2013 cp calendar by 0PNlQ1


									    Class of 2013 calendar
                The Culminating Project is a graduation requirement. To ensure success,
     it is essential that all components are successfully completed within the following timelines.

Component              Activity                                                          Timelines
                       Presentation and distribution of materials in senior English      September 24-28
Kick-off               classes.

                       Community Experience Plan and Community Mentor                    October 24
Community              Verification documents submitted to the Career Center for
Experience             approval.

                       Community Experience Time Log, Mentor Evaluation, and             January 23
                       Reflective Essay

                       Commitment form due to Culminating Project                        November 27
Honors at Exit         Coordinator
                       Portfolios Due                                                    January 31
                       Portfolios Returned to Students                                   February 6
                       Presentation Practice Window                                      February 12-14 and
                                                                                         February 20-22

                       Honors Senior Boards                                              February 26-28

                       Verification of Writing Components
Writing                    Research Paper                                               January 31
                           On-Demand Write
                           Personal Essay

                       Portfolios Due                                                    April 9

                       Evaluate Standard Portfolios                                      April 10

                       Portfolios Returned to Student                                    April 11

                       Senior Board Presentation in senior English classes               April 11-12

                       Select Presentation Format                                        April 17

                       Presentation Practice Window                                      May 1-10

                       Senior Boards                                                     May 16-17

           Culminating Project Portfolio Workshops are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
                          October – March, 8:00 – 90 am in the Career Center.
                                   Culminating Project Coordinator: Mrs. Larsen
                                   253-841-8659 larsenpk@puyallup.k12.wa.us

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