italian,
German, Spanish, Greek, etc. it has an inbuilt speaker that allows better
sound quality for your ears.

Another product in the category of android pc tablet is premium android 7
inches tablet. It has many advanced features like supported by adobe
flash 10.1, WIFI connection, e-book reader, kobo application, application
manager like ME and ASTRO and office package viewing option. This android
pc tablet has a special function like over the air by this function you
can upgrade your tablet pc time to time with many applications.

This feature of would keep your android tablet up to the current
standards. Other features include processor of 1 GHz, inbuilt memory up
to 4 GB, slot for SD memory, G-sensors, and very advanced hardware
features. This android pc tablet is a very useful and must buy gadget for
those who love to speed up their life.

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